Hi everyone, my name is Jenny and I’m looking to get back into role playing after a long break. :emoji_grin:

I really enjoy high fantasy (dark too) and magic themed RPs, with lots of character development, danger, mystery and adventure. Usually with a medieval type setting/world. Fighting to stay alive, companionship, world building, romance and rivalry etc.

Im also an artist and like to sketch and illustrate scenes from the RPs I’m part of.

I’ve been looking for a forum to join for a while and this one looks great. I’m going to take a look around, but I’m a bit anxious as its all new. :emoji_sweat_smile:
I probably would, too. It'd be refreshing to work on something like that again.
Cool avatar, btw. I've always had an affinity for winged characters.

Thank you. :emoji_thumbsup: Me too. He’s the MC from my webcomic.

I’m still just lurking, but will take a look at what others have done in the request thread, as a guide to how to write my own.