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Grossest/weirdest things that almost made you quit a RP?

Discussion in 'Main Lobby' started by Silaries, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. Silaries

    Silaries Lord of Weissburg

    I think we all already had that one roleplay partner that suddenly turned out to be kinda weird or gross, that almost, or actually did make us quit the RP.

    For me, I once had a partner I roleplayed very long with, we had serveral characters living in a mansion together, I was 12-16 at that time and the Rp was overall pretty cringy, but at one point one of her characters somehow transformed into a furry monster and proceeded to lay eggs into my male character.

    Note that our roleplay has never really contained heavy sexual contend, up to that point.

    After unsuccessfully asking her to NOT do stuff like that as I didn't like it, I quit the RP.
  2. Jomber

    Jomber Explorer Benefactor

    I have a similar story, but it was a group roleplay, and it also came out of the blue from nowhere. So two of us had our characters in a spaceship that was downed for a reason I can't remember. A giant beast, controlled by a third player, was wandering outside, so naturally our two kept low within the ship and waited it out. Unfortunately, the beast mistook the ship for a potential mate. I'm ending it there.
    Silaries likes this.
  3. Silaries

    Silaries Lord of Weissburg

    And I thought had already seen all the weird fetishes during my life as a roleplayer.
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  4. The Doge

    The Doge The All Memeful Doge

    Err, I don't have much gross experiences since I've just gotten back into roleplaying a few months ago but!

    The weirdest thing was me and a roleplay partner resetting the roleplay and making up 'Generations'. It was just us making a new roleplay entirely that didn't have any ending or plot at all. I stopped roleplaying after the 12th Generation. The genre was usually just comedy, sci fi, adventure and action with a bit of romance here and there - but it was really repetitive now that I think about it.
    Rhonan likes this.
  5. Morph

    Morph Best Villain 2016*

    The guy spontaneously sprouted multiple wings, all different colors, and said (completely straight) "I call them the Seven Wings of Chaos."
    Empress likes this.
  6. Gabster

    Gabster New Member

    Well one time I was role playing with others on a video game, and I had found a child. Now my character was not one to interact with others well, but the child tried to get me to breastfeed her. I was like hold up no way am I doing this. I was younger and just made an excuse to leave, so some nearby male character had to take care of her. Ha! :cool:
  7. Silaries

    Silaries Lord of Weissburg

    I personally don't see breastfeeding as "gross".
  8. Cidrae

    Cidrae Smol and soft

    Oh god, flashbacks. I've two stories, one was having more of an erotic scene with this one character - it makes me cringe now that I actually got myself into it in the first place, it was terribly written - and then -she- turned out to have a dick, but it was kinda like a telescope, so she could push it out or have it retreat at her will. Because 'magic'. *shudders*

    The other wasn't really RP, it was more the whole RP guild and its rules that were hilarious. One of the rules was "No childish banter in the guild chat" (an OOC channel, I might add), which still makes me giggle. I also was in one guild once where you weren't allowed to use words like 'ofc' or 'tbh' or the like, because... reasons? Again, in OOC chat.
  9. Gabster

    Gabster New Member

    Yeah, I mean in real life I don't mind it. But I was like 10 and it made me uncomfortable.
  10. RainQueen

    RainQueen New Member

    I was not directly involved, but once saw two players roleplaying as stars which had fallen to earth and impregnated lakes.
  11. Empress


    Who needs acid trips when this thread exists?

    Joke aside, I have quite a few weird experiences, but the weirdest is probably an impregnated male vampire who gave birth through his anus. Ouch.
    Korruption and Silaries like this.
  12. Silaries

    Silaries Lord of Weissburg

    Reminds me of my own experience, but that those creatures hatched in my character and just kind of crawled out...
    Empress likes this.
  13. Empress


    Sounds like Alien to me. Also must have been very uncomfortable. Welcome to Jackass!
    Silaries likes this.
  14. Silaries

    Silaries Lord of Weissburg

    The thing that raped my character was a "Varghulf"... knowing how that thing looks like probably makes that even worse..
    Empress likes this.
  15. Empress


    Sounds like the Danish word for werewolf (varulv), which just makes it that more hilarious.
  16. Tiko

    Tiko Demon Goat Staff Member Administrator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM

    I don't think I've had anything make me almost quit roleplay, but the most stomach turning thing... First let me just say I'm generally not one to be squeamish about gore (I write a lot of it myself, including one graphic disemboweling of someone's character, with my characters bare hands), but this one time I was roleplaying with a friend whose character without warning severed the arm of my character. While my character was on the floor and bleeding out, his character began eating strips of flesh off the arm.

    The writer in question always did have a way with words that would just pull you in and hold you, and I don't know how he did it that day, but he hit all the right visuals and used all the right words, and I was trying to stay in the mentality of my character who was still very much alive and witnesses what was happening to her arm. I had to get up and go take a walk for a bit to clear my head before coming back to finish the encounter. Very stomach turning incident.
  17. GoddessLuna

    GoddessLuna The Moon Goddess Benefactor

    Before I roleplay with anyone 1x1 I make sure that nothing gross happens. So I have not really run into anything gross per say but I have ran into some weird things that made me quit. One being that someone was roleplaying in first person and I think after a while was confusing their character with themselves and kept insisting they loved me or something. I was confused as the person did not seem to understand my character is something else and not me. It was a shame though since the rp was interesting?
  18. Jomber

    Jomber Explorer Benefactor

    Something else weird happened to me a while back in my early days. There was one player who was bugging everybody to let his character, a dog, to be someone's pet. He was a real pest, and not many people were willing, but I said that he could come on over. I mean, I felt kinda bad about him being left out and all. I... regretted my actions almost immediately after. To emphasize, I didn't really like this guy, and so I was already on edge, but y'know... I thought that things might change.

    "I am Captain Space Puppy! And nobody will own me!"

    I lost it.

    He wanted an owner. Then turned 180 degrees and declared the opposite. So, he got his wish. I immediately kicked him out. That and he was trying to turn the outpost I had into a pet a shop. I just... he was already a nuisance... and then... despite how minor it might seem, it was the straw that broke the camel's back.
  19. Silaries

    Silaries Lord of Weissburg

    I had to make that experience serveral times, doesn't make it less weird, sometimes I continued the roleplay when it was actually good but soon had to stop as the partner would not stop trying to attract me and somehow used their character to represent themselves and get into a relationship with my character, pretending it would be me... they got really pushy
  20. ConquerorFox

    ConquerorFox Conqueror Esra Fox

    Okay so before I start my god awful and weird experience lemme explain something.

    I do NOT do sexual roleplays on or offline, or anything erotic. So when this happened I just like, died, and then just deleted and blocked the person.

    So, pretty much they decided 'hey, know what would make this interesting? Tentacles. And eating your character whole and having the tentacles retract inside my character and 'do stuff.'

    That is the least messed up way for me to put it. * shudder *

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