This is a plot I have been wanting to write for absolutely ages but I've never made an interest check for it, because it is SO specific, I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in it. But, you know what? I've been going through a lot lately, I've very depressed, and my grandfather recently died, so if there's any time to make my dreams come true, this is it!

Here it is: Your Character is between the ages of 8 and 16, and they are taken in by a kind couple, in your classic, RP found-family style. They could be an orphan, a run-away, abandoned, whatever you want for the character. They can meet the couple in any way (found on the street, found breaking into the couple's home, my one sim is a high school teacher, so depending on your character's age, they could be his student, I am open to anything), and they are ultimately adopted/fostered by the couple.

But this is when it gets to the more specific plot I so dearly crave: After a few months of the new little family living together, the couple accidentally become pregnant, meaning we get to have a story where Your Character gets to work through the angst of, "I was beginning to think I had a home here, but now what if they don't want me anymore now that they're having 'their own' kid" and my characters get to deal with the issue of trying to provide for their new adopted/fostered kid and handling this other massive life change in a small time frame.

So that's it, that's my premise, and I genuinely have been wanting to do this story for years, so I really hope I find someone who is interested. Two things: I think this RP probably requires a bit of time skipping, because I'd like to write scenes from when our characters first met and began settling into a life together before we move to the later complications and also one of my characters is blind.

These are my rules:
1.) Nobody under 18. I like to talk with my partner OOC, and it is weird for me to be talking privately with a random minor.
2.) Please do not have your character be a victim of sexual abuse. I'm okay with physical, emotional, and mental abuse as part of their backstory, but SA is a bridge too far for me.
3.) Although I am ghost friendly, I'd appreciate a heads up, I have a few RPs going, or trying to start, but the partners have gone silent, so if we're still in the early phases (i.e., still planning, initial messages), I'd be good to know if you're just not interested anymore or are just busy and need some more time so I'm not just sitting around and wondering.
4.) I do not care about legal or medical realism if you don't.
5.) Please no age regression plots. When I said I want someone between the ages of 8 and 16, I do not mean someone who was 33 but was magically turned into an 8 year old.
6.) Angst is welcome, but also, please not so much angst that there are no happy, sweet, and caring moments. I need a little fluff with my angst!

Please DM if you are interested!