Atlantis - City of Dreams History

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Dream as if you were dying.
Atlantis was a volcano that erupted and then fell dormant. As the island no longer sits on a hot-spot it is no longer in danger of erupting again. It was discovered by the great adventurer Lucius Methuselah in 1825 when he decided to slip away from the known world in search of himself. Upon finding the island he discovered that there was plenty of life.

Birds of all sorts and plant life that seemed to thrive beyond what the natural complicity for the island. In the center of the island he found a great lake with another island in the middle of it. On this small island grew one lone tree that seemed to take up more space than possible.

It took many long years but Methuselah eventually got the island built up so much that people were beginning to flock there to catch a glimpse of the island of paradise that was growing into the city of dreams. An outer ring was added to the island creating a large target like structure.

Around the 1872 Methuselah passed the island that was still growing onto his seven children who were given sections of they liked the most. Valentina was the oldest and chose the section that held the large tree at the center of the island. The eldest brother Dustin chose the east side of volcano's rim of the island. While his twin sister Charity chose the west. The outer sections of the island was divided into four sections for the others. They were divided into the four directions of the compass. North went to the second son, Mercy. East to Tabitha the third daughter. South to Emmalynn the fourth daughter. The west was given to the youngest daughter, Artemis.

These siblings weren't known for squabbling, despite that they did build walls around their domains. Theses domains were named after their favored animals. Lion, Serpent, Fox, Dragon, Boar, Bear, Ram.
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