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I've been at roleplay for a good four of five years now, having branched out from my original robloxian routes into 1x1 text messages and even further into discord groups of usually 30 people. I prefer a small group of typically five or six but as I've said I can work with larger or small numbers as long as the creativity flows. My responses originally started off rather short but through my more diverse works I've gathered up experience with far larger texts. Anyways, I hope to meet more people and write fantastic stories with others.


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Welcome to Storyteller's circle, we are an eclectic group here.I have been intermittently RPing here since the site's creation & knew the creators & several of the staff from prior RP sites we rped on together. I have been away for a while, but hoping IF I find time to RP between work and college to jump on every now & again. But I welcome you to our site. :) We are a great community here.