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Hullo everyone!

My name is Lana.
I am a 20 somethin' year old who is from Australia.
I was on an RP Forum about 10 years ago, it did shut down and I can't even remember the name of it anymore.
(I was Ashlan on there, if anyone knows)
I haven't written much of anything in all those years due to life and have been itching to get back into it.
I have had a hand in group and 1x1 RPs, mostly fantasy and action (apocalypse, romance, fantasy, cyborg) but I am open to a lot.
I am open to mostly anything, never played a male character but there's a first for everything!

About me:
I am a baker, I work early mornings (3am-4am starts) and usually work between 5-9 hours.
I have an autoimmune disease, whilst it has been in remission for a few years, it is currently kicking my butt.
I have a British blue cat and two dogs.
I have half a million plants.
I crochet.
I usually post 3+ paragraphs, averaging on over 400 words depending on who I am Roleplaying with and their enthusiasm. I generally don't love one-liners but life happens sometimes.
I will attempt to reply every day but usually try around 3 times a week.
I prefer coffee over tea and savoury over sweet.
I have a few RP ideas that would love to come to life but needs some help.

Thank you for having me! I wont write too much more.
Don't want to be a bore.

Hello and welcome to the Circle! I hope you find what you are looking for here. That is some great information you listed! I tried crochet, but for some reason, the stitches do not translate well in my brain. I eventually gave up.

I have two cats, but no dogs. Do your dogs and cat get along?
Hi Lana. I am geniusinmath or you can call me Michael. Welcome to the STC family. We hope you have a wonderful time.