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Interest Check [High Fantasy] Dragon Eaters: The Wyrm Song


Daybreak has come

Chroma stirred in her slumber and caused the land of Sikthazil to tremble throughout. It was the signal of her awakening, a call from the mother of all chromatic dragons to her kins. The responses were all but timid from the dragons, and they rose in destructive waves to claim a piece of the world. They had no worthy matches, not elves, dwarves, or humans. Even the sturdiest fort could not stand in the face of their might. Thus the world placed their hope in the union of three champions selected from each race. Those three champions sacrificed their identity to gain the power to rival the dragons.

"The wyrm song is one of timeless unity."
-Seraphina, the seer of hope

1. Sikthazil (The Land of the Sun).JPG

Anastasia felt its pulse. It was a mere ripple, not enough to distort the blue sheen of the crystal spire, yet it surged through her like a raging tide. The moment lasted for only an instant. Then she could no longer differentiate between the crystal’s persistent hum over her trembling hand. Anastasia retreated a step and folded her aging palm within the sleeves of her silky sapphire robe. She took a deep breath to calm her anxious mind and ease her nervy thought, but it worked naught in the wake of her realization. Her mentor was right, and the dragon had stirred.

The Myvillion Eye.JPG

"May Myvillion’s eye never close, for it is the light that guides us home."
-A verse from a sailor's song

Anastasia lit the wyrm's heart, and it shone brighter than the Myvillion's eye. Its warm glow beckoned through the thickest clouds and the deepest caverns. Soon, the rulers of each race gathered at Wyrm Song. It was a meeting between the elegant elven-queen Lina, the mighty high king Orik of the dwarves, the knight-king Raynerus representing the young ruler Leone, and Anastasia seer of patience. They discussed the terms of the ancient treaty. When the seal weakens and accelerates Chroma's awakening, three champions must undertake many dangerous quests to seal the mother of all chromatic dragons at any cost.

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