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How did you discover roleplaying?

Discussion in 'Main Lobby' started by Fairy, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Fairy

    Fairy New Member

    What led you to start roleplaying? What interested you about it or who introduced it to you? Share your experiences here. :)
  2. Rose

    Rose Active Member

    I actually found roleplaying through the Wings of Fire message board- it intrigued me, and although I really had no idea what it was, I figured it couldn't be too different from writing fictional stories, so I decided to enter into it. I've honestly got no idea what interested me about it, but I guess I just liked the concept of the plot, whatever it was. I vaguely recall something about a war and dragons trying to make peace- maybe it was the war part I liked? I don't know, I'm just really glad I found it out, otherwise I wouldn't have found so many of the great sites I've been on.
  3. Saffi

    Saffi New Member

    A friend showed me a site called PonyPaws back when I was around ten years old. Maybe some of you have heard of it. It was a site where you could create and play games that were a mix of rp and actual gameplay. I loved it, but grew out of it and ever since then the idea that maybe I should join a proper rp-ing site has been at the back of my mind :).
  4. Cinnamon Bear

    Cinnamon Bear Member

    When I was 11 years old I really liked My Little Pony, and I loved making OC's and creating all these cool little characters in a very specific universe. Six years later, I want to roleplay again, but I've grown out of ponies and now I'd like to build my own universes with other people, and without all the creepy people lol.
  5. Tempest

    Tempest self-proclaimed pokey rabbit

    My girlfriend introduced me to roleplaying when we were in seventh grade. At the time, we passed a journal back and forth, and she helped me make my first OC. His name was Savage, and he was a killer kitty. She roleplayed (still does) with asterisks, like writing a script. After she introduced me to it, I joined a roleplaying site that was for the Warriors book series, and it kind of took off from there.
  6. Kin no Keifu ( 金の系譜)

    Kin no Keifu ( 金の系譜) Genealogy of Gold

    My crush was obsessed with it back in sixth grade and I got a little curious. I shouldn't have gone to the anime forums, though; I understood roughly one percent of their references. Everything else was about as confusing as the Evillious Chronicles' overarching storyline. I tried some of the more general RP sites after that disaster, and now I'm here. It's turned out to be a better experience than I thought.
  7. Tyrahnee

    Tyrahnee Martian Queen

    I found it on accident on a InuYasha forum. Been addicted ever since I was in middle school
  8. Faodaile

    Faodaile Indiana Jones 2.0

    I started roleplaying in my early teens and haven't stopped since. I can't remember the name of the site that I started on but it was based on some books that I was reading at the time and I eventually branched out to all other sorts of RP. I've always had a passion for writing, so it works well for me!
  9. PhantasmagoriaRain

    PhantasmagoriaRain sometimes i use Vocaloid

    When I was in elementary, me and my friends would always pretend to be our own characters at school. My father would let me use the computer whenever i wanted so i would go to sites and pretend I was my favorite game or cartoon character when talking to people. I never knew the word for what I was doing until I was around 10. Granted, I was young and could barely write and I shouldn't have even been online in the first place, but that's how i got into it.
  10. NetherMyth

    NetherMyth Member

    I started roleplaying about 7 years ago after joining a warrior cats adoptable site and wanting to reach out and join the local forum community in a site-wide roleplay they had going on at the time. I already found writing to be an enjoyable hobby and wished to meet other people who also enjoyed it. After a brief period of not wanting to conform my pre-determined characters to the construction of rules and blending them in with characters that already existed within the group, I found myself addicted and have been roleplaying ever since.
  11. KrispyNugs

    KrispyNugs League of Legends addict

    I don't remember what led me to search for roleplaying sites exactly. But I joined this one site and was an active member for almost over five years. It sadly got taken down due to the admins all being busy. I actually really miss all of the people I had met and become good friends with through that site. I keep in touch with a few of them but I miss roleplaying with them. I do remember always loving the roleplays though because I was, still am, and avid reader and writer and the scenarios of it all were right up my ally.
  12. Miles

    Miles Member

    When I was in grade school, a bunch of friends and I would roleplay everyday on the playground. We were all superheroes or villains, trying to protect or take over the world. It sparked my love for roleplaying. Since then, I've been on many RP forums over my many years online. Some were good, some were bad, but I hope this will be a good one. Roleplaying is a lot of fun to do and I'll always love it no matter how old I might get. It's a great way to write a story with someone else or a whole group of people. Not only that, but it's also a wonderful way to improve your writing.
  13. Chesturr

    Chesturr Anyone seen my eye?

    I used to play 40K a lot, and through that I started playing this D&D style roleplay campaign, but Warhammer. Then I started playing actual D&D, and still play it now
  14. Frisky

    Frisky #IRun

    When I was ten, I got a nook for my birthday. I found in the books where you were able to post reviews, that many had made it into a roleplaying area. I was a part of many fan clans based off of Erin Hunter's Warrior Cat series, and have been hooked on rpging ever since!
  15. Durza

    Durza Member

    My friend was writing it during class, so i sat there and watched him write for a few minutes so i ask if i could join, i join he found a better place and the rp i was in slowly died before my eye
  16. Crelarid

    Crelarid Member

    I originally started roleplaying because my dad bought me the D&D board game (yes it's a real thing). After a few years it eventually evolved into full fledged role playing. Then my friend introduced me to a RP site which slowly died before my eyes because SOMEONE got the FREAKING DM BANNED! Then after we abandoned that sinking ship we eventually moved here.
  17. Valen

    Valen Active Member

    Originally I blame my brother for introducing me to D&D in general, however as a whole I've always liked to write and enjoy writing ever since my primary school days. I love to dream up complicated characters and see them come to life through my writing. Unfortunately I don't have the time I would like to write a full-fledged novel due to my other commitments, but PbP allows me to scratch that writing itch.
  18. FrigateKing

    FrigateKing New Member

    well, when I was a kid I liked playing pretend and as i got older eventually no one wanted to play anymore so as so many people do nowadays, I turned to the internet. which led me here
  19. -A L I C E-

    -A L I C E- Queen of The Crazy

    I introduced myself to roleplaing. I just simply did a search engine search. I don't remember what search engine. There I discovered MSN groups. Which was the first website that I roleplayed on. I was drawn to it because it's away for me to be creative as well as express myself.
  20. Zangyl

    Zangyl Active Member

    I met somebody who kept on talking about RP'ing. She let me read some of her OC sheets and made me interested.

    I joined FanFiction and began writing on a day that i was bored. I ended up getting addicted.

    I love RP. Its next to reading the only way for me to escape the real world.

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