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ghost tea

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hi!! ghostie is the name, writing is the game. i love all things spooky and scary, as the name may imply. found this site by pure chance and thought it looked like a cosy place to chill. ^^
Welcome! Good to see a new face! If you are, in fact, visible. Do you like horror-type spooky, or just kind of creepy style?
That's pretty cool! I, personally, have a fairly low tolerance for straight horror, but I do enjoy lighter spooky elements with toe-dips into horror. They can add a lot of fun to an RP! Or life.
Heya there Ghostie! Hope you have fun here! Just don't get too lost in this large library of stories! ^^
Hi, Ghostie! I will be very interested in reading some of your writings! I'm not a fan of horror movies, but I do enjoy scary stories. Am I good at writing that genre? I don't know, but maybe not? I'm excited to see you around!