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Closed I will protect her


Muse A and Muse B are both subjects in an illegal lab. They were captured at different times and little is known about them. So far the only time Muse B has only reacted is if females of their kind were around. The doctors didn't know Muse A was of their kind because of the difference in appearance. The doctors in ignorance hurt muse A causing a shrill scream to come from their throat, That certain noise though it came from a human mouth was anything but human. Hearing the Noise Muse B finds the power to break out and rescue A. This causes a shutdown to happen. Muse B gets them out of the Lab and to safety, they become attached to each other, and Muse B grows possessive and protective of Muse A being very nurturing toward them. Eventually, feelings start to grow

Lab, Forest, City

Roleplay Genre(s):
Adventure, Supernatural, Romance

Available Role:
Muse B

Gender pairing:
Intended for MxF but can be MxM or FxF