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Name: Refcaskha, the Everburning.

Domain: Vengeance/Justice, Resilience, Determination and Perseverance.

Abilities: Is almost impervious to any sort of physical attack, relentless in his actions. Can control anything or anyone that has been used for acts of betrayal or harming others. He has control over stone and flame.

Flaws: Unless during acts of creation, is generally unable to act upon the mortal world without a mortal with a great need for vengeance burning through them to act as a focus. Refcaskha carries a great hatred for gods of darkness or deceit.

Strengths: [Not sure what the difference between here and Abilities is]

Weaknesses: Refcaskha can get caught up in a tunnel visioned focus, unable to see past his target goal. They say justice is blind and revenge is deaf, and this appears in him. Once he is convinced of something, there is very little that can persuade him to reconsider.

[Once again, what's the difference?]

Appearance: Refcaskha appears in two forms at all times. To the mortals who have a great need of vengeance in their heart, should he deign to appear he would appear as this:
To those who believe in Justice, who believe that there is a proper way to punish indivicuals that extends to be larger than that of one person's joy, he appears as this:
These forms also apply to other Deities, with him appearing in these two different manners dependent upon which aspect they value higher.

Should a being value both traits exactly equally, somehow, then Refcaskha will be forced appear in his true form.

Motivations: Refcaskha's ultimate goal is to see the mortals developed into a culture where no bad deed go unpunished and, in doing so, create a peace through mutual destruction. Every wrongdoing shall be met with an equally devastating act by those who wish justice, or simply vengeance, upon those who wrong them.
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Name: Tolanor Megreen [Deceased. Suicide.]
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Bio: For as long as Tolanor has lived, he has felt the burn of anger and determination coursing through him. Born in then human city of Tuaru, he was quickly recognised to have a divine gift and was thus inducted into the clergy. For the rest of his life as a child Tolanor grew up among the order of the Red Priests of the Two-Sided god. His life consisted of nothing but martial training and, on the day of his maturation at the age of 18, he was recognised by the Two-Sided god as the Avatar of Vengeance. Forming a cabal of warriors known as the Crimson Knights, Tolanor leads these knights in the name of Vengeance and the Two-Sided god.

Acting as the enforcer of his god's will, he commands the militarial forces of the humans of Obus. With the rumblings of the world as ancient grudges and hatred stir, he looks forward to testing his blade in the name of his god. Everyone will know of his coming, and repent.
Motivations: To right any wrong done by his own hands, to make sure that even if the system fails those who commit crimes do not go unpunished. To obey the Two-Sided god.
Strengths: As the avatar of Vengeance itself, Tolanor is gifted with many supernatural abilities granted to him directly by the Two-Sided god. These gifts are:
Vastly increased durability and pain tolerance
Easy manipulation of and immunity to flame
Supernatural ability with a blade
Vengeance's Form
The ability to control and recruit those with Vengeance in their hearts.
Hot headed, he will be the first in and the last out.
He has far too much confidence in himself and his god. This can prove dangerous should he rely upon Refcaskha's interference too often.
Once he is convinced of something, the only thing capable of deterring him is Refcaskha himself.
He has a strong love for his partner BurnHeart, and would easily place himself in danger for his companion's sake.

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Name: Bo'Akur Refsoom, the Sage of Justice.
Race: Golem
Age: 3024 years
Gender: Female Form
As Avatar of Justice, Bo'Akur has access to:
-Easy manipulation of stone.
-Supernatural ability at hand to hand combat
-Her new form grants her amazing dexterity, reach, durability and a variety of other physical boosts that shame even the most physically capable of creatures.
-The ability to charm and recruit those who believe in justice.

-Skilled Negotiator from millenia of working in the name of her people to secure better conditions.
-Wise from over three thousand years of living upon Obus.
-Viewed as a holy artifact by the Golem people due to Refcaskha's hand in reshaping her.

Indecisive. Bo'Akur needs time to make decisions, as she is almost incapable of making decisions on the spot.
Regimented. Bo'Akur follows a strict set of morals that cannot be put aside form anything. E.g. Only kill those who have killed, allow justice to take its course etc.


Bo'Akur was the first of the Silver Golems. Large and strong, she led her people under the guidance of the Gold and the companionship of the Magma. For over a century she dedicated herself to her people. Everyone was to be treated fairly, all workload to be divided equally. Everyone pulled their weight. These morals garnered her a large reputation among all of Golem kind, although far more towards the Gold and Silver worshippers of Justice!Refcaskha than the more Vengeance inclined Magma. Such was her power and influence that her brother, the Golden King, recognised her as his equal in all but status, and often worked with her for the benefit of the people.

It was her staunchness and her morals that eventually lead to her being chosen as Refcaskha's Avatar of Justice. After a sleep cycle, she awoke seemingly in a trance. Ignoring all around her, she marched her way through Kaubus citadel and, over a week, made her way back towards the place of her, and the Golem race's, birth. Approaching the heart of Vengeance, the heat that repelled up to the most durable of Magma Golems seemingly unnafecting her, she submerged herself into the body of the white hot Magma, much to the shock of those that had followed her.

24 hours later she emerged, the same but changed. Mentally she remained the same,but different as well. She was calmer, and when she talked only the Magma Golems had even a chance of ignoring her whispered commands. The most prominent change was physically however. The Avatar of Justice was thinner than the thinnest of her kind and taller too, standing high above her kind. During her time in there she had also grown two sets of extra arms. She was permanently clad in armour that covered her entire form.
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Name: BurnHeart [Mate of FrailTear. Deceased. Old age.]
Race: Dragon
Gender: Male
Bio: BurnHeart's egg was the smallest of his clutch, and when the rest of his siblings were born he remained in his egg. The child of dragons that had fled to Obus with some travelling humans in order to escape the Sickness, his parents feared that he was already dead and left his unhatched egg behind to be found by a young Tolanor.

The young lad took the egg in with him to the temple of the red priests and did his best to get it to hatch. It would take months, but eventually BurnHeart emerged from the egg and be greeted by the excited face of Tolanor. The duo, not having anyone else but each other, were raised side by side in the order, leaning about the religion of the Two-Sided god and of what was expected of them.

When Tolanor was chosen by the Two-Sided god to be the Avatar of Vengeance, BurnHeart was right there with him. The dragon and human had long since bonded to the point where accepting Tolanor as a rider was more formality than anything else to the dragon. The years had been kind to BurnHeart as the dragon had grown to enormous size, even to the other Dragons in the city as he towered over them.

Motivations: An extreme loyalty to Tolanor, exceeding even that of the Two-Sided god.
Gigantic: BurnHeart is massive, even for dragons. Towering over all he has met, his size affords him great strength and durability.
Slow: BurnHeart's massive frame and size makes him noticeably slower to the more agile and slimmer Dragons.
Burning love: BurnHeart carries a great love for Tolanor in his heart. This can be exploited by those who wish to control him, as he would never wish any harm to come to his best friend.
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Name: Bala’Nosh

Race: Golem [Magma]

Age: 226

Gender: Male Form

Abilities: Bala'Nosh has his people's affinity with Stone and Flame magic.

Strengths: Bala'Nosh has a mind for Invention, as gifted to him by Refcaskha. His form is also far more fluid than most other races, capable of surviving certain conditions others could not. He has a very high flame tolerance, capable of standing within a forge and not be hurt.

Weaknesses: Bala'Nosh's Obsidian outside is fragile, and should it be broken the affected portion of his body would quickly dissipate. He is also weak compared to other golems. even to other races he is below average strength.

Bala’Nosh is short for his kind, standing just under seven feet tall. His body is slim and the stone covering him is expansive, with only tiny bursts from cracks or joints revealing his inner fire.

His face is plain and angular, with an Obsidian formation jutting out the back of his skull in a mimicry of hair. Like the rest of his people, he wears no clothing (due to lack of any need or genitalia), but he has winding and twisting tattoos carved into his arms, tiny little rivers of flame having them glow in floral patterns.

Bala’Nosh’s first memory is the same as all other golems. Heat. Fire, flame, the bubbling of magma as his form raised itself from the Heart. Looking around, he would see his brothers and sisters, also recently raised. Confused... yet knowledgeable.

Bala’Nosh had no name, but he knew where he was and what he needs to do. He also knew what he was, and why he was so different from his bulkier siblings. Their skin shone, his bubbles and roiled, obsidian slowly emerging to act as a container for his molten and firey form.

He could feel the heat behind him, of the hottest place on the planet. He could feel the scorched and blacked earth around him as he followed a Golden Golem who had quickly taken charge towards where the King sat, a beacon to all their kind.
From that day Bala’Nosh would be another faceless Magma Golem, working towards he betterment of his people. He was given a space for him to craft at will, but after that he was alone. Isolated.

He never totally contributed towards the development process. He fell behind his peers, and he was pretty sure the Obsidian Golem (who was technically his boss) didn’t know he actually exist.

He languished in his isolation.

It was only during a moment of pure boredom that Bala’Nosh found what he considered his true calling. During a walk across the main bridge of the Citadel, he found himself sinking into the floor, his heat escaping in such great waves that it actively repelled other Golems.

Futilely he tried to grab for any ledge, which was also burned through, before falling through and into the chasm below. But before he could even let out a scream, he found himself suspended above the depths. Spires of stone extended from the sides of the cavern, keeping him still faster than he could melt through. The feeling of power was... euphoric.
From that moment, Bala’Nosh dedicated his life to trying to re achieve that feeling of power. Of strength. He quickly left the Citadel and made his way down towards Tuaru, his goal to become an Adventurer, to travel and combat beings far above him so that one day he may unlock his potential yet again.po
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Name: Thræn Flame-Broken

Age: 29

Race: Orc

Gender: Female

Thræn's orcish traits give her a physical bonus over her more fragile companions. As well as that, she has the gifts of The Two-Sided god. These gifts are:
-Vastly increased durability and pain tolerance
-Easy manipulation of and immunity to flame
-Supernatural ability with an axe (her preferred weapon)
-Vengeance's Form (See Tolanor)
-The ability to control and recruit those with Vengeance in their hearts.

Strengths: Thræn has a great aptitude for tactics, allowing her to lead effectively. She is also used to being in command, and is able to rally soldiers and lead them with little fuss.

She is hot headed, and tends to swing first and ask questions later.
Thræn is also very insecure, and constantly aware that her birth is the lowest of the low. Any sort of disrespect based upon her race will send her into a rage.

Appearance: IMG_8378.JPGIMG_8379.JPG

Bio: Born with green skin (a rare pigment) to orcish salves, Thræn was quickly hidden from the Red Order by her parents, fearing that she would be taken. For six years they hid her, but it could not last forever. A rumour of a young orcish girl blessed by their god forced the hand of the Order, and flames swept over the camp Thræn was a part of. Amid the flames, Thræn was found and captured by the priests, not aware of her true identity due to the only a avatar that ever existed being a male.

Recognising her to be magically gifted, yet still not putting two and two together, Thræn was given to the Red Order and squired under the tutelage of Leon Megreen, descendent of Tolanor. For the next 17 years Thræn's memory of her parents faded, replaced with the life she had painstakingly carved in the world as she followed the teachings of the Two-Sided god.

Defying her birth, Thræn had risen to the upper echelons of Tuaru, becoming leader of the fabled order of the Crimson Vanguard, named so after the Great War, three thousand years ago where they fought and slew many a race. As leader of the prestigious order, Thræn was capable of finally ending those responsible for her capture. Despite not remembering her parents, she could still remember that they were responsible for throwing a small child into a world where she was hated, and she deemed that they were counter productive to the Order.

It was after this deed was completed that she was chosen by the Two-Sided god. The night the deed was done, a pillar of flame taller than even the largest building in Tuaru burst forth from the ground, surrounding but not harming her as a skeletal, bloody hand reached out from the fires. The hand stretched a boney finger and tapped her upon the heart, gifting her the powers of the Avatar.

From that day on, Thræn lead her order to keep the peace of Tuaru. With the recent rumours of a prophecy amongst the enslaved orcs, who she had long since cut from her life, she is drawn back to the camps to figure out what exactly is going on and, in doing so, end the threat to her peace.
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