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Heroes of Adma [sign-ups, ooc]



So, here we will post our nations sheets for Heroes of Adma.

I have a huge dump of lore on the Bulletin Board. If you like what you see below and aren't already in on it, feel free to check out the post.

If you have any questions related to the Roleplay as it happens, post those here too.

The Nation Sheet:
Name: [official name for your country]

Demonym: [by what are your people individually referred to as?]

Symbol: [What symbol is used to represent your people? Flag/Coat of arms/motto...]

Please describe the lands your people control: [You may include a map]

Please provide an overview of your countries history:


Population: [Rough number of loyal members of your faction. Total Population for a small (less then 200 years old) country should be in the neighborhood of 120,000 individuals]

Races: [what races live/work in your faction? You may optionally include rough percentages]

For new races you invent, please describe their capabilities. For each power they have, please consider a weakness, either social or physical.



Answer Per Leader

Please Describe your Leader(s)...


Primary Belief:

Personal Details:

Answer for the faction as a whole

Please give a brief description of your leadership structure:


If applicable, what is the primary religion practiced in your faction:

Please describe the main tenets of this faith?


Percentage of active military personel: [more than 20% impacts how much you will produce outside of warfare]

Types of units/levels of training: [it is very expensive to train an army for a long time, please be reasonable with how many ‘elites’ you have.]


Primary Output/exports:

Primary Input/Imports:

List other major/special things your group produces:

EDIT 1: I forgot to include a history field. Huh.
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I have a few questions that I want to ask before I make my nation, (some may feel a bit nitpicky but I promise it's in good faith and just to understand the world better).

  1. Is the map at the top of this post representative of all the landmasses on Adma?
  2. When creating a nation, do we take a region on the above map that isn't highlighted as belonging to an NPC nation and declare that as being the land we control?
    • 1587908747888.png
  3. Does the map projection you used respect the relative distances and positions between land, the relative shapes of land or the relative size of land, or is there distortion at the poles or in terms of shape?
    • This question may seem pedantic, but it links to the next question
  4. How big of an area can a nation encompass (preferably in km²)?
    • This question links to the previous as I did some very brief and rough calculations using the information available and it leads me to the conclusion that the region in green (Eradon) is approximately somewhere between the size of North America and Africa (ranging from 20 million to 30 million km², roughly half the size of all of Asia).
    • With a population of 120,000 individuals, approximately the population of Kiribati in the modern world, the land required to support that many people is about 80-100 km², which by my admittedly awful calculations would be about the size of a square half a pixel in length on the map you provided
Feel free to just go "stupid question, move on" to any of these since I know we're not going for realism here, but I thought I'd ask before I created my nation. :)


Excellent questions, one and all. Hopefully this post answers them clearly
1: The map is in universe and representative of all major and known continents. While including a brand new continent in your sheet is acceptable, it would be subject to my approval. Including minor islands and island-continents, however, is perfectly fine.
2: Exactly.
3: Their isn't really any distortion, though the map is not to be taken perfectly literally, but the map does not cover the extreme north and south - their's an 'unmapped' margin, if you will, that includes the poles and some uncharted oceans
4: I will be frank, the world is bigger then it ought to be; me and my friends never stopped to consider the ramifications of making the land that vast. Generally speaking, it's somewhere between earth-sized and double earth-sized - I have forgotten the actual number of miles I had that measure it's circumference, though I can look for it after this post. I will say Eradon isn't quite that big, it's pretty large but a bit smaller then the east asian seaboard.

So to question #4, I'm going to go ahead and say that we 'control' several million square km (5-15 million square km), but police only a small portion of it - because of the vastness of the world. I'm also going to say that to overcome the size of the world most people know how to travel very fast and efficiently, and ships are built in various manners superior to real world ships of the period and can move much faster.
I will hopefully have a nation to submit by tomorrow, it might take a bit longer if there are unforeseen circumstances.

aka, I started filling in the template in a word document, following which my PC crashed and I'm not over it being mostly lost.


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Say lazz once we pick a spot to use on the map to build up/around can we zoom in on it and recreate it with some detail, roads and all that steamy rp goodies?
-I would like the space in the top left of the map along those mountains -or- icy peninsula in the top of the map -or- the peninsula north east of the buzzgussian empire. what one may I claim?
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Name: Dalharen L'telanth Ugul Sharorr--Children of the whispered throne.

Demonym: Telanth

Symbol: Icons of She of the left, He of the right. (image varies)

Please describe the lands your people control: [You may include a map]

Within the oldest tomes scribed stories of grand cities cut into the mountains and along its spine, fields of wheat and ages of plenty. Buildings that emblazed the horizon with the shimmer of polished stone once greeted sailors and travelers alike to trade with the Telanth for their mage-worked stone ingots, ores and jewels of all nature driven out of the earth from their extensive mine net work, riches that the race of men and others would come to raid and steal again and again. Between wars and raids, famine and death unchecked the above cities fell and the Telanth fled into their mines turning them into defensive forts and later sprawling cities keenly worked into the flesh of the mountains reinforced time and time again so never again would their home be taken.

The Telanth have lived so long both in tunnels and atop their mountains slopes that it has become apart of their standing faith for them seeding a deep sense of ownership and pride in their home they view as a steadfast protection from the overworld. . While those wars between other powers darkened their skies with humans and then orcs and even Gnox raid parties a few intrepid wood elfs would brave into Telanth lands offering their aid in exchange for a place to live in peace. The culture shock was a place of stress upon both parties and lead to some riots as immigration of elfs and other races grew having had heard of the opposing cities of the Telanth fled seeking shelter from wars. These immigrates were met only with distrust and hate but as time grew and those that proved themselves worthy of trust were allowed to enter the cities while all others made towns around the walls.

These slums of broken and poor brood with filth and crime grew and grew till it could non longer be ignored but rather then purge them the standing empire saw a new resource that could be used for the betterment of his people and so the creation of the guild of task-masters as a means for citizenship for the wayward population as well as valuable goods, gear and information. The guild of task-masters was a great success as Task rewarding great deals of wealth or permission to move into the city could be used to clean up crime, mend the sick and gather resources from lands far away. The bands of mercenaries, hired killers, merchants, order of magi and many other artisans grew and grew as the state itself fueled the means for teaching and mastery with many gaining fame in the Razak wars, Clockwork revolution and the second Gnox invasions.

Modern day of the Empire has uneasy peace as Emperor Qhymareth hoards weapons and knowledge alike as the general public have started to find out about the brutal aspects of their faith and magic arts making many of the more peaceful disposition worried while others know the Telanth have not forgotten or given the past.

Theocratic/Religious Caste: 20%
Agriculture/Mason/General population miscellaneous Caste 42%
Military/Magi caste :28%
Specialized Caste: 10%

Population: 287k (inside cities) (of the 287k, about 32k are slaves/thralls) 28k (outside population)

Inside the cities: Dark elves: 87% Wood elves: 9% Miscellaneous(mostly humans) 4%
Outside cities: Mostly miscellaneous as its a port town and guild members traveling seems to hold a higher population for the following:
Kigi-numa: 8%
Izashar: 4%
Gorgons and Harpies are seen as creatures with aspects of She of the left, Rare but a solid 1% maken a small conclave apart from each other as harpies seem to be uneasy around gorgons.
Assortment of Elvish races: 41% (mostly wood elves)
Gnomes and Dwarfs: 7%

Government: Theocratic Dynasty

Leader: Qhymareth, Heavens listener.

Goals: Show the world the wisdom of how magic should be used, Control points of magical power and construct temples within the worlds mountains, Punish those that harmed them in the past. learn and know other elven races and unite them under the faith. Put humans in their place.

Primary Belief: The lessons of Vok ulu Venorsh

Personal Details: Calm and relaxed, commanding a near omission of presence that melts into the tranquil black silence of the cave temples he calls home. This gentle guise hides well his twitching mind utterly enthralled with the vision of his grand design to sweep this new world under the rule of Vok ulu Venorsh. Rose to power in raids on many others, stealing away the population for enthrallment and wealth to fuel his engine of expansion

leadership structure: (not to sure what you mean by this) Leader holds court. Members of court discuss topics and problems, leader hands out what must be done and either orders a member of the court or some one volunteers for it. Members of court work within guide lines, if any, to get it done using their resources to do so proving their value to the leader. in this case their love of the country and the speaker for the heavens. Qhymareth Holds unchallenged power but tenets of the faith demand he listens too all.

Telanths observe the Faith "Vok ulu Venorsh" or simply Venorsh/Venorshism, it teaches that heaven sent its speaking hand to guide them taking on the form of "She of the Left, He of the Right" While any one of the faith may know their whisper only the Emperor has the power to listen to both deities and commune with them. The faith teaches that all living beings have in them heaven itself taking the shape as mana, magic and the life energies therein. When you conceived within your mother you are spoken too by one of the gods, Those that listen gain wisdom and skill, prowess and fortune as those that do not are met with ill fate and meek flesh. Within your mothers womb you absorb the spirit of mana and the flesh of earth that is then shaped by She of the left and He of the right.

May Stories about He of the right and She of the left ventures and dealings with members of the Telanth, falling into self destruction with out the balance of the other and how the world came to be in the heat of passion after the slaying of Qyatt who tried to trick them into hating each other so he could steal the Tresk'ri Khaliizi away from them and create the world in his selfish design before turning into the deities known only as He of the right and She of the left.

The teaching of mana and magic as an element of the divine goes into that all magic is the energy of the dead giving new life an creation through the caster but it is insulting and near debasement of the ancestors to steal that mana without giving it blood or a body. Magic must be woven into objects or etched into the flesh or paid with blood. Cutting yourself or another and dissipating the blood and flesh into raw mana for use is how a 'civil' Talenth would cast magic if not using enchanted items or gear.

She of the left is rarely shown in full form and is often a depicted as an open left hand turned knuckles away, when she is shown in full is a muscled beauty with hair reaching pass her rear, nude and welding a staff. He of the right likewise is shown in full body rarely and is seen as a nude male with a muscled and toned welding a bow, seen far more as a closed fist with knuckles facing forward. Each often to the side of a person be it male or female whispering in their ears. She of the left holds aspects wisdom of the mind and understanding, patience and virtues while He of the right is seen as wisdom of the body, action and vices.

Temples to She of the left are often vaults of tomes and knowledge, haven for women, studies into the magic, arcane training and/or silent open places to dwell in peace while Those to He of the right are hospitals, training grounds, haven for men, studies into the body, warrior and archery, duel grounds, brothels and/or heated baths. Temples to the faith as a whole are often humble tunnels that go deep into the mine where no noise may enter or leave, a place of complete silence where any one may come. These temples are often found in waypoints along mountain passes and long roads close and far from Telanth lands.

If applicable, what is the primary religion practiced in your faction: While other faiths are tolerated the subtle though steady push of Venorshism into them is normal.

Please describe the main tenets of this faith?
+ The emperor is the ear and mouth of the heavens
+Mana and magic is scared and must be handled in respect via paying the blood price
+ Honor She of the left by commanding intellect, magic and seeking knowledge, Honor He of the right with a healthy body, lust for lif and mastery of skill and trade.
+Do not drown in the single whispers of either

Military: The official standing military has never been large as much of the persons are in fact an arm of the Theocracy and thus spend their time acting in defense not offensive and as law enforcement, The military forces that are not apart of the religious aspects of the Dalharen L'telanth Ugul Sharorr are all headed by a mage of some sort. They as a whole are not large and have made deathly use of their caves to ward would be invaders, the complex network of tunnels mixed with traps and unpleasant cave elements. Outside their homes they make heavy use of traps, poisons, Fungal spores, Ranged weapons such as bows and magic.

Ties to the Guild of Task Masters have many of the mercenaries that swarm there act like a privateers being paid to attack foes or being approved to claim outstanding bounties and enemies of the state.

Percentage of active military personel: Military/Magi caste :28%

Types of units/levels of training: Deep seeded caste system has made warrior and magi caste adept in their classes, warrior classes tend to be a bit taller than others or more nimble while magic caste tend to be more mundane with their physical bodies but command higher traits for that magic need--apart from the zealous drive to master their gifted skills training for warrior caste is about being light with but handy with spears and bows, short swords and heavy shields. Stamina training for these warriors is to take a gulp of water, both cheeks full and to run for many miles and then spit out the water upon reaching the end of the run. Another is to have to nock an arrow on a magically over strung bow and fire an arrow at many random targets while being flogged, if they kneel or scream in pain they must start over.

For magi pulling apart slaves under the thrall spell and weaving its life energy into mana, casting it into stone and shaping it, working the mine and tending the cave vine that is core for the wood needed for their staves. delved into tomes and expanding magical spells in often haphazard and dangerous workings with the final test being that the must--alone gather all the material for their staff, something so key and important for the mages they go to near insane lengths to gain the best sources for its creation, one being the life and body of a thrall; a living creature broken into submission and shackled with magical chains and runes.

Elite units: Ayphon: Archers welding heavy stone bows magically worked into tools of death, they are designed to be fleet footed and flank invaders, make traps and other wise pervert the movement of any force, They must have on magic braces that allow them to use their bows but even then the power and weight of the bow can easily dislocate bones if handled by some one who is untrained for it. Most arrows are often enchanted to some small end but the draw strength of the bow and the weight of the arrow alone can defeat most heavy armor and cut clean into shields if not deliver so much force that the arm holding it is bruised or even broken in some cases. The footed arrows are feared and their edge is horrid designed to cause as much bleeding as it can but the Arrows known as "Hammer of Listener" are seen as unhonorable tools of dread, Heft blunt heads on them make them crash into person breaking bones and rupturing organs but more than that they are often fitted with a whistle that has them sing out as they fly. These arrows are very heavy and do not go very far less in use with a stone bow but even only really shine when its a top-down battle as they need a lot of air time to build the force needed to do (more) damage was designed for orcs and humans who seem to favor heavy armor.

Eth Bombardier: A siege force designed for wall breaching and logistical operations be them in keeping supply chains protected or breaking those of others. A joint force of mages and warriors owned by the house of Eth, ran by the Eth sisters. Mages use tactical spell work to make fog, make shadows more intense and to muffle sounds and blur movements while welding thrown staves enchanted to hit and mend into the walls of castles and forts hardening on them making a would be ladder for the wall climbers to race up and either breach and try to take control of the wall or plant bombs.

They of his hand: The highest elite force within Dalharen L'telanth Ugul Sharorr taking orders only from the Emperor, due to the rather small standing army of the Telanth the value on the control, gathering and manipulation of information is placed higher than anything else. These men and women are offered to enter only after many years of formal training and service to the country. They are warriors, mages of roguish nature all tuned to be social chameleons, spy, steal and under mine operations from afar as well as convey important messages. They have under gone operations to enchant body parts to better work the magics of illusions and mysticism to ensure their operations run smoothly and with them being far removed from whatever is going on. while the number of field operatives are small the net work of dead drops and runners is expansive and riddled with pass words and traps.


Primary Output/exports: Magical items, scrolls and enchantment orders. Ore, ingots of iron, steel and magic-'soaked' metals. Telanthian Silk Mage-stone arrows. jewelry, foundry gears (like those in a pully system or a ballistic weapon) Textiles and Clothing.

Primary Input/Imports: rare gems and ores, Silver, Slaves/thralls, Personal orders (high volume of personal request for things like mage staves) Cheese and milk products, animals. books.

List other major/special things your group produces:
  • The blood forged enchanted items and weapons, human/elf leather scrolls.
  • Mana stones (hard crystalized life force of some poor soul made into a fine gem like stone, has many uses, Talenth made crystals are of abnormal strength and value, very few in open market)
  • Guild of Task Masters Standard (GTMS) line of gear and weapons, Very few on the market and made personally for members of the guild but some times things fall through or something happens and the item goes up for sell.
+Chase the sun books by a ghost writer by the name Ithaal uyle: a very lewd and long running series about a male and female dark elf and their exploits around the world and the "romance" they find.


Say lazz once we pick a spot to use on the map to build up/around can we zoom in on it and recreate it with some detail, roads and all that steamy rp goodies?
-I would like the space in the top left of the map along those mountains -or- icy peninsula in the top of the map -or- the peninsula north east of the buzzgussian empire. what one may I claim?
Yes you may. As for the options you provided, the first would be fine, but I realized I totally forgot a couple NPC nations on that map; Their is another in Noron (the icy northern continent, don't worry it wouldn't take up the whole thing) and another in Baerlo, just northeast of the Buzzgussian empire. I will add those to the Bulletin Board post soon. On that topic, just FYI, I will be taking control of that 'Guuntzate of Yord' country. Hopefully that'll be done soon too


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Yes you may. As for the options you provided, the first would be fine, but I realized I totally forgot a couple NPC nations on that map; Their is another in Noron (the icy northern continent, don't worry it wouldn't take up the whole thing) and another in Baerlo, just northeast of the Buzzgussian empire. I will add those to the Bulletin Board post soon. On that topic, just FYI, I will be taking control of that 'Guuntzate of Yord' country. Hopefully that'll be done soon too
how about that peninsula east of suuthoria? less you are ok with having me next to that Guuntzate of yord.


just wanted to say i didnt forget about this.
A coworker is sick so i was busy, but tomorrow is a holiday and i should manage to finish my sheet.


Okay i have some questions:
  • How do the factions stand to each other? For example the Lathian republic vs. Blood Tri vs. Agana Amphiib
  • What is the travel time (by boot) between continents and by cart/mount on land?
  • Is there a hub for diplomatic relations/trade agreements? Like a "neutral"-state thats kinda central and is used to forge trade agreements and political relations?


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I would think there would be a side 'rp' to keep track of resources and supply lines if not just a side post when you post stating the logistics of your country. Could make it super simple for sanity sake as it could get full and kinda crazy as this rp goes on--as such one food unit of rank A supports X number of the population where as ranks could be how good and filling they are for your people mixed with how much the crop makes.

So in this it would look like--(for my own group)
Children of the whispered throne
Base food required: 4
Cave mushrooms: Value: A. Crop: 5 (Use 4 bank 1)

Salt: Value: S Yield: 3 (Use 1 bank 1 trade 1)

Tradeable resources:
Salt (1)

Resources banked:
Cave mushrooms (1)

And then after X turns go by or whatever the time table is for when the resource count starts again

Children of the whispered throne
Base food required : 4
Cave mushrooms: Value: A. Crop: 5 (use 4 bank 1)

Salt: Value: S Yield: 3 (Use 1 bank 1 trade 1)

Tradeable resources:
Salt (2) : 1 unit of salt being traded to X empire for X time for Iron. Salt (1)

imported resources:
iron(1) From X empire

Resources banked:
Cave mushrooms (2)

There may be caves all over the map that link the other nations but the bottle neck and mazy hell they must be much less the tightness of some of the zones--ignoring a large scale effort to make them into a reinforced tunnel that could support large movements and the trouble that would be, scooting around on boats or some other magical means will be the normal, ships have only so much space and need a crew. Large scale military movements would need to meet a quota of resources before the do something sOooo--armies in resting (in that thy are in owned land) would just be handled like the standing population but once they left the cost of keeping them fed and at the ready starts to come into play. being able to get food along the way would also be key via hunts and such but pending on the size of your force may not work.

Army A1 Campaign for Town A
Base resources: X gold X food X = Getting to town A on foot/wagon/ship (and returning )
Time frame for action: X days
Resources spent: X gold X food (excess payment keeps your war investments safer if anything goes wrong)

Lets say its super far and you need to have a supply chain of small camps or across towns if not hidden in the forest. Every X miles adds a few more gold you need to pay to get your people fed and happy. Lets say Town A is full of bad asses who are holding their own and are trying to force a siege and you don't want to gamble at the lost of life and feel like you could just sit them out or poke them to death with whatever kinda artillery you have. Cost would go up once you have used the paid supplies up.

Moral of the soldiers could also come into play if they are gone from home for a long time or being stressed in some way though I am unsure how we could factor that in aside from just a time thing--or Say moral starts at 100 and as time goes on it trickles down, games and a good commander, traveling uhh 'muses' and games/music could help keep every one happy but it still trickles down, the death of the general or efforts via espionage if not just the natural terrain could snap big chucks out of that morality.

got kinda carried away but what do you think about having a side forum to keep track of trades, resource and cost of actions and movements?
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Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know I had not forgotten you. I am knee-deep in finals is all. I'll try to get back to this in a little bit, sorry for the delay.
In case your nation has multiple leaders, describe each one in the sheet, so give answers for each leader for the goals and such.