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Houses and Heroes


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The Great Houses of Evenfall
A non-exhaustive list

Nocturus, The Imperial Royal Family
As the imperial royal family, House Nocturus has ruled the nation of Evenfall since its inception. Only the Nocturus bloodline retained the use of magic after the Imperial Decree, and members of the family seem immune to its mental and physical corruption. In order to keep the use of magic the sole privilege of the royal family and to avoid infighting for succession, each generation only bears a single child to become the next emperor or empress. Nobody knows what happens in the case of twins, but most assume that the second-born is disposed of. Somehow, no member of the royal family has ever died before bearing their single child.

Despite being a wealthy, aristocratic family from the pre-Imperial Decree ages, House Fletcher was not entrusted with a magical artifact. This spurred a long-standing resentment of the other houses, never quite escalating to a feud but still harbored to this day. The family fortune comes from the manufacture of sweets and baked goods, but recent hard times have drained the family’s coffers. Despite their resentment of the other great families, the Fletchers still selected a champion to search for the Book of Night in the hopes that they will be selected to safeguard the artifact after the Deepwinters’ disgraceful failure. If the Fletchers are unable to secure the Book of Night for themselves and gain influence among the great houses, they may be forced to marry off their champion in order to ally themselves with another family.

The mysterious Vespida family has stayed largely out of the public eye, eschewing the usual interhouse feuding and warring in favor of a quiet, shadowy existence. They tend to settle their disputes with other families through more subtle means, often taking the form of bribes or blackmail. The family guards its secrets even more closely than most and is known for capturing and blinding spies sent by the other houses. After two or three agents are captured and returned without their eyes, most houses give up on espionage and leave the Vespida family alone. In keeping with their secretive habits, House Vespida declined to send a champion to aid in the quest to retrieve the Book of Night.

Few in Evanfall can hear the name Correa without their thoughts immediately going to the Church of the Radiant Light. The family and the church are heavily intertwined, with many of the high-ranking members of the priesthood bearing the Correa name. The renowned Order of the Radiant Sun have historically been led by the Correas, and have successfully safeguarded the land from illicit magic users for centuries. With the power and influence of the church came great wealth, elevating House Correa into one of the most wealthy families in the land. When the call came for the Correas to present a champion, they of course brought forth their shining star, Karlos Correa. A prodigy in swordsmanship and holy studies, young Karlos is the grandson of Lord Augusti Correa III, head of the family and leader of the Order.

Just as widely as the Imperial Royal Family is known, their royal guard the Nofalo family is as well. Loved and scorned in equal measure by the public, they have kept the peace in Evanfall since their earliest descendant swore loyalty to the throne. Spread far and wide the noble family has demonstrated their strength of mind and heart through their acts. Though they answer to the royal family, they are known to follow their own justice and do what must be done for the good of Evanfall, should that ever be put into question, they would do all in their power to put everything to rights once more. Currently the head of the family is Berthold Emmanuel Nofalo though he has passed much of his mantle to his only daughter Deidra who has upheld his will as he is not strong enough to carry it out anymore. Crippled from a battle with his brother who had turned away from the light and engaged in the darkness in the kingdom, going as far as attempting to corrupt his daughter Loralyn and use her gifts for evil. Loralyn has since rejected her father’s name and fully come to stand at her uncle’s side to atone and acts as her cousin's counsel.

Once renowned for their mastery of the seas, the proud Gavilan family has been reduced to a shadow of its former self. Their artifact, the legendary Zephyr Staff, once allowed them to influence the winds themselves, allowing them to take to the waves like no other. However, the magic of men proved little match for the will of the gods. The staff was lost a hundred years ago when the Gavilan heir attempted to sail through a typhoon, using its power to shield his vessel. The winds proved too strong to control, capsizing the ship and drowning almost the entire crew. The heir was rescued, only to be disowned from the family for being foolish enough to lose their precious artifact. The Gavilan family has been slowly withering away since then, although their influence within the imperial navy has kept the family from total dissolution. It is said that the disgraced heir swore until his death that he had the typhoon under control until a shadowy being descended from the skies and snatched the staff from his hand. Of course, these claims were written off as the desperate fantasies of the idiot who doomed the family.
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Roxanne Fletcher

Age: 22
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140lbs
The chosen champion of the Fletcher family, Roxanne was brought up on tales of bitterness and resentment against the other houses. She was raised as a knight from a young age, taught that her duty was to the family and its chosen heir, her cousin Robert. Thanks to her upbringing, she stands at a slightly-above-average height and has a slender, athletic build. Despite not having completely picked up her family’s deep-seated resentment at being snubbed a thousand years ago, she still distrusts the other houses, having seen their brutality and cunning firsthand. The loyal nursemaid that raised her was selected to infiltrate and spy upon the Vespida family, only to be captured and dumped back at the Fletcher estate with both eyes ripped out. When it was announced that the Book of Night would be bestowed upon one of the houses that helped recapture it, she gladly accepted, knowing that securing an artifact would be her family’s only way of maintaining independence. Failure to do so would force the family to join with another house in order to avoid being destroyed entirely in territorial conflicts, meaning that Roxanne would likely end up being married off to some other house's eligible heir. Despite a troubled immediate family, she is very close to her cousin Robert and loyal to the house, willing to do her duty to help ensure its prosperity.
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Karlos Correa
Age: 23
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 220 lbs

Karlos was bred and raised to be the greatest champion House Correa had ever seen. From a young age, he was indoctrinated into the Order of the Radiant Sun and raised up to be a holy knight that hunted those who dared misuse the inklings of magic that seeped out from the family artifacts. As grandson to the esteemed Lord Augusti Correa III, head of House Correa, there are high expectations for young Karlos, some of which he has already met, and others that seem astronomically high. Despite this, Karlos is determined to bring honor and prestige to his name, which will bolster his family ever higher in favor of the court. He is intensely loyal, driven, and tireless- not to mention incredibly handsome. Unfortunately for everyone else, and most fortunate for the Nofalos, he is engaged to the gorgeous Loralyn, the most gracious maiden in all the land, for a marriage that will strengthen both families and make them the strongest house in all of Evenfall.
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Deidra Nofalo
Deidra is the current heir to the mantle of the Nofalo family that has protected the lands of Evenfall. Trained from the moment she could walk in the ways of knighthood, she is perhaps one of the most fearsome knights that have ever come from the noble family. Since the age of 18, she has had much of the control over the Nofalo family as her father was crippled in a brutal battle between her uncle and himself. Righteous and unwavering in her path towards justice, she has perhaps fostered the deepest bond with the artifact that her family was entrusted with so long ago, Gundulf the living armor. Though she is sharp and tough in all senses of the word, she is quite beloved to all- especially the women and children whom she dedicates herself to protect. One of the most precious beings to her however is her younger cousin Lorayln who has become nothing less than her younger sister and closest confidant. The repercussions of trifling with her are quite well known. She will do all in her power to keep the world balanced and peaceful as it was meant to be until it is her time to allow another to take up her burden.
Age: 26
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)

Loralyn Nofalo
Loralyn Nofalo's tale is a rather dismal one but one that has blossomed into hope. She was formerly known as Loralyn Garrido, though she has long since rejected that name and her father with it after her uncle and cousin came to her rescue when she was just 14 summers old. Her father Raphael Garrido, had become filled with hatred and jealous that his younger brother had been chosen by the artifact and given the head of the family as he was given the lower areas to patrol and maintain. He turned from the light and engaged in many an illicit deed which resulted in him acquiring the Star's Teardrop among other heinous deeds. His reign of terror came to an end long ago by his brother, niece, and pitifully enough his young daughter who had learned to harness the Star's Teardrops' powers. Proven to be uncorrupted by her father's work, Loralyn was adopted by the Nofalo family and more truthfully, Deidra, and has worked to do everything in her power to thank her family since. She works as a researcher of the magical artifacts among other things, seeking to understand them further that one day they might be eradicated from the world completely. Loyal to the ones who saved her from a life of darkness, she also agreed to the marriage to Karlos Correa- after Deidra's careful vetting- in order to ensure the Nofalo bloodline continues and to take some stress from her elder cousin. She would do most anything to support the family but first and foremost Deidra and has and will continue to demonstrate as much.
Age: 21
Height: 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight: 120 lbs (54 kg)
Shyv'Ahna Tes'Laya


Shyv'Ahna does not hail from riches, blue blood does not run in her veins, and she never held a silver spoon until she was already an adult. Instead of castles, villas, and the grand cities that dotted the land, she calls the roads that connects them home. To many her name means very little, but with the lack of a grand family name comes peace from the trivial rivalries or long-held resentment that most of the noble houses still cling to, regardless on if they remember why.

Her history is not particularly storied. Ahna grew up with a large group of brothers and sisters, and from a young age was taught the ways of the road and of the humble nomad; survival and navigation skills, combat with both weapon and without, an understanding of the world at large, and so much more. Even so, there were no expectations thrust upon her, no family name to uphold, and no honour to lose or gain, instead she was given the freedom to become who she wished to be, to go and to do as she wished. This freedom blossomed, and without a home or property to tie her down, she hit the road as soon as she was old enough to enjoy a life of adventure and travel like her ancestors before her.

Now, several years later, Ahna has made a name for herself among a few different circles as a solid guide, an expert navigator, and one hell of a fighter. She finds work where she can, usually as a merchant's guard, or as a pathfinder among travelers. Its small work, and only offers a handful of gold most of the time, but to Shyv'Ahna, she wouldn't have it any other way.

Age: 27
Height: 6'2 without horns (188cm)
Weight: 198lbs (90kg)


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Hildegard Gavilan

Age: 27
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150 lbs
Hilda the Beautiful was born to the infamous seafaring House of Gavilan, the middle child of seven, and the only girl. With a tall, strong build, a laugh so sweet, and a smile that could light up the world, Hilda was beloved by all. Reading the stars and the currents of the sky and sea came as naturally to her as sailing, and she learned how to fight from picking fights with her own brothers. They believed they would be the ones to restore the family name to its former glory. Although many suiters desired her hand, she announced that she would only marry a man who could beat her in a game of Halma. Following in her entire family's footsteps, she joined the imperial navy and traveled the world. Her father, former admiral of the fleet, was quite proud. Hilda is responsible for taking out the ruthless Pirate Guild's leaders and at the cost of an eye, expanding Gavilan territory in doing so, and bringing great honor to the family name. Due to her victory, the Pirates Guild's treasure was entrusted to her, Anaklusmos, a sword of celestial bronze, an ancient metal that is deadly to creatures of the magical world. When word of the Book of Night reached House Gavilan, and it was time to choose a champion, a competition was held as to who would represent them. Hildegard won each of the challenges ahead of her six brothers, including her oldest brother and Admiral of the imperial fleet, and was sent as House Gavilan's champion to retrieve the artifact.
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