Interest Check How about Sailing a Ship?


The Gist

Hello all, just throwing out an idea here, to see if it sticks. I’m looking to do an open High Fantasy RP set roughly in an “age of sail” equivalent time period, a bit of a departure from what some of you know was my original idea (which was to have players contribute to the setting ground-up), but it seemed to me that the players would need a reason to stick together. That reason would be “The Sunglow”: a merchant galleon that will act as our lens and focus of the RP.

The core purpose of my idea would remain the same; anyone would be able to contribute locale we visit, NPC’s we meet, and monsters we fight. A few of us would ‘Curate’ the other’s contributions, but that job is literally just keeping our adventures reasonably sane and along the intended lines. Outside of that, players can contribute most anything to our adventures; I want this to be a communal world.

The Sunglow would all over, to any and all coasts and the crew may then go inland. It would consist of a crew of entirely player characters, so the size of the ship would then reasonably be fitted the number of characters we think up.

What you can expect from me

This would ordinarily be the part that I tell you folks the story I’m planning, but since this is such a largely player-driven and free form idea, I decided to just tell you what I’m most likely to throw in.

I’m very fond of a lot “Fantasy standards”. Not to an obnoxious degree, I like variety, but I find familiar names and themes get me where I want to go faster then building entirely new things. Mostly though, I love the fantasy genre to the point that trope don’t really bother me.

My favorite element in most fantasy stories is Orcs. I love Orcs, ever since I was young and played them in warhammer 40k with my older brothers (and that same army still sees the tabletop regularly.) So you can expect some variety of Orcishness will play a role somewhere in any world I contribute to.

I’m also coming to enjoy more traditional folklore-ish elements, and a wide array of cultural Zeitgeists. I have a very short attention span for my settings, so I’ll want to experience a variety of different places.

Welp, that’s what you can expect. Feel free to ask questions below; especially if I wasn’t clear on something, as is my tendency.


I have never played that game. I didn't imagine the ship would fly, just sail on water. but that's not a terrible idea, I'm open to it: It would allow for different sorts of adventures. It would also certainly change the feel from "Age of Sail", though. Maybe more steampunk and/or magitech if we do that?

If we wanted the ship to fly, would you prefer to do it Steampunk style (maybe a steam-powered zeppelin?) or Magitech style (the boat might have technology and magic to fly it, or just be magic, more like a JRPG)?
We could do a mixture of the two. like part of the world could be steampunk, and the other part could be magitech? Give it more openess.

And tales of Vesperia is fun.


I like that. How about we assign different tones and genres to different empires/nations we encounter? One could be steampunk, another magitech, another very high-magic, etc... All with similar power levels, but with different takes on how they got that power.

I'd like to figure out where we start as well, so I can get a map started. I'm thinking we'll fill in the map as we go, leaving it mostly blank to begn with except for our starting region. Sound good?