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Full Happily Never After

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Yun Lee, Dec 16, 2018.


Current characters are more than happy to help their children learn and accept their destinies, as the fate of their stories depend on it. Ever After High has some of the best staff to offer:

Headmaster Grimm. An enigmatic man, he is the founder of Ever After High, and the keeper of all stories. Not much is known about him, as he is usually in his office, hard at work running the school.

Avery Dallas. The current Pecos Bill, a jovial man larger than life itself. Teaches all classes related to heroics and physical education.

Fawn Blackwood. The current Dark Fairy, a wicked enchantress known to hold a grudge and an affinity for spindle-related accidents. Teaches classes related to both villainy and magic.

Jamila Shahrazad. The current Scheherazade, a clever woman known for her quick wit and creative storytelling. Teaches classes that deal with cunning and cleverness.

Kitty Charming. The current Snow White, Kitty is the kindest, gentlest soul you'll ever meet and loves her husband dearly. Teaches classes related to damsels and domesticity.

Terrance Charming. The current King Charming, Terrance is an attractive and charismatic king who teaches the more educational classes. Even so, he is very well-liked.


While Ever After High offers a variety of preselected classes in order to give their students the best training for their future, there are a few electives that students may choose to sign up for on the first day of school. They are as follows:

Debate. Taught by Scheherazade, this elective pits two teams of students against each other in order to argue two opposing sides of an issue. Recommended for students whose destinies involve persuasion and wits.

Cooking. Taught by Snow White, this elective will teach you how to make a variety of delicacies, from savory feasts to sweet desserts. Perfect for any future damsel or domestically-destined students.

Bookball. Coached by Pecos Bill, this is a traditional sport that Ever After High students have played for years, similar to the American Football of the mortals. Popular with future heroes and athletic types.

Gardening. Even if taught by the evil Dark Fairy, this class is a wonderful place for anyone with a green thumb. Learn how to grow everything from pretty flowers to magical plants.

Peer Mediation. An elective offered by King Charming in order to aid future monarchs and pacifists in settling disputes through words.​

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