Government Camp, Oregon


A shape-shifting Dragon God

GM - Drakey

You have been travelling for days, running low on supplies. You have only enough to last a few more days.

You find yourself in the ruins of a small town. Government Camp in the region of Oregon. To the north east lies Mt. Hood, its snow capped head rearing over all that surrounds you. On the east side of the mountain is a clearing named Elk Meadow. The runoff from the mountain runs to the south.

There are many abandoned houses around you. An old school building along with some old lodges adorn this tiny remnant of Humanity. There is an old ski shop in the center of town. On the east side of town lies an old highway maintenance building. Maybe a working vehicle could be found there?

To the north east, at the base of the mountain, stands a series of lifts. They, if working, will transport you halfway up the slope of the mountain. On the other side of the mountain's runoff is another series of lifts. However, these ones will only lift you to about a quarter of the way up the mountainside.


The local birb.
Columbidae grinned. It seemed like he had been walking on the same road forever, with no distinguishable changes in scenery except for the occasional broken sign or pile of rubble, though from some signs he could tell he would eventually end up in some town of sorts. When he finally did, he was visibly overjoyed. This was exactly what he was looking for! This was his adventure! Even though the town was...hardly a town.

Excited anyway, the Aarakocra began running towards the sort-of-town, arriving in the remnants of a neighborhood that seemed to be slightly more intact than other places he had been, which would make scrounging and sating his curiousness somewhat easier. Aimlessly, he wandered between the shambles of what were probably houses or stores, picking up anything that piqued his interest, which was a lot of things. Most fascinating, he thought, was a device that made a spark and a fire if he spun a wheel. The fire wasn't nearly large enough to be a weapon, so he imagined it was probably just an entertainment trinket of sorts, just his type of trinket.

After looting every bit and bob he could find out of the area, he decided to walk down a road, which was really more of a path at this point, towards the general center of the town, curiosity driving him as it usually did.
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