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Greener's Guys, Gals and Goons


Self-proclaimed everything expert.
: Gōon Oshaberi

Birth Date: 7 Years before the 4th Shinobi War

Age: 22

Eye Colour: Brown

Sex: Male

Blood Type: B-

Weight: 93kg

Height: 5’ 10”

Clan: N/A

Village: Konohagakure

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Association: He runs an obscure diner in the middle of the civilian area. The food’s amazing, but it aint cheap.

Team: 3

Rank: Jounin

Registration number: 348942

Nature: Fire

Tools: In addition to the standard ninja kit (Kunai, Gauze, etc), Gōon carries around an almost ludicrous amount of explosive tags in his front and side satchels.

Fire Release Bullet: "Blaze"
The user sends a mass of fire toward their opponent.

Fire Release: Fire Dragon Bullet
A basic Fire Release technique, where the user exhales a flame breath from their mouth.

Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet
The user kneads their chakra into flames, which are then manipulated into a genuine-looking dragon. Since the art of having the flames obey the user's will is outrageously difficult, its mastery is restricted to a limited number of skilful shinobi. The flames are divided to launch a left side, right side, and frontal assault in all three directions at once.

Fire Release: Flame Whirlwind
Fire erupts around the user's body in a spiralling manner which is then launched with his hands towards the target.

Fire Release: Hiding in Ash and Dust Technique
The user expels chakra-infused ash that blanket a wide area, burning anyone who wcomes in contact with it. The technique can also be used as a powerful deterrent from attacks as well as a highly effective smokescreen. This technique is a far more effective substitute for smoke bombs since the user doesn't need their hands to be free nor does this technique require hand seals.

Fire Release: Mist Blaze Dance Technique
The user is able to create and blow a flammable gas from their lungs. Once it comes in contact with fire or spark, the gas ignites into a large fireball.

Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique
This technique creates a volley of small fireballs, which are sent flying in an unpredictable manner assaulting the enemy. In addition, the flames are controlled individually with chakra, so avoiding them all is extremely difficult.

Fire Release: Demon Lantern
This technique creates a number of demon faced fireballs, which are sent to swarm the target location and generate huge flames upon impact.

(The following are custom Jutsu made using the template)

(Currently Developing)
Inferno Release: Hellhound Blaze
Jutsu Element: Fire
Limitations: Moderate Flame chakra manipulation.
Level of application: Single Target
Chakra requirements: Low. Time based.
Preperation Time: 2 seconds of hand seals
Description: The user wreathes their fists and feet in slowly swirling vortexes of flame, increasing the damage of their strikes to a powerful level and creating the possibility that those struck be set aflame.
Rank: B

Fire Release: Exploding Flame Formation
After placing their hand on the ground, the user releases a large number of explosive tags that stream towards the target, before wrapping themselves around the victim from the feet upwards. Once in place around the target's legs, the tags detonate simultaneously, engulfing them in an enormous explosion and burning them with flames.

Unknown Fire
This genjutsu is cast by pointing at the opponent and a faded purple wave is released from the finger that when it reaches the target, causes them to see a ring of blue fire around them and then see themselves ignite with blue flames.

Appearance: Often clad in the typical drab Jounin gear than the jacket, Gōon is typically seen hunched over and with an almost sullen gait, eyes sharp and glaring at all times. He wears his headband around his left bicep. Gōon has dark brown hair that stops just before his eyes in an unruly mess that he refuses to comb because, in his words, he ‘looks ridiculous and [isn’t] some prissy noble’.

Gōon’s skin is tanned and pockmarked with small scars that come with his lifestyle. While the majority of them seem to be the typical slashes and stabbings that you would expect, an appreciable fraction of them are long since healed over burn wounds from where he’s miscalculated a jutsu or the range of an entire pack’s worth of armed Explosive tags.

Personality: Gōon has a chip on his shoulder. Almost always ready for a fight, he has come to despise most other ninja, respecting them as colleagues but eagerly awaiting a chance to beat them down. As a civilian born, Gōon never had the possibilities, connections or bloodline traits many of his peers in the academy did, and that pressure to live up to and defeat people with such natural advantages has taken its toll.

When not mightily pissed, Gōon is extremely annoyed. A regular Jounin with no affiliation to any one organisation within the leaf, he holds a very loose allegiance to his fellow ninjas and will only ever approach ninja compounds when forced to, preferring to spend most of his time either outside of Konoha or running his parents’ old shop.

Family: Gōon’s parents are alive and well, but are currently within the land of Wind, seeking a new business venture. Gōon has been running the restaurant in their stead as a favour until they come back.

Bio: An only child, Gōon was born to a family of citizens as far from ninja life as possible. His mother ran a small restaurant while his father made suits for the wealthy nobles and associates of the Daimyo. For the majority of his childhood, Gōon held the ninja life in great disdain, thinking of it as uncultured and for simpletons. This changed when he was at but the young age of seven, near the final climax of the 4th shinobi war.

Caught on the road by a battle between allied and enemy forces he watched as Konica ninja performed near godlike feats of ability, endurance and jutsu. Entire swathes of forest destroyed in a blaze of fire, smoke and explosions as what could hardly be called mere ‘men’ battled. To his parents it was terrifying. To him, it was enrapturing.

Making it back safe and sound, Gōon would stop at nothing to become a ninja. His parents were initally worried, but didn’t last long against their farling child’s enthusiasm. After being tested a few times to see if he had the potential to become a ninja and being given the okay, Gōon entered the academy with stars in his eyes.

This did not last long.

Once in the academy, the young man realised just how much of a disadvantage he was at, even at such a young age. As the only common born child in his class, he was surrounded by people that had been training the entirety of their short lives or had powers he could only be jealous of, all capable of wiping the floor with him.

Each day was a struggle for the young boy as he went through the years, breaking himself over and over again just to try and come to as close as even as he could with people who could do what he couldn’t like it was simply breathing. The unfairness of it filled him with rage, and this rage is ultimately what kept him going.

Even after he had graduated the academy and placed in genin team 3, when he first met his sensei and the other two members of the team he would work with for the next few years Gōon could not let go of that anger. Fortunately, his sensei did what they were supposed to do and managed to curb his anger at those around him over the years before he or someone else got hurt, bringing the child back down to earth enough that he would be able to channel that rage and anger into his jutsu, training young Gōon to become adept at
ninjursu and harnessing the flames of his anger.

From there he went on to graduate from a simple genin, and only a few years later become a fully fledged, independent Jounin who ignores most of his comrades and is basically a ghost to any of the newer ninjas.
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