Gods of Green: Soils of Earth


Elf Mage
When the grocery store burned down, a group of outcasts known as the Vegetables survived. They created a society. The people worshiped them. Things were great, until one day a hunk of meat walked into town. It's bloody flesh left a trail on the street. "You are doomed, you are all doomed!" It yelled with its last breath. The vegetable gods held a meeting, they didn't know what to make of this claim, so they chose to ignore it. Months later a new society formed south of Veggie town. The meats. Their only objective was to become the sole society on this world. They'd go to great lengths to destroy the veggies and their creations.

You are one of the original veggie gods. Your job is to protect the people and everything you have built.

Character sheet (your character's last name would be the veggie they are) :

Physical description: (In this strange universe the beings also have human forms, magic and stuff I guess).

PS: I know this sounds silly, but it's about turning something comedic into something "serious" y'know, to have a laugh and all.
PPS: The description is lacking some detail, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.