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Returning User Heyo! Lets try this once more yeah?


Hello everyone! My name is Lecklas and I am 17 years old! I was on here for a bit back in the beginning of April 2020. Since then I've had a very eventful 2 years and I won't get into it for the sake of not trauma dumping on anyone and wanting to stay in line of the rules for the website (Which I need to go refresh myself on lol) Since then my dreams and circumstances have changed so lets get back to reintroducing myself then!

A bit about me!

As I said I am Lecklas and I am Seventeen. I use all pronouns as long as they aren't being used in a disrespectful manner and I am pansexual. I also have ADHD, Depression, and anxiety and I hope to one day be the boss of my own business. Hopefully its a Bakery but we'll see what college has instore for me :emoji_sweat_smile: I have Two Dogs and 3 Sugar gliders.Jersery and Heaphestus for the dogs. Blossom and Gizmo and a Unnamed joey. As well as Two Black Cats Named Onyx and Sabbath (Yes as in Black Sabbeth. My parents are Fans) I have 4 Siblings and I absolutely love to Roleplay. I am down for literally any type of roleplay though i have a particular interest Fantasy/Sci-fi Rps!

My top 5 Shows are Supernatural, Doctor Who, Teen Wolf, Warehouse 13, and Sherlock BBC in no particular order.
I also have a Life long love of Greek mythology and have my top 3 book series are Fablehaven, Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter.
One of my passions is researching Disorders with a special focus on DID/OSDD and ADHD/Autism.

Im sorry if this is a bit too much but i like to make people aware of who i am yaknow? If i get too pushy or brash just let me know! Also i support the usage of Tone tags with me because sometimes i don't get the message without them :emoji_sweat_smile:

Thanks for reading i can't wait to meet everyone again <3
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Welcome back! I hope the coming years treat you better than the last few, and you can make lots of friends and fond memories in your stay here!


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Heyo, heya, and all other relevant greetings. Don't eat the brownies.