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Illusion Happily Never After

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Yun Lee, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character(s): Cute Anime Girls

    Caroline Lewis: Prologue
    Caroline stared up at the large school building, the beauty of it, the utter possibilities that lay within. Holding her large, decorated suitcase of suitcase of (Overly cutesy) essentials, and clutching her pink hair-bow to ensure it doesn't fly away in the wind, Caroline grinned.
    "HellOOO Ever After High! Last year here, I'm afraid! Gosh, I can't believe it's been so long..."
    Yelling her thoughts to what seems to be the school itself, Caroline thought back to her first years here...actually, she can't, because the years have gone by so fast, and Caroline's mind left the past quicker then...then, a leaf blowing in the wind.

    Well, what was Caroline to do now, she wondered? She couldn't spend all day staring into space after all. Maybe head into school right away, go to her dorm and meet her dorm-mate? Maybe class? Actually...Nope! The moment she headed into the building, holidays was over, and the school began. And Caroline could do without school for even a few hours (Even though this week was pretty much a non-learning week...). She was hungry, and she really wanted some sugar (And didn't want to start on her sweets in her suitcase yet). Hmmm....

    A-ha! That's it! The Village Of Book Ends! That's where she'll go. What a beautiful place was! A little quaint town, full of cafes, shopping areas and even a cinema! Of course she'll go there!
    Skipping along the bridge, Caroline went on her way: To the Village Of Book Ends.

    @Open For Interaction @Takumi @Gummi Bunnies
  2. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    A dull-feathered juvenile waterfowl flew around The Village of Book End, seeming to be rather frantic.

    "I can't be late, I can't be late, but I need to know where the school is..."

    Up, right, left, down, the waterfowl, carrying proportionately-sized strapped bags with her, flutters across the town in search of the supposed school. That was when her body accidentally collided with the face of Caroline Lewis and the talking bird fell to the floor, rubbing its head with a wing.

    "Ah! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

  3. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Rochelle giggled. "Ehehe, you know me! I'm gonna be gardening with my mom just like always." She grinned at Angel and asked in a teasing voice, "How about you? Gonna take cooking to feed that bottomless pit of yours~?"

    @Takumi @Gummi Bunnies @Crow @MelodyMeister @Village


    A quick bit of searching, and Hector would find the Advanced Heroics classroom door open. But no Pecos Bill...?

    "Howdy, Hector!"

    Ah, there he was. Hanging upside down off his own door, doing curl-ups. He grunted, not stopping his set despite his student being in the room. "Let me guess...you're here to tell me you're leavin' the team to sign up for cookin'!"

    @Alex Azure


    Snow White frowned. "Well, be careful where and when you smoke. Considering Aurelio's your roommate this year, I'd prefer if he had fewer reasons to report you to us." She smiled at Georgia. "Oh yes, summer was lovely. But it's nice to be back here, you know?"

    @ShadowCoyote0 @Minerva @M a r @Jeremi
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  4. Lissamel

    Lissamel Morally Ambiguous Telly-head

    Another year, another stint at Ever After High. Really, Mortiz couldn't really believe he was going here. Well, he'd been going here for a while now, but come on! The place was practically a palace in and of itself -- and Mortiz wasn't exactly one of those fancy-schmancy royals who got to mosey around in ivory towers with people to sing songs for them and breakfasts in bed and whatever it was royalty did. He had to play his own songs! And, by golly, he liked it!

    The piper saw his son off, though didn't stay long -- he seemed to be self-aware of his reputation and it was best not to get in trouble by being the infamous man with the hypnotizing flute in front of a school for children. Mortiz waved him away, then merrily made his way inside Ever After High. He'd check out town later -- he wasn't much for shopping. He barely owned anything of his own. Though maybe getting a few non-hypnotic instruments would be beneficial. He took note of a list of electives, scanning them over -- ugh, why was every one of them so boring? He wanted to learn something interesting. Like fencing! ...As though he'd ever use that as the new piper, but hey, who knew? He made a note to himself to sign up for gardening, since it seemed like the smallest waste of his time.

    A smile on his face, Mortiz made his way to the dorms first. A bad roommate could completely break the entire Ever After High experience. It was like a bad traveling partner -- thank goodness he and his father got along so famously, Mortiz couldn't even fathom what it would be like if they didn't.

    And to the dorms he went, a bounce in his step, mind already racing. Oh, this was gonna be a great year. He could feel it.

    [ @Yun Lee @Anybody else @Dorms ]​
  5. Archmage Jeremiah

    Archmage Jeremiah You can't outrun your own reflection

    "Oh thank god it's not another obnoxious hero type..." Mallory muttered under her breath, peeking just an eye out from underneath her pillow before mustering the strength pull herself back out of bed after her long walk. "Hey, Penny, yeah, good to see you again," she said with a tired smile and wave, "Had another awful summer break or did your dad miraculously decide to start giving a shit?" Mallory asked, very openly crass.

    @Yun Lee @Dorms
  6. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character(s): Cute Anime Girls

    Yelping in surprise, Caroline fell back a little, losing her balance and barely preventing herself from falling straight into the floor, Caroline made a pitiful, childish expression, as if she was really hurt, while rubbing her eye area, or where the Fledgling collided with her. It wouldn't leave a mark or anything, but it hurt as much as tennis ball hitting her. Actually, talking about a tennis ball....

    Caroline looked down, and what she saw was Fledgeling on the ground. Although at first, she did nothing but stare at her with the blankest of faces, Caroline gradually crouched down to meet her face with the bird's one. For the first time since the start of the holidays, she spoke with one of her class mates, and as always, Caroline's voice was soft and sweet, like a daydreamer's.
    "Hello. Fledgeling? Is that you? No, wait, it is her, Carol...Are you alright? Why were you flying so f..franic..frantically?"
  7. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "Oh! Caroline! Ahahahaha... it's been a while," the waterfowl, Fledgeling, blushed as she rose up fully. "You see, I forgot where the school was... it's just been such a long summer... and I'm lost..."

    Fledgeling began to flap her wings and fly up once more, lifting her body off the grond to head level.

  8. M a r

    M a r GrayLu


    "Oh, it's alright Georgia! Hunter here's asked if he could help. And I don't want you to have to carry such a bothersome thing. We can catch up with each other about summer break after this, however," she replied.

    Olive then looked up to Hunter and said, "My quarters aren't too far from here. Shall we go?" She wanted to finish this as soon as possible so she wouldn't waste any of Hunter's time.

    @ShadowCoyote0 @Minerva
  9. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    It didn't take long for Mortiz's roommate to enter the room....on his phone? "Yeah, mom, I just got into my dorm room." The large frame of Daisuke Mizuno contrasted with his rather soft way of speaking. "...uh-huh. No, Mortiz is a really nice guy, you'd love him. Hi, Mortiz!" He waved at his roommate, then listened on the phone. "Yeah, I will. Uh-huh...uh-huh. Yeah. I love you, too. See you on break." Hanging up, he smiled at his new roommate. "Hey, man! Have a good summer?"



    "I...uh..." Penelope was taken aback by Mallory's tone, to be sure. "Uh...it was nice. I, uh, m-mostly stayed home a-and worked..." She bowed her head and started rushing to unpack. "A-And you? Was yours nice?"

    @Archmage Jeremiah
  10. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM

    ❝ Oh, my summer break? ❞ Crescent blinks for a second. Well, there wasn't a reason for her to be surprised in the first place, she did ask the question first. So it was only reasonable for the same to be asked towards her.

    ❝ Nothing much. I'm sort of glad that the break's over actually, always staying at home every day was getting boring. ❞ She made for that refreshing small talk, and not too long from now, there was several other students having the same idea.

    ❝ I was thinking about gardening for my elective, now that I think about it. ❞ The heir thinks out loud when that question about their electives for the year came up. Something that was easy and relaxing for her to not think so hard about what she'll be doing after this school year wraps up.

    @Yun Lee @Takumi @MelodyMeister @Crow
  11. ShadowCoyote0

    ShadowCoyote0 Senpai

    "After you Olive. Good day Mrs. Charming. I'll see about burning incense while I'm my room. That ought to keep him out of my nose." Hunter then followed Olive while she lead him to her dorm. With his sharp senses, he felt that the girl was not as happy as her smile may have lead on. It's not easy to fool the Big Bad Wolf. "So, how was your morning? I know it can rough settling back for the new year. I might not be everyone's favorite, but you can come to me for help. If nothing else, I'm great for carrying baggage." He chuckled a bit afterwards. It was weird trying to make a friend, but since Olive wouldn't likely encounter him after this year, he felt less afraid of connecting to her.

    @M a r @Yun Lee
  12. Minerva


    Yes, ma’am. It feels nice to be back!” She said. She would laugh towards Olive. “alright, see you in a few, then!•​
  13. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    "Cold and filled with schooling,"
    Pyry replied. "So, the usual."

    "It's a pleasure, Mrs. It's nice that you had a good summer."
    Her droning reply sounded more like a stock response rather than an actual greeting. But that was just how Pyry was some times.

    As Hunter and Olive arrived Pyry gave them both a stiff wave before they walked off again.

    @ShadowCoyote0 @Minerva @M a r @Yun Lee
  14. Archmage Jeremiah

    Archmage Jeremiah You can't outrun your own reflection

    Mallory burst out with raucous laughter at Penelope's answer. "Stop covering for that
    scum-sucker! You're lying and anyone who's read your story knows it!"
    she sneered with a bright red glint in her eye. Immediately afterward, Mallory jerked around to reach into her pack and pull out a small plastic bottle. Her hands trembled as she twisted off the cap and dumped out a small capsule, which she hastily swallowed down. Shuddering, Mallory hunched forward with head craned down low, and wiped a cold sweat off her colourless complexion. Meeting Penelope's gaze again, there was a clear remorse present in the junior doctor's eyes.

    "Sorry, I-" Mallory began as she stood from her bed and shuffled towards the door, "I'm tired, and it all just-" she tried to explain while she poorly laced her boots back up. Standing back up in awkward silence, all she could come up with was "I forgot to pick my options," before storming out the door in a huff. Forgot to pick my options? Why did I say that? Mallory murmured, winding herself up tight with her arms and legs stiff, and hands dug deep into her front pockets while she beat herself up all the way to Ms. Blackwood's class.

    @Yun Lee
  15. Lissamel

    Lissamel Morally Ambiguous Telly-head

    "Hel-lo, Daisuke!"

    His grin grew wider, practically threatening to split his face in two. He waved back, then paused to wait until he was off the phone (some parents could be so overprotective -- forget dragons and ogres and things, those were the real monsters) and then answered his question with a shrug and a 'so-so' wave of the hand. "Same song and dance as always -- I should have taken pictures, hah, let you see some of the sights too! Remind me to get you some for your birthday." Mortiz's smile lessened slightly, but remained present. "Your summer? Anything interesting?"

    [ @Yun Lee ]​
  16. M a r

    M a r GrayLu


    ...Guess it was obvious that she wasn't too excited about what fate had in store for her. Although her soon-to-be life wouldn't be as bad compared to everyone else's, she didn't know if she could handle everything as well as her mother did. Her mother... she was fearless, tough, and caring despite everything. And Olive? She wasn't anything like her. How could she ever live up to her mother's lifestory?

    A ghost of a smile crept on her lips and she released a sigh. Crossing her arms together, Olive avoided eye-contact and instead stared at the ground as they walked to her room. After giving it a thought, she spoke, "This morning... isn't something I'm happy about. Everyone at home said their goodbyes—except for my brother. I wish I'd taken the time to look for him before I left."


    Before she knew it, she was chuckling. "We were an inseparable pair when I came into the picture. Our sister was jealous that he hung out with me more than he did her. Nonetheless, we all got along well."

    Olive paused. Wait...

    Her eyes grew wide like saucers. "I... I'm sorry, I ramble a lot when I'm walking around with someone else. If you ever need me to stop, tell me and I will!"


    Eventually, they'd finally reached the door to her room.

    "And I think I'll have to take you up on that offer, Hunter. This year will be pretty nerve-wracking considering... you know."


    "Thank you for helping me with my luggage!"

    @ShadowCoyote0 @Yun Lee
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2018
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  17. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    "School in the summertime, Pyry?" Snow White crossed her arms. "Well that certainly doesn't sound fun. Did you go on any trips? Hang out with any friends, maybe?"

    @Jeremi @Minerva


    Penelope sniffled, trying (and failing) to blink away tears. "N-No, it's okay...I...I get it." But that was all she said as she quickly got to unpacking. Though as Mallory left, she could hear a quiet, "...I'll see you later."

    The door to Ms. Blackwood's class was closed, but behind it Mallory could hear some noise, as if some sort of struggle was going on.

    "Oh, for the love of..." The Dark Fairy grumbled. "Get back here!"

    @Archmage Jeremiah


    "Oh, Olive. You're here." Olive's roommate, Ludovica Medici, was already in their room, seated on her bed. She looked up from her book and nodded politely to the duo. "And hello, Hunter. It's...nice to see you both."

    @M a r @ShadowCoyote0
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  18. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    "You got me red handed, I did plan on taking cooking." Angel chuckled, and listened to the girls express what they'd take themselves. It was almost disappointing that he wouldn't see them, but that was alright.

    "I guess I'm glad to be back, though I'm a bit nervous I guess." He muttered when Crescent expressed her attitude towards break being over. "Then again being back home is almost as lively as being here when I'm not visiting grandmother." He added as an afterthought. He loved that woman, but she mostly did knitting outside on a nice day when not doing anything else usually.

    "Anyway, pastries are waiting." He spoke up to change the subject, not particularly keen on thinking about his future role at the moment, especially upon seeing some other students head into the village as well.

    @Yun Lee @Gummi Bunnies @MelodyMeister @Crow @Village
  19. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    Jean breathed deep, letting the fresh breeze wash over him. Senior Year, baby. It was finally here. Even after 4 years of Ever After High, the view from a Bentley window never seemed to get old. A cobblestone stage that stretched out for the best part of a mile. An audience of thousands. Admirers. Lovers. Fan boys and girls. Yes. He had been away far, far too long.

    "Oh, sweet Summer. How dare you strip her from me?"

    He smirked to himself, the wind leaping through his car window and coursing through his shining hair. Earphones in. Eyes closed. He could live in this moment forever, anticipation nibbling at his toes like a fish pedicure. Just another day in paradise. Just him, his people, and an hour of Queen's greatest hits praising him through 3 grand's worth of speakers. For a moment he let himself forget about it all. To hell with grades. To hell with the professors. To hell with school and the curse and all the other curve balls the year had instore. He could hear the Medic calling him from a mile off. Tonight as a night for celebration; it was time to redefine the word 'party'.

    By the time his car finally came to a halt, his platoon of servants had already leapt into action. Before his could even comprehend the situation they were in motion, frantically yet delicately pulling bag after bag from the trunk and hurrying into a pile by the gates of the school. He would be the one to carry them inside, of course. It was to be a symbolic event. One for the photo albums to say the least. With a snap and a flash, the event had been immortalised.

    His last time entering the Ever After High grounds. The Beginning of the End.

    No. He forced such drab thoughts from his mind. He wasn't about to let his night nor his day be weighed down by the thought of his affliction. No. It didn't matter that the more he thought about trying to forget the more he inadvertently thought about it. He would force it from his mind eventually. That Infernal Ceremony was... hours away at least, maybe even a full day! He wouldn't have to stress about signing his life away until at least an hour before he did so. Even then... it would be months before he had to actually face up to his... hideous fate. Yes... It wasn't an issue at all... at least... for now...

    Then why did he keep having to convince himself so?

    He needed a distraction. He needed a drink. The party would provide both, but in the mean time he could really go for-

    "Some coffee... some damn good coffee... Book End Village, don't fail me now..."

    The Pastry Shop. With it came the smell and the taste of home, and possibly- and most importantly- coffee. He couldn't imaging a world in which he couldn't was a cinnamon apple turnover down with a cup of liquid gold. Oh, the simply luxuries were truly the greatest of them all.

    As the waft of fresh baking seemed to grow stronger, Jean couldn't help but find his other senses heightened by the stimulation. It wasn't long until his ears picked up a zestful conversation erupting just outside the store's doors, with one word sticking out above all else; electives.

    Shit. He thought to himself. Still gotta chose wonna those. Don't wanna get stuck with a servant subject. These fingers weren't made for gardening.
    "Mes Amies…" Jean shot a smile towards the circle of friends "Looks like you've got your elective down pat. I never thought of you as the Green Fingered type, Crescent, but if flowers are the fastest way to a Princess' heart, then I might just have to keep my options open..."​
    "Oh and Rochelle..." Is eyes burned deep into her dress, unable to deduce whether what he was staring at was the 8th wonder of the world or the 8th deadly sin. Perhaps the sense of confusion it wrought was what appealed to Jean the most. To him, it was some lost, archaic art piece, destined to be studies for want of meaning "Bold choice of garb... but I like it. It's very... you"
    "Consider them on me, young pâtissier" He slapped Angel playfully between the shoulder blades "You'll need something to calm you nerves before tonight's party, yes? You are all going, of course?"
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2018
  20. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    Sometimes, Angel wasn't sure if he disliked Jean or just simply tolerated him. On one hand, Jean was a ticket to free pastires, on the other he was so full of himself Angel had a hard time resisting rolling his eyes at him and ignoring him. It was a dilemma he wasn't sure he'd ever understand.

    The playful slap to his back earned a small smile, though Angel internally winced in brief pain. "I wasn't sure about going, but I just might." He commented nonchalantly along with a shrug. Mostly for food, but also because he was sure this would be one last chance to cause a small bit of mischief before he ended up some wolf's lunch. Or in a closet. He couldn't remember how he was told it might play out really, but he knew that it definitely was different than meat pies and blood wine of the early days.

    That thought alone almost ruined his appetite completely.

    "Say Jean, what electives do you plan to take? Other than gardening to flirt it up with other royalty." Angel teased lightly, wanting to distract himself from losing his appetite so soon.

    @Yun Lee @Gummi Bunnies @Sark @others @Village Cafe

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