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Open [High Sci-Fantasy | Cyber-Magic RPG] The Eoderm Union Systems

Danny089 Eridmius Odeoron

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The Expansion of the Arothai GM
Looking for a minimum of 3-4 players to start the game but the post will stay open until 7 join max.

Theme ->Talamasca - Astral Projection / Rectifire - Blindfold
Orbbah Zenne'Reddion Transference Tower.jpg
The gentle ripples that dance across the surface of this algae-rich lake never cease to relax my mind as I register my records... hmm...
Start record:
The Eoderm Union, they call themselves. A hate-filled group of species, even in their most orderly of districts there's bigotism and self-entitlement going around the populous as if it's a normal thing... for my report, they are an interstellar sort of society seemingly glued together by the fear of the unknown rather by the understanding of the very word they put in their title. Union... When two or more sentient beings are intimately aware of each other's needs and are quick to understand and help each other while always looking out for the weak. At least that is what we know of that word, and it seems they understand it too... at least at a dictionary level but seldom is it seen applied.

Social wars between various territories of the same species are still present on several planets that they own, over resources and influence, yet it is always kept in check by a higher council and some dubious religious beliefs...
The presence of supernatural forces is confirmed, and they pay homage to some of the real Gods and Goddesses we also know, yet they have also their own minor idols they hold dear to themselves and call their ascended ancestors Gods --- conclusion delusion by pride present.

It is almost unbelievable the level of disappointment a fellow space-faring and ancestral magic-wielding civilizations... scratch that... fellow brethren of life and intelligence are capable of... one would have easily thought that by the time they reached this stage of evolution they would have left those petty fights to the history books, even their nemesis, who thanks to them they even united, the dark kingdoms, are far more united and understanding of each-other, aberrant and abominable as they may be, than the study subject.

End record:

I'll have to turn this in, to the council tomorrow...

Planet Crowded.jpg

The Eoderm Union

Seven separate star systems, populated by 5 different species each having evolved independently of each other, are only beginning to expand beyond their home borders... Their government's goals are to develop further technological prowess and magical discoveries in their campaign to build more and more footholds all across their home systems and the neighboring ones.
Mega-corporations almost acting like island empires of their own are constantly applying pressure on the official governments for increasingly more services being offered by them to the governments and seeing the official rulers descend further and further into desperation and helplessness, as independent organizations are seen taking over the freedom of the people... well... if it only was freedom...

Rich bustling cities on all the 5 homeworlds of these species, all but fill the surface of their homeworlds, though that is much more insignificant in this reality than it would be in any other...
Mining colonies and space cities fill interplanetary space and some rough uninhabited planets with commercial and resource-gathering activities, all while corruption runs through the power-hungry of society.

A sinister darkness, silently whispers in the hearts and minds of all the people, that seems to encourage crimes of all manner all throughout the major colonies, leaving most places with little trust for the neighbor, as the other 3 systems, one being a black hole and the other two are dark dwarf stars - aged white dwarves which are about to become cold corpses in space (hint to how old this fantasy universe is)
Here is where a couple of some mysterious aliens, launched their infernal wrath at this civilization shortly after a couple of explorers set a foothold on one of the planets around the black hole.

Ullasther Universe sight - Zaghast ninveriath Turmoil realm.jpgStructure of reality: Theme -->
Talamasca - Day Dreaming //
Rectifire - Beating as One

This is the Ulasther Universe, a reality defined by its own laws of physics and magic that is linked to its own quantum fabric and multiversal law, setting it apart from the usual realities that are easily understandable.
A reality set among the abstract realms even paintings, akin to the planes of dreams and nightmares.

Defying one of the most profound laws of physics, the speed of light, this realm expands into the unknown with the potential to create the unthinkable.

The speed of light here is one quintillion times faster than normal (
Within one lightyear cubed there are easily hundreds of quintillions of star systems, which leads to the next point.
Size of galaxies:
Galaxies here are still measured up in the light-years and parsecs just like the real galaxies, but they stay faithful to this realm's fundamental laws of physics which enables them to expand well beyond the limit of mass a galaxy can have in reality. That said, galaxies here are within the trillions of light-years across, the light-years of this universe...
Structure of star systems:
Gravity and the very fabric of space are also altered as a result of changing the very speed limit of the universe.
Star systems here, aside from having one or more stars in their center, they stand completely apart from the norm.
They are filled with a dense miasma of space rocks and dust, among dense clouds of planets that swirl around in seemingly unstable orbits, that if it were reality, one such star system would all but collapse into a black hole.
I'm talking millions of planets of various sizes and types orbit the centre of mass in any given star system.Red Dwarf Star System Structure.jpg
At the left of the above image, there's a red dwarf star system structure depiction.
The first part shows the star system from afar as it is orbited by the dense clouds of millions upon millions of worlds, the second image shows how it is seen from a closer orbit nearer to the actual star.

Size of planets and stars:

The celestial bodies in this realm are vast behemoths, for not only do the solar systems hold millions upon millions of worlds but if one were to measure the scale of a red dwarf (The smallest star aside from brown dwarves which are neither stars nor gas giants), it would be 10 real-life light-years from end to end...
The planets are bodies of mass formed by the forces of this universe into gargantuan spheroids that are vastly bigger than even our sun with the smallest world, would be here a total of 14.810.000.496 Kilometres/9.202.507.665 miles from end to end which is twice the radius of Pluto’s orbit at the farthest distance from the sun.
And the smallest Gas Giant is 100 times the above size… but Gas giants here can be up to 3 full real-life Light years in size before turning into brown dwarfs! And the smallest red-dwarf star is 9 real-life Light years.

Not only this but celestial bodies smaller than the smallest planet type fall in the category of “space rocks” even if those could easily be bigger than the orbit of real-life Neptune… so space here is chock full with solid surfaces were plenty of action has and is and will be taking place.

If we consider the scale of planets (1 dwarf planet ->525 super gas giant) and link it to the measures these measures (525= 1 real light year) then Earth is size 0.0000008 a million times smaller than the smallest planet in this realm

Actual Scales of worlds
Size 0.0000008= our Earth
Size 0.00008= our Sun

Size 1 = Dwarf Planet
Size 4= Smallest livable World
Size 5=Average world at 1G gravity
Size 10 = High gravity rocky worlds

Size 16,5= diameter of our solar system
Size 20=Super sized rocky worlds
Size 50=Giant planets, Rocky/liquid and/or
Size 100= Dwarf gas giants
Size 250= Average gas giants
(= a little less than a half light-years)
Size 525 - 1575 = Super gas giants (= 1 to 3+ real-life light-years)
Size 2k - 4k = Brown Dwarves (4.5 to 8+ real-life light-years)
Size 5560 = A Red Dwarf Star (A little over 10 real-life light-years)
Size 10k - 15k = An orange dwarf star (20 to 30+ real-life light-years)

From here on we get bigger and bigger stars...
Planet Att'Lixor 9 | Eoderm Prime Star System
Planet Crowded.jpg

The story starts in colony Att'Lixor Y from the planet with the same name.
One of the many frontier colonies built by the human government nearer to the red dwarf than most habitable planets in the main system.
Att'Lixor Y covers a massive plateau near the equator of Att'Lixor 9, a steppe-covered world. Ancient deserts mixed with occasional rainforests but mostly a steppe planet.

A city of potential, acting as the first and capital city on this planet, spanning a surface of 607 by 788 miles with the tallest buildings standing at a mighty 5 miles high and up to 1 mile wide constructed nearer the center of the colony, originally built out of the remains of the original colony space-ship, This city has taken a turn for the science, academic and magic research rather than commerce and/or resource production like most other cities around this known region of the planet.

With a population of 67% humans, 13% Elves, 10% Dwarves, 7% Kalashtar, and 3% Dibirith Monks, the city sees a surface level of orderly society with people talking even in the public areas, and seemingly friendly relations developing quickly, as the spirit of motivation rushes through every colonist, but of course that this is due to them living on a mostly unknown world and adventure is always a positive incentive for everyone.
Though that is not to say that crime here is almost as high as everywhere else, with a mafia battling another mafia just across the streets, a corrupt police force, and a mixture of religious philosophies battling for influence just under the appearances of understanding society.
It is due to this level of understanding between races and ideologies, mixed with this corruption, which one might think is normal, that progress is slow.

Beneath the surface of it all, cults of dark sorcerers, demon worshipers, and a seemingly perpetual whisper to corruption, constantly nagging everyone, not only here but all throughout the 5 core systems and the other 2 expanded frontiers.

A group of 5-7 friends or acquaintances of various species, are living their lives in this city, like everyone else, be them military or civilian, mage or scientist, monk or hermit, they know each other from occasional meetings or long-lasting friendships, maybe even family members, that will soon enter a chain of events which will force them out of their mundane existence and see them, either fall to the various enemies of this society or ascend to greater levels of fame and power to use it to completely change the course of history that this rather stagnant union of systems, is facing.
Species of the Union

1) The Humans
2) The Elves
3) The Dwarves
4) The Kalashtar
5) The Dibirith monks

The humans originated in the Eoderm Prime star system, a red dwarf sun surrounded by a little over 11 million worlds.
The Elves developed in the Sherd'Aah'Rtath White giant star surrounded by more than 50 million worlds
The Dwarves Myr'Noannen Yellow Dwarf star with 30 million worlds to own
The Kalashtar, though in DnD they are seen as humans mixed with renegade spirits, they are indeed human-like here, but they too developed around their own star on their own planet with a unique evolution history
The Kalashtar developed around the star Nerumidron-Ortheus, a very unusual type of star called a "Void Star" which is a hollow star with a deep purple light as its nuclear fusion processes seem to be dictated by entirely supernatural laws, thus making this type of star a hybrid between spirit and material, defying the normal laws of physics yet functioning in the physical just like any other star.

The Dibirith monks (A homebrewed race) Are a species of humanoid-looking creatures with rather larger and deep yellow glowing eyes. These beings are considered to be carriers of morals and inspiration as they are the single-most pure and noble of races around, having evolved around the star called Nos'Aria - a white dwarf star with a little over 4 million planets around, mostly being remnants after the death of the red giant that used to reign here.
These creatures have a rather unusual creation story, having evolved in a very cold environment, a tundra planet, due to the fact that white dwarves aren't very warm, yet life may still exist around these dead stars, primarily due to supernatural forces playing an active role in their evolution.

With this, the Kalashtar and the Dibirith monks are the only deeply supernatural species here.
Their stories will be revealed in the game forum or character repository as the game progresses.

The Character Sheet and game rules

The character sheet will use the basics of DnD skill sets as the game uses a d20 roll-based system for combat purposes and the skills being used to define occasionally complicated social situations.
For starters Six Abilities provide a quick description of every creature’s physical and mental characteristics:
  • Strength, measuring physical power
  • Dexterity, measuring agility
  • Constitution, measuring endurance
  • Intelligence, measuring reasoning and memory
  • Wisdom, measuring Perception and Insight
  • Charisma, measuring the force of Personality
Is a character muscle-bound and insightful? Brilliant and charming? Nimble and hardy? Ability Scores define these qualities—a creature’s assets as well as weaknesses.
Each ability also has a modifier, derived from the score and ranging from −5 (for an ability score of 1) to +10 (for a score of 30). The Ability Scores and Modifiers table notes the ability modifiers for the range of possible Ability Scores, from 1 to 30.

Ability Scores and Modifiers
These modifiers are added or subtracted from their related rolls when required

And as this uses the DnD elemental stats sheet for character generation it also uses the same method of deciding the scores for the character:
  1. Roll 4 x 6 sided dice
  2. Remove the lowest dice result
  3. Add up the remaining numbers to get an ability score
  4. Write down this ability score on notepaper
  5. Repeat these steps until you have 6 ability scores
  6. Assign a score to each attribute on your character sheet.
Rolling for stats is sometimes called the 4d6 drop method because you roll 4 d6 and drop the lowest die result from the stat score calculation.

After the stats have been rolled it is time to customize your character for the game

Choose The Name of your character
Then Decide The Age

This should take under consideration the following stats:
1) The Humans - 19 - 120 naturally | with enhancements, medications and magic can live up to 1000 years

2) The Elves - 19 - 10,000 | Close to natural immortality due to their mystical providence and living conditions on the planet they evolved from | Added to this medical technology and magic, they can live up to 1 million years

3) The Dwarves - 25 - 400 | Sturdy creatures but with enhancements and magic their lifespan can be extended to 5000

4) The Kalashtar - 20 - 50000 | Due to their half spiritual providence in this reality they are nearly naturally immortal. Not many have been seen to die of old age since they were known neither in their history books, and they are an old species.

5) The Dibirith monks - 15 - 1 Billion??| These are probably the most enigmatic creatures of all. Growing to adulthood far sooner than most other known races, and having never died of old age, but mostly tell tales of Dibirith monks being seen to disappear in a gentle haze of yellow light after having finished their ascension pilgrimage Which lasts for an average of 1 million to 1 billion years. They are THE oldest known race and the only ones that are naturally peaceful and naturally focused on teaching humility and peace to others across the systems even though they are mostly known to keep to themselves and their mystical practices.

Chose their Appearance and Gender
Try and define their facial structure, and if you want to upload a picture to the discord channel I made for our game, I will be editing the faces given according to the description you gave and give you the edited picture for you to upload to the character sheet.

Once you join the discord server I will have there, and eventually here, uploaded more details of the species, especially their homebrewed history, meanwhile I will give you some hints for every character, to define their personality according to where they lived and what species they come from and leave you to work on a personality that suits the template you have chosen. And this leads me to the last part...

Their Background (And Allignment)
As mentioned above, where they lived, where they were born, how did they come to live in this city and how did you get to meet the other characters from the remaining group.
And anything else that you want to add to this character.
Again I will help you with more details about what are your options considering the immersion in this reality.

Remember to chose your character's alignment as well...

About discord server: --> Eoderm Union Discord Invite
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The Expansion of the Arothai GM
The Dibirith Monks Aspect.jpgOkay, so... since the Dibirith monks are the only race that I've completely created myself, along with this reality, I also designed an aspect for them on photoshop.

Here it is, to better help you picture how they look like.
They are known to be very secretive as to their practices and powers, but rumors have it that they are the only ones in the known union, to not worship the known gods but only believe in one supreme deity that has yet to be revealed. Although deity is highly unclear, because the way it is understood is more like an essence that flows through all creation and is omni-aware of all things rather than a being.

They will often be seen spending days upon days meditating. In the process of meditation, huge waves of peace surround them, and influence the mood of the peoples in the town or place they happen to practice their rituals.
The Dibirith Monks.jpg

Danny089 Eridmius Odeoron

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The Expansion of the Arothai GM
Any questions lemme know! :D
Making a character sheet is fairly simple, I laid the instructions.
It isn't full DnD so just set your initial stats and the other stuff required. Then post away.