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Have you ever been discriminated as a male?

I was to ask this question, because nowadays I’ve seen it happen a lot, and I want to hear your stories. An example, is most cases involving a male and a female, the female is always listened to more, even when the male is innocent. Ive seen a lot of things like it. Could I hear some of your stories if you have any?

Rolue Vas Reisa

New Member
As a bisexual man i have been sexually abused by one man in my life time and i have been physically abused by one woman in my life time. No you cannot hear my stories. Just know yes people like me, male victims, do exist and we are real.
Just the narrative is only victims are straight white women, the most over privileged people on the planet..


As far as discrimination goes, I feel that it takes longer for people to trust me around young children than they would a woman. I feel like it's harder for men to find housing in shared spaces, but compared to everything women deal with, I feel like those are very, very small "problems". There are obviously some men (Johnny Depp, for instance) who are getting the short end of the stick because of their gender, but I don't have anything that says I, personally, have been discriminated against because I'm a man.


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As a transgender bisexual male (i was AFAB) Usually people think I'm misguided and use my traumas against me to invalidate me because "That doesn't happen to men"
Dude I’m a woman but I’ve definitely noticed this is a thing!! My fiancé (male) is constantly seeing this all around him.
A few weeks ago he watched a video on YouTube about a man in his fifties who was being sexually harassed by a younger woman at work, but was rebuffing her advances as he was a happily married man. He went to his bosses about it. They told him it wasn’t likely what he thought it was. Later, that same woman went to HR and told them the older man had been harassing her (which text conversations proved wasn’t true). He lost his job immediately .
We honestly come across stories similar to this all the time. You should definitely feel validated that it IS real. Especially in this age of “feminists” being super anti-male. I’m a strong egalitarian (which also makes me a feminist) but can’t stand this whole new idea of men being put down as if in repayment for when women were oppressed so badly... it won’t make the world better.
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