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hello! i may be new here but i've been roleplaying since 2015, but it's lovely to be here. a little introduction about me; my name is sarah, i'm a college student honestly just trying to vibe. i'm an art major as well and i rp for fun.

i have a wide span of interests, but a good few would be anime, movies, kdramas, kpop, webtoons/manhwas, and even video games. i'm always open to chat or even rp but it's good to be here!


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Hi Sarah. I'm geniusinmath or you can call me Michael. Nice to meet you. Welcome to the Storytelling Circle family. We hope you have a wonderful time.
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Hey Sarah, glad to see you joined us all! I hope that you have been successful in finding you way around the forum. Feel free to give a shout if you need help with anything, or if you just want to chat.

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Hey Sarah welcome to STC! We share our interest in art and webtoons and videogames! Only I've just finished college :3 you'll have a great time here I'm sure ^^