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My nickname happens to be Nobody, and that seems to be what a lot of people call me so now it's one of the titles I answer to. I am an aspiring Author and I generally tend to hang out on Wattpad go figure, Discord, and Amino. I used to be really big on Google+ for roleplaying but now I'm just lurking here and there and floating aimlessly. I owe several Ocs and all belong to different fandoms, which means I tend to really bounce around a lot. Er... sorry I'm really bad at this introduction thing and I forgot how it goes since it's been so long. I'm a huge romanticist as cheesy and childish as it is. I'm an Aquarius, my favorite color is black, I really like gala apples, err. . after sitting for an hour I see that I get distracted easily as well. SOME FANDOMS IM IN TO CHANGE THE TOPIC: I'm chaotic please send help

~Steven Universe
~My Hero Academia Tamaki Amajiki is a precious sunspot
~Hunter x Hunter
~One Piece
~Attack on Titan
~Hotline Miami if you remember this game please talk to me
~Venom It wasn't as bad as I was expecting


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Hey there and welcome!

Rather fond of My Hero Academia myself. Though Gala apples are far inferior to Honeycrisp apples, sad to say. :emoji_innocent:

Unfortunately I'm getting ready to fix dinner, so I'll keep this brief. Just wanted to pop in and say hi, and let you know to hit us up if you need help with anything, or if you have any questions.


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Salve! It's very nice to meet you!

I'm Minerva, but feel free to call me Silver or Paladin if you want. I am a Libra, and a fan of the classic Granny Smith apples.

I'm also a fan of Attack on Titan. I think it's a pretty good show, best girl is Mikasa, best boy is Marco, may he rest in pieces. While I personally haven't played Hotline Miami yet, I am a fan of its spiritual successor, Katana Zero.

Anything good that you've been reading or playing lately?


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As of lately, my friend has dragged me into the hole of Fire Emblem thanks to showing me her various hours of work in-game. As far as my personal playing games, I've been stuck in Food Fantasy as well as just starting out diving into My Friend Pedro. RIP Marco, he will be missed. Ah, False memory was a book gifted to me by someone more than a friend and I've bee interested in it since, mostly because it kept my gears turning and still does.
Thanks for taking the time to check out little ole me!


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Well hello Nobody. I'm Silence. Nice to meet nobody and not be heard at the same time. Hehe. Anyway, give a shout if you need help with anything. I'll be around. It is the duty of the site raccoon to go digging through things, pretend to dumpster dive and wash hands regularly before greeting new folks.

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Hey there, just letting you know your account has been approved! Have fun exploring the rest of STC!