Dream as if you were dying.
Strolling past the doors you are greeted by a set of beautiful women clothed in black and white maids outfits and men dressed in black suits. One of them will see your needs during your visit. They begin by asking if you have a reservation and if they can take your bags. While you are filling out paper work a staff member will put your things in your room. The main lobby is large and spacious with minimal decorations leaving things with a simple yet elegant feel. A large chandler hangs in the middle of the glass domed roof. The front desk is near the entrance with four clerks there at all times.
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Kiki Zapatos

Cynthia - In her hotel room.

She opens her book on Greek Mythology and begins to read the story of Pandora's box.
Luckily, Rose is taking her nap so she don't have to worry about being interrupted. Aunt Clarice comes in to check on us and asks Cynthia, "Do you want to help me make cookies?" Nodding, Cynthia cautiously get up and place the book on nightstand. As she tiptoe out of her bedroom, she recalls the day we checked in here. Once she reaches the kitchen, Cynthia helps her aunt bake cookies.

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