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Goon's and Zenith's camp site.

Raffia Kiryuin

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It had been three days since their last training excercise as it had taken them that long to repair the damage they had caused tot he training grounds. while unable to tellt he gras to grow any faster that place would still look like a black charcoalpit untilk the grass regrows. But now three days later Zenith was clinging to a branch as she hung down from it while looking at the road ahead. "I sure do hope you know where we are going... we didnt take any maps with us." Zenith said after letting go of the branch and landing onto the ground besides Goon with a fairly audible thud as her feet contacted the ground below.
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“That’s part of the journey really. Also, I expect you to be leading us back, so pay attention~” Gōon says, smiling lightly at his daughter’s antics whilst looking behind him. He wasn’t sure if the Hokage would be entirely okay with them skipping town until their suspension was out, but if he was going to complain about his training methods then he should be fine if it was out of town. . “We’ll sprint for... twenty more minutes, then set up camp. After that, I hope your ready for some training.”
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"Im way ahead on that." She said with a smirk. and if Goon checked he could see one of her weapons chunks going along and marking random trees along their path in some fairly hidden spots which would be invisibly until somebody actually stopped to look at the tree proper. She was leaving a faint trail of clue behind so she could find her way back. but she wasnt very sure on where to go without a map. "20 minutes...got it!" She said and only sped up, hoping to make Goon to keep up with her this time.
TheGreenerGrey-Today at 3:39 PM

Gōon was happy to see that in the few short days she had been with him, she had increased in speed and reaction times. And the Hokage had called it ‘recklesss behaviour’! . Keeping pace with the light girl, he calls out to her. “I wouldn’t push yourself too far! There are things in this forest, and when we are set up training will begin!”
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"I am wery well aware that theres stuff in this forest that should remain buried below a kilometer thick layer of rock." She replied to goon as she dodged aside to avoid a branch that practically came out of nowhere. "After all i came here all the way from Iwagakure alone." As the 20 minutes passed zenith came to a sudden halt as her feet dug two grooves into the ground, clearly showing jsut how long it took her to stop fully with the added weight of her weapon and some of the camping gear.
TheGreenerGrey-Today at 6:12 PM

It didn't take all that long to set up camp. With Zenith's help, the Duo quickly set up the tents. From there, it didn't take much to make a rudimentary campfire pit, as well as remove a few of the smaller surrounding trees, to act as long for resting. . Wiping his hands, Gōon slaps Zenith lightly on the back, both as a congratulatory gesture and to get her started. "Right!" He says. "So, i may have missed something earlier. I noticed that throughout our prior training, you never used the substitution Jutsu, nor did you even mention you could do it. So, we're practicing that." . "See that log over there? I want you to make it look like a copy of you." He says, pointing towards a log roughly half her size on the opposite side of the clearing.
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Zenith sure didnt take long to set up the tents as she used a chunk of her weapon to hemmer int he pins that held the tent to the ground while Goon set up the fire and cut down the nearby trees that were smaller to clear the place out enough. Letting out a little sigh she returned the piece to her backpack as she walked over to Goon, Curious why he had called her over. "Its because i never could get it right...then again the one who tried to teach me that wasnt a real sensei...jsut another student." She explained and looked at the log. "Well here goes nothng then..." She said and tried her best to make the log look like her but it ended up looking like a really horrific distorted version of her almost as if a train had simply run over it.(edited)
TheGreenerGrey-Today at 7:01 PM

...wow. He wasn't sure whether to be disappointed about just how bad it went, or proud that she was able to make an image capable of disgusting a Jounin. After a few seconds of silence, he decided to settle on the first. "Right. Try again. After you manage to make it look like you, I want you to practice on making yourself look like something around us, such as a leaf. From there, do it at the same time."
Raffia Kiryuin-Today at 7:06 PM

Dispelling the first attempt and trying again. the log looked even more horrifix than before. Trying once again, the image improved a little bit. fourth time again was a total failure. Ubtil eventually maybe 30 or so attempts later she finally managed to make the look look like her though some details were still off. Dispelling the most successful attempt yet she tried doing both at the same time. Since she already knew the sexy technique she knew the basis upon which she could make herself look like sometihng else. Settling upon a fallen leaf Zenith suddenly shrunk and looked just like that leaf fluttering in the air before settling down while the log changed to look like her but still had a few flaws like the tattoos on her face were missing and the backpacks color was off by several tones.

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“Keep going. It needs to be perfect, or your enemy won’t be fooled.” Murmurs Gōon noncommittally as he glances over towards the practicing girl, comparing a plant held in his hand with one drawn in the cookbook in his hand, squinting and sniffing it suspiciously. It wouldn’t do for her to lose confidence in cooking if she poisoned everyone eating on her first lesson.

Of course, he made sure never to let his guard down. These were times of peace yes, but until all shinobi were simultaneously disbanded he would be wary in the forests. No one knew just what was in them. Hell, wasn’t there an entire village they had been unaware of a few years ago?

Raffia Kiryuin

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Unfortunately as Zenith tried again and again her image would start to degrade more rather than improving again as she was starting to get tired and was running low on chakra. Eventually just falling onto the ground on her back she let out a sigh as she wiped her face with her sleeve. "So tired..." She muttered only moments before she heard a rustle in the shrub nearby.

Deciding not to take any risks she jumped up to her feet and pulled out a chunk of her weapon before tossing it into the bush as hard as she could. What ever was behind there let out a pained squeal and dropped dead from the impact. Recalling the chunk it shot back into her already waiting hand. ((rabbit))

Still holding onto the piece she slowly made her way over to the shrub in question and dug around it a bit before pulling out a dead gray rabbit by its ears. Looking at goon she asked only one thing while pointing at the thing. "Dinner?"