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Honor amongst thieves

Discussion in 'Science Fiction' started by Blue winter rose, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

  2. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    The Commerce Partnership has been experiencing a sudden boom in profiting after it's a risky investment in purchasing entire planets. Not only was the info in raw materials true, but they hit a special jackpot in the discovery of ancient and valuable artefacts. Perfect to sell to museums or governments alike. They had one cargo ship, carrying as much as 200 individual artefacts, all heavily guarded. Right now, they were in the middle of deep space, several kilometres away from the last fueling station. The ship was currently going through hyperspace, heading to its destination when suddenly one of the engines malfunctioned. The malfunctioning caused the ship to exit out hyperspace, flinging it out into the middle of empty space. The ship spun and spun until the captain managed to get control again.

    "Gosh, we're dead in space!" the captain said while it looked through the systems, "Some kind of malfunction, I've been telling my cheap boss to pay for a new engine," he complained and sighed.

    "Calm down, there's the space station over there, just try to land the ship there and we'll call for assistance." the co-pilot said.

    "The ghetto station? Well, it is better than just floating aimlessly."

    So with just one working engine, the cargo ship made it's way to the space station. It landed on one of the large hanger bays and the security began to guard the outside from any eager locals who might find an interest in the ship's contents
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2019
  3. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    The space station was a lawless place, to true legal authority existed and people simply made themselves home. A good base for criminals who wish to hide, or the poor who don't know where else to go, but the weak don't really live long. Honesty isn't really much of a policy beyond the close family. There were multiple levels and several thousand rooms. It wasn't completely chaotic though, a section of the space station grew some rare but very illegal herbs to sell and have the 'citizens' hearn some lifestyle, controlled by competing gangs though with the mafia on top.

    The cargo ship was just sitting ducks here, like a piece of meat in the middle of the lion's den. If anyone noticed it landed in one of the abandoned hangers, there would certainly be people eager to rob.
    "Shoot anything that movies." The captain said to the guards, "Rough folk here."
  4. The_Dujke

    The_Dujke Woosh, you have anal cancer.

    In the space station, word travels quick. Apparently, a cargo ship with a busted engine was forced to land on this rundown space station. Intrigued, Layton Mccal decided to ask around. It would seem that the ship belonged to The Commerce Partnership, they were the big dogs. And a cargo ship with their name on it is bound to have a lot of valuable items. And Layton couldn't wait to get his greedy hands on them. A few stolen artifacts never hurt a big corporation anyway.

    He grabbed his gear and went out to see what the scene looked like. But before he arrived , he had to suit up. So he went into a nearby storage locker and got to work. In a few minutes, he came out as prepared as he could be. He advanced towards the docking bay and used his zipline gun to get higher ground. Which proved to be difficult considering there were dozens of soldiers defending the entrance. Fortunately for Layton, he was able to find a secluded little exterior vent, hidden behind a awkward and tight corner.

    "Damn, this is a tight fit." he said as he positioned himself. He observed, and didn't like what he saw.
  5. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    Jane sat inside of a crate, her bright orange hair covered up with a dirty piece of cloth. Anxiously she stared through the cracks of the crate to the abandoned hangar. It was certainly not a place anyone would expect a little moongirl as herself. It was cold and dark but, that didn't bother her, she barely felt it, if anything it made her feel at home. Nervously she moved around clamping a little hairclip in one hand and the battery around her neck with the other. She could feel the electricity buzzing inside of it. It had taken weeks loading it up.

    When the ship came in sight she perked up almost hitting her head on the top of the crate. There it was just as the man had said. Now she only had to get into it. Grab the artefact, bring it to the man and hope he would give her her payment. Then she could get her family out of here, find a better place to build up a life. Her heart ached as she thought about the little ones needing to grow up in this dangerous place. That is if they even got that change.

    The little moongirl sat and wait as more and more soldiers stepped outside of the ship. She cursed softly under her breath there were way more soldiers than expected. They should start loading in and out any moment now, no ship stayed here for a long time. The little girl jumped out of the crate making use of the shadows to et to the back of the ship. There were always multiple ways in and no lock had ever stopped her from entering. Hopefully, there were fewer soldiers there.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
  6. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Left right left. Left right left. The steps of the soldiers echoed throughout the halls of the docking yard. The station was an orgy of sound - an amalgamation of sounds of soldiers walking, the station humming its ever lasting and ever so slowly dying mechanical cacophony, and the bustling desperation within the slums and their markets. There was no perfect natural silence in this station, which allowed for the more faint and less noisy sounds to sneak in to this noisy mess, with only people standing close enough hearing the ever so approaching danger that was coming this ship's way.

    Vir laid far above the ship with her hacking pad in her hand. She had managed to prepare herself for this as she managed to tap into the radio frequencies that allowed her to hear about the coming of the ship. This could end up being profitable for her in her everlasting crusade against crime. As someone who has had to crawl through tight spots before she had managed to crawl through one of the air vents unto the small platform above the ship made for repairwork of larger ships, which this ship luckily wasn't. Vir's cybernetic eyes were locked upon the soldiers as she saw their clear shapes amidst the dim yard. Vir sat there on the platform, hiding in shadows as she continuously bit into her lower lip. In her anxious anticipation she had chewed unto her lowerlip enough to cut into it, making it bleed a bit. Whenever blood formed she would just suck up the blood.

    And then, as stealthily as she could, she slowly crawled and held unto the hole-littered platform until she was underneath the platform, handing from it. There Vir waited solid few seconds, as she aims to co-ordinate her fall with a special little noise. After some waiting she proceeded to let go of the platform as she fell to the ground and, moments before she hit the ground, all the firealarms she had rigged went off in the room outside of the dockyard, giving a loud enough boom to make her fall sound silent and mix into the cacophony. Once she was on the ground as she was next to one of the escape hatches of the ship. She searched frantically and eventually found a small jack to attach her pad to to allow her to get direct access to the hatch. She started carefully tampering with the hatch, trying to open it in time and before the firealarms are turned off.
  7. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    The fire alarms buzzed through much of the station, at least the parts near the hangers and the dockyards. It certainly annoyed any other lowlifes who were also planning to sneak into the ship. And really, a lot of people were. The sudden alarm chased a couple of gang members out of their hiding holes, ending up in the open for the soldiers to shoot without question or hesitation.
    "Alarm's not from the ship," The copilot reassured the outside soldiers.

    "Must be a malfunction, this entire space station is falling apart as we speak." Another soldier said, "Shoot anyone who gets too close."

    And so, the soldiers were busy firing at just about anyone they saw, thieves and gang members who ended up out of their hiding spots when the alarm buzzed. None the wiser of the three who were already near the ship, about to make their way inside. However, the wiring in the alarms was very poor, due to how many of the parts were already looted years ago. So the sound died off in just a short time, with only the sound of blaster fire and plasma guns echoing throughout the area.


    While all this was happening, another ship was heading to a space station, no more than 300 meters squared. It didn't bother to land inside of the hanger, however, just preferring to hover just outside of the bey, facing the cargo ship. The ship itself looked rather old, with a lot of more modern modifications on it. Definitely looking ugly.
    "Should we be worried about that?" one of the soldiers questioned, looking at the ship just outside of the station.

    There was no one inside the ship, instead it was controlled remotely by the alien who was already inside of the station. The alien had her ship positioned just outside of the hanger the cargo ship was in. She could see everything the ship could see through her tablet, and control some of the more basic functions. With her request, the ship had scanned the cargo ship and sent the data back to the alien's tablet. Some artefacts were detected and positioned on her tablet, with a general idea of how many soldiers were in the ship. Looking good.

    So the young alien prepared for action. She took some deep breaths and positioned herself just outside of the hanger. With a press on the touch screen, her ship fired a single but powerful smoke grenade at the guards. The smoke almost immediately covered the ship, then it began to spread covering the entire hanger. With the guards blinded, the alien dashed towards the cargo ship's front exist. The soldiers began firing at her ship, distracting themselves just enough for her to managed to step in from the front.
  8. The_Dujke

    The_Dujke Woosh, you have anal cancer.

    Layton used one of the mirrors from his arm to observe the area, so he wouldn't have to -quite literally- stick his head out into the open. The more he stared, the more the situation looked hopeless for him. There were simply too many of them. Usually when he would be on the job, he would just use the vents and crawl spaces. If he wanted to get on board, he needed to get around them. But how? He thought of shutting down the power temporarily, but that would take too long. He cursed himself for not learning how to hack.

    "Weakness, weakness, weakness,... where are you?..." he thought. "Please, GOD! Give me a sign!!!" and as soon as he said that. The place was filled with the sound of alarms. Layton was surprised, he looked through his mirror and saw the guards looking around in confusion. Giving each other looks that read 'The fuck?'. Even Layton was confused, he thought the alarms were busted. Besides, it just made things worse, now they were all alert. Just what he needed.

    For a brief moment, a revelation occurred to him. What if he wasn't the only "greedy" one here? If there were others, that could both be a good and bad thing. One one hand, he could follow them and take advantage of the situation. On the other hand, he could also get killed... it was that simple, really. As he thought about this, the alarm fell silent. Not really sure if this was good or bad, he decided to stay a little longer. Who knows? Maybe the lights will malfunction next? If so, that could be his ticket in.

    As he observed, he was amazed to see that there was -in fact- someone "greedy" here too. Or so he hoped. A random ship just launched a smoke bomb at he guards! The guards fired off at the ship and were completely distracted!


    He put away his mirror and, with his zipline gun in his right hand, and pride in his left. He got ready to make some money.
  9. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    As the alarm echoed through the hall Jane quickly jumped inside of a crate, convinced she was the one who set off the alarm somehow. The girl pulled her knees towards her body and waited for footsteps. But, no footsteps came even when the alarm turned off. The only sound was the firearms of the soldiers. But, not in her direction. At least not that she knew off. The little girl breath out relieved, it must have been someone else.

    Before she peeked over the side of the crate she adjusted the cloth around her head making sure her bright orange hair wasn't showing. She gasped as she noticed yet another ship next to the other ship. It turned out she had a bit of luck today. A lot of luck, slipping in the cargoship with all the chaos going on should have been a piece of cake. Eager the girl jumped out of the crate and ran closer to the ship, zigzagging through the crates.

    The girl stopped glancing in all directions. She was almost there but, for the last end, she didn't have the crates for hiding. After making sure no one was insight she took a deep breath, grasped the battery at her necklace tightly and took a sprint in the direction of the ship.
  10. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Vir stood there like a deer with headlights as she saw the other ship enter and shoot smoke grenades. This changes things. There are others here, and there are sounds of gunshots within the smoke? Foreboding. Her eyesight allowed her to see through the fog, albeit faintly as she saw the shapes, with several shapes running at the direction of the main entrance of the cargoship. There are others here and she has to hurry to get her share of the loot - maybe she could even take them down and take it all for herself. She proceeded to continue hacking her way to opening the escape hatch. With some angry forcing she managed to open up the hatch with her sheer willpower as her brains were linked to the jack next to the hatch with her pad's wiring. The hatch gave its sound of it relieving its pressure to match the surrounding area.

    She unplugged her pad and put it on her pack as she pulled out her gun. The hatch was near the pilot's pit She rushed into the cargoship from the side, ready to gundown the pilot of the ship in case they had a gun. ''HANDS UP! STAY QUIET AND YOU MAY KEEP YOUR LIVES!'' Vir shouted as she stepped in to the pathway leading to the cockpit, looking left and right to see her current situation.
  11. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    "Down the hall, in the room that has the big metal door and the panel, shoot the panel and step inside. I'm not paid enough to give my life for some rich old people's art." The Captain said immediately. He and his copilot had their hands up. They both knew exactly what the intruders wanted and they weren't going to risk their lives to protect them.

    "It's really, really cold in that room. Like minus -21 Celcius by the way." The copilot warned the intruder.

    Of course, the ship was able to detect multiple breaches and abnormalities. The exterior vents were tampered with, and now so was that escape hatch on the ship. The front door seemed to have also been opened without any official authorization. Each one of the soldiers was alerted, with the ones who were outside beginning to make their way back into the ship. Half a dozen soldiers then began to make their way to the pilot's pit, read to shoot any intruder who was there.


    Luckily, was deep enough in the ship to not get immediately caught by the soldiers who were storming in. However, avoiding patrols were getting harder and harder with everything in high alert now. Luckily, however, She doesn't need to stay for too long, the scanned image of the ship was on her tablet giving her the basic directions.
    "The big metal door should be right around.... the corner," Nuli told herself.

    Unfortunate for her, four soldiers were right outside of the room. Standing sharp and large rifles. Fighting them would simply alert other soldiers, making the entire objective impossible to complete in an instant. She sighed lightly and began to think. Needing a plan of trying to avoid security.
  12. The_Dujke

    The_Dujke Woosh, you have anal cancer.

    Layton ziplined himself to a stack of crates, giving him an even better vantage point than before. Seeing as how they were preoccupied with other things, this would give him a chance to find a way in. Following the other thieves would be unpredictable. He simply couldn't risk getting attacked. Or even seen. He had to be like a snake. Slithering through mayhem. He observed and waited for the perfect moment, and found it.

    A patrol was making their way into the cargo ship. This was a good start. He didn't have to worry about being heard, only seen, and only if he was in the light. Or maybe he could blend in with the environment. He was gray, and so was the interior of the ship. But details aside, he was going to follow them in. Before he went in, he shot two guards in their legs. The guards didn't even react, this was good. He quickly and silently made his way down. The guards made their way inside, and so did Layton. Before they turned around to close the door, Layton jumped and grabbed onto the vent above them. He couldn't risk opening it, as to not attract attention. Then again, that's why he shot the guards.

    The two guards collapsed, wit heir comrades coming to their aid. They looked at them in confusion. Did they seriously fall asleep in the middle of a raid? While they were busy trying to wake them up, Layton was able to open the vent and crawl inside. As soon as he did, one of the guards looked at the vent, but quickly looked away in dismissal.

    Now that he was in, he began to crawl onward.
  13. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    In her relive Jane made it to the large metal cargoship, Without getting seen, as she had expected no one paid attention to the little moongirl. As she reached the ship she put her hands on it sending electrons through it. Not too much just, a little bit so she could sense any entries. Someone else touching the outer wall, at the same same time the electrons reached them, would just feel a little static shock nothing more. That is if they weren't wearing gloves. It was a risk but, she didn't expect any moonpeople who could pick up the signal or even know it was because of her. It didn't take long before she sensed a large entrance. The front one likely. Quickly she sent the electrons the other way looking for a smaller entrance.

    It wasn't a very fast process and not really precise as well. After what seemed like ages she felt a more resistance. "yes," she said under her breath as she sent the electrons around it to make sure it be an entrance. Anxious looking over her shoulder she started walking in that directions sometimes holding still to feel if she be at the right course.
    Then her eyes fell on the little door. She pushed at it but, as she expected it didn't move. No problem for Jane. She grabbed her hairpin and stuck it in keyhole. After just a little shock the door went open. After a carefull look inside she stepped inside.
  14. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    ''Alright. Good work.'' Vir said as she walked up to the copilot and the main pilot. She quickly smacked the back of her gun against the head of the pilot to knock him out. She looked at the co-pilot, hissing incomprehensibly for a good moment with a look of anger on her face. She next turned around as she walked up to the pad previously mentioned as she shoots it up with her gun. Lo and behold the pilots were right: Shooting of the keypad to pieces forced the door open as she was greeted by none other than the grand prize of the ship: The mildly painful ice-cold breeze of air coming from the chamber of the thieves' desires - the chamber which held the archeological relics that could easily be sold for the highest bidder. She quickly hid behind the wall as she carefully peeked in. Certainly there has to be some security turrets or guards in there. She waited in the cover of the door's wall as she peeked inside of the room.

    One, Two, Three, Four. Four is the number Vir's metal eyes counted when it came down to the number of guards. They were facing away from her as she smirked. This will be an easy surprise attack. She took aim at one of the guards with her gun, aiming at the neck area to incapacitate the guard. Vir pulled her trigger without much thought to the concept of ruining someone's life. They were in her way, and she had to take care of them. Besides, a little bloodshed every now and then calms her down. As the bullet flew right at the neck of the guard she quickly took aim at the guard next to him to take a few shots at him aswell.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2019
  15. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    Nuli simply watched from the outside. The alien didn't do anything at first, just observing while another intruder shot the keypad and stepped into the room. Nuli figured the guards might have dealt with the one person but it didn't seem to be the case. Nuli stepped a bit closer, just to see what was happening inside of the room. Low and behold, a small fight seemed to have been brewed. When one of the guards was shot, the other three took action immediately. They began shooting at Vir while systematically blocking the intruder from reaching the relics. The second guard had gotten shot in just a few seconds, however, leaving just the two to face the thief.

    There was a single thing in the room beside the guards and Vir, a large box containing what's supposed to be the relics. It was a big metal box, extremely thick with a very complex locking system on it. Whatever was inside the box began to rubble, it made some strange sound the moment the cold air was rushed out of the room. It seemed that the entire room was like a walk-in refrigerator for a reason. Something just might be a bit dangerous inside the box, that only reinforced Nuli's justification to attempt to take the relics though.
  16. The_Dujke

    The_Dujke Woosh, you have anal cancer.

    As Layton continued to crawl through the ventilation system, more commotion could be heard. This piqued his interest. What was interesting was the fact that it was happening in one, specific area. If there was a shootout happening in one single area, that would mean that the area must have held something of value. Or at least, that was his theory. Giving himself a new objective, he tried to find a path in the vent system that would lead him there.

    He crawled onward, arriving at a dead end, twice. While crawling around, something caught his attention. A slight breeze, coming from the direction of the gunfight. Interesting. If he were to follow the breeze, maybe he would arrive at the location he was looking for. He began to follow the breeze, the further he went, the stronger it became, not to mention colder. He was silently praying that he wouldn't arrive at a refrigerator.

    The freezing wind became stronger and stronger. He was getting closer. Until he arrived at a dead end. But there was an upside; he also arrived at his destination. The room with the shootout was below him. The only thing separating him from him and them was an air vent door. But you know what? He was going to stay inside, for now. He didn't want to interrupt.

    For now, at least.
  17. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    Jane pressed herself against the wall as gunshots echoed through the ship. She suppressed her first instinct to ran far away from the sound. She was here with a mission and wouldn't leave without the relic. She took a deep breath and orientated herself, the man had given some vague description of where she had to be. She didn't really needed them. Ofcourse, the shooting would be at the important place. Seems like she wasn't the only one.

    The little girl ran in the direction of the gunshots. As she ran she pictured the faces of her family and prayed she would see them again. She had to do this for them, for the future. When the sounds got really close she stopped and pressed herself against the wall peeking over the corner. The cold air coming from the other room smacked her in the face together with the metallic smell of blood.

    She gasped as she noticed the two dead guards. Quickly she pressed herself against the wall again as she noticed the other two guards and the dangerous-looking woman. Without much thought she loaded up her hairpin and threw it in the air, controlling it with her electric powers. As she glanced around the corned she controlled it right in the direction of the neck of the still standing-guard. She nodded for no real reason and released the electricity out of the little device. The muscles of the man contracted and with a short spasm the man fell to the ground.

    The girl called back the little hairpin back to her before they would know it was even there. She hold her breath clamping the battery around her neck. hoping they hadn't seen. Curing at herself she had called back the hairpin. Sure they haven't seen she told her self. Ready to blast the electricity in their face when they noticed her.
  18. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Vir noticed a set of lightning hitting one of the guards, leaving only one standing. It must be the alien who controlled the other ship from before. She quickly stepped out of cover as she took aim at the helmet of the last guard standing as she emptied her clip, shouting out loud angry gibberish as the bullets filled up his body one by one. When half of her clip was used the guard had fallen and Vir stopped firing and started looking at the other open door from where the electricity must have come. She took aim at the direction. Her eyes focused and focused, with them slowly switching the mode in which the eyes saw to let her see through walls. She spotted one spot of warmth standing against the wall that was cooled by this room-sized refridgerator. Vir smirked as she haphazardly shot bullets at the wall. The bullets did not penetrate the walls, however, but Vir soon snickered.

    ''COME OUT, THIEF! COME OUT AND FACE VIR! I LONG FOR SLAYING YOU GOOD-FOR-NOTHING LEECHES OF THIS STATION! I HAVE HALF A CLIP TO FILL YOU WITH!'' Vir shouted as she took steps next to the cooled down fridge as she took position while standing. Even if she standed, her position would allow her to atleast try to dodge into the cover of the box.
  19. The_Dujke

    The_Dujke Woosh, you have anal cancer.

    Layton stared in awe and confusion. Bellow, in the room with the box, were two individuals. Unfortunately, he couldn't see them because of the angle of the vent. Thankfully he could hear everything. He heard a female screaming like a lunatic. Good thing she mentioned that she had half a clip though. But that meant little since he didn't know what weapon she was using. But it sure as hell sounded like an assault rifle.

    As he thought about this, his mind snapped back to the freezing cold in the vent, as his hands shivered. His stealth suit -thankfully- adapted to outside temperatures. Which also meant that it would hide his own body heat. Perfectly camouflaging him to the environment around him. But -21°C was no joke. If he stayed there for far too long. He might actually freeze to death. Which meant; if the thieves bellow him weren't done soon, he would have no choice but too exit the vent, where it would be warmer. Even if only a little bit. But for now he had to stay in there.
  20. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    The final soldier fell after being shot with multiple times by Vel, much of the bullets appeared to have penetrated the outer layer of the armour and the helmet as well. The solider didn't remain down though, immediately standing back up and taking off the helmet. The creature seemed to have a metallic blackhead sock on wit weird goggles. Hiding what sort of species it is. He grunted in frustration, slamming the helmet down on the floor, and the rest of the damaged armour fell off. Leaving a rather slim uniform certainly not belonging to The Commerce Partnership. He stood ad almost exact 6 inches.

    From his waist, he took what appeared to be a sword handle. With the press of a button, a blue plasma blade formed. He slashed at the roof, the blade going through the vents. Then, he dashed right to Vir. Not bothered by the cold at all.


    It's either now or never. Nuli took a deep breath, managing to catch a glimpse of the box again, apparently fighting her way through would be the only possible solution. The one with the plasma sword looked to be the most immediate threat, especially to her. But she wanted to see who would survive first before getting involved. Unfortunately, there was no time to stand around for too long, her tablet had detected that the guards were going to arrive at the room in just a few short moments. She'll need to get what she came for and leave quickly. So, the girl looked at the guns that were on the floor and took one, proceeding to fire right at the air conditioning unit. Just to turn off the cold.

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