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How many races is too much?

Hello hello again Circle!

A brief explanation as to what the setting of my worldbuilding project is like...

  • It's a Science-Fantasy leaning into the Fantasy side of things.
  • The universe is just an infinite magical ocean with flat worlds floating on it.
  • The setting follows a tiny tiny spot of said magic ocean where a group of gods decided to make them home and create life.
  • There are multiple races spread across 8 flat world with the spiritworld as the hidden 9th.
  • Witches are magic users that are actually the children, and descendants of those children of gods who 'pulled a Zeus'.
  • Technology and Magic do not like each other. They are 2 separate entities in this setting, no magic-tech. So old world vs new world kind of theme.

that should be enough info without me rambling.
My question for you guys is...How much is too much when it comes to having multiple races per world?

I have 8 flat worlds...Let me explain a bit more about why they're flat. That's just the nature of the universe in this setting. Imagine Earth, slice it at the equator and then smush it. The pole is now the center of the world; the coldest climate zone. The Midden is what's considered the more temperate zones, and the Rim is the hottest climate zone. Wet or dry depends from world to world.

So I have 8 worlds but I don't know how many races to put on them? >.>