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[IC] (Legends Eternal) Easttowne

Discussion in 'Idain' started by Lazzamore, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Lazzamore

    Lazzamore WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

    As Written by Lazzamore

    Horses nay'd as carriages wandered through the small Easttowne, a trading hub and port on the far east coast of Idain. Someone shouted at another, sending shock waves through the ports main, winding road. Out here in the fringe, people are untamed, controlled mostly by whatever their own ends are.

    You are far, far away from the Kingdoms. Any kingdoms. Kings and high priests and even some gods have little a hand in the eastern frontier. the Land around you is drab, brown and silent. The things that make noise get eaten, which would have been pertinent information to the drunken brawler who shouted earlier, unfortunately too late for him as the venerable Lord Hokk's new prison just found a new guest.

    Lord Hokk is not royalty, though he is quite rich. He is a merchant responsible for Easttowne, or most of it anyways. Buying from Tuaru, selling to Begdor... A lot of wealth passes through the man's pale hands.

    Betrice the daughter of Calbin the Lame carried a complimentary basket of fruit home from Hokk's orchard, the main supply of food and trade for Easttowne, since the sugar fields are strictly 'not for filthy peasants'. aside from sugar and apples, the town had little food most of the time, and imported much through adventurers... Such as you.

    As written by TheGreenerGrey

    The fourth age. The ‘Age of Peace’. The times where there were no wars, no hardships, no downtrodden. Where everyone worked together for the betterment of the world and for each other.

    Psh. What a load of shit.

    Look around you! You’re an adventurer in Easttown! You’re pretty sure only half of the kids running underfoot and trying to rob you blind know what the word ‘Honest’ means.

    The town was a downtrodden, dirty place filled with crime and the worst people imaginable (Lookin at you Red Priests! Go back to your own country with your upstart god and leave us good folk alone!). Peace and Harmony your ass.

    But that’s how you like it. If it weren’t for the myriad of problems that the Gods seemed too small or unnoticeable to deal with themselves, you would be starving in an alley by now. As an Adventurer, you take on jobs from the Guild and they pay you for it.

    These jobs can go from monster extermination, all the way up to cults plotting for the end of something or assassination of powerful people. The one thing is in common however, is blood.

    As you step into the Easttown Guild hall for the first time, you are greeted with a familiar sight.

    The place is large and expansive, mostly wooden and filled with either merry goers or brooding anti-social types sitting in the corner. Allllll eight of them.

    The place stinks of booze and the noise of shouting, screaming and bar fights assaults your ears as you expertly navigate your way through. You may be new, but even the People of Lead drink and unless you’re a noble you learn how to make your way through an inn very quickly.

    You make your way over to the Bulletin Board, where potential tasks are posted, along with the required ranking for Adventurers.

    Time for you and whoever else signs up to earn some money!

    ((Right, you lot already know this but this is Ann Adventurer sub-RP of mine I’ll be running under Lazzy. Every race but Hellion is available for play. You all start at C-Rank Adventurer level, with the lowest rank being D and highest S.

    Make a char sheet with a backstory and general overviews of abilities, but make sure to include your rank and put a bit more emphasis into it in general as I like larger Bios.))
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2017
  2. Drakey

    Drakey A shape-shifting Dragon God

    Deroc Tear walked through the streets of Easttowne. He had been through there several times, finding the place almost unbearable. Walking through the small town, his red cloak fluttered in the wind as his armor and weapons clinked from his movement. His footsteps, silent and sure, quickly took him past Betrice, a girl that he had talked to only a few times.

    He had a job to do. Walking into the guild that had been established in this backwater town, Deroc moved straight to the counter. Turning in the ears of a few beasts, Deroc gained his reward. A measly 50 silver, enough to sleep in an inn for the night. Then, looking through the board, he found one that looked interesting.

    "Missing People in Caves"

    Letting his hand pass down the side of the flyer, Deroc turned back to the counter. "Ma'am, I'd like to take this quest if that's alright." His eyes, quizzical, looked the woman behind the counter in the eyes, peircing lilac against dull green.
  3. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    Bala’Nosh was not amused. This was the town the Adventurer Guild headquarters was based at? Some dirt hole in the middle of goddamn nowhere, surrounded by scum and corruption?
    In Tuaru, with its shining beacons and spires, he would never have had the thought occur to him that this would be his goal.

    Giving a sigh to himself, flames escaping his maw, Bala makes his way into the building, a groan escaping him as the raucus sound assaulted his ears.

    Making his way past the partygoers he approaches the quest board. He wanted something big, something that would get him noticed. He wouldn’t be staying at C rank, so he needed to get himself up there quickly.

    After observing it for a few moments, he notices one that would suit his purposes. ‘Missing People in Caves’. The quest detailed that any who venture into a local cave system never return, and the Guild was offering five gold pieces to figure out what happened to them, and five more if the Adventurers solve the problem.

    Pulling down the sheet, he approaches the woman behind the counter. “Bala’Nosh, C-Rank.” he says, slapping the quest sheet down on the paper as the human woman looked at his form (A rare sight away from the Citadel) for a second, before hurriedly working to fill out the paperwork. Looking around, Bala’Nosh noticed to his right was another Adventurer, one who looked to be accepting the same quest.

    He looked to be human, but Bala’Nosh then saw the symbol. It was surprising to meet one of that noble bloodline to say the least, even more so in a place like this. He could feel the core of his being react to the blood of the man next to him, urging him forward.

    Taking a small moment to compose himself, he tapped the dragon in disguise upon the shoulder. When the being turned around, he could feel his molten core shift a little. Yes, the blood was certainly there. “It seems like we’re accepting the same job. What do you we work together? If we sign up as a party, we’ll have only two gold less if we complete it in full and won’t die horrifically.”
  4. Horicabu

    Horicabu lil Imp

    Carrot stepped into the inn, his tattered cloak giving him a few looks. Hand on a large claymore at his side, and a quiet jingle from the chime hanging from his belt, the Sluan walked past the banter and up to the board. There were two others there, obviously in his profession as well. But...one was already wearing armor! Were they the same grade? And the other was a stone monster who apparently breathed fire. Already, the Sluan felt out of place.

    Oh joy. He thought glumly. Putting on his best 'elegant swagger', the towering figure stepped into their vicinity. "Excuse me, but are you open for another member?" Carrot asked.
  5. Lazzamore

    Lazzamore WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

    Yalgetrude was silent. Sipping her third ale, she watched the room around her buzz with activity. People of all sorts clammored and shouted. It was almost overwhelming, the din of people in the inn... She narrowed her focus down to just one conversation. Something about a cave and adventurers?

    "Yar o'er there." She said plainly, addressing the party with the Sluan, golem and nicely dressed man "Yur gunna need an Axe at yer side. You lot don' have much in da wey o' muscle." Yalg said, smelling of beer. she was small, even for a dwarf, barely the height of a human pre-pubescent child, except for her battleaxe. It was easily 5 feet long of handle, and 2 feet of it was head. "Lemme join yeh, Give you lot in the wey o' survivability. Name's Yalgetrude Longmaster. Just call me Lady Longmaster, or Ma'am. C-class adventurer as of today." She said this so matter-of-factly, almost without emotion.
  6. Drakey

    Drakey A shape-shifting Dragon God

    Deroc looked around around as three voices came to him from nowhere. The first from a Golem, one made from magma, from the land of his fathers. The second from a person of Slua. One of the betrayers stood behind him, its twisted form clothes in only a cloth. Then, a dwarven lady, spoke in concurrence.

    The three were asking for the same thing. They wished to party up. Deroc had heard of this happening, but he had never done this himself. Entertaining the thought, the Drake responded, "Do what you will, but I give you all a warning. Hold me back in any way and I will cut you off of me in the link of an eye." Icy coldness filled the man's voice as he took out a form from the clerk. Signing his own name, Deroc Tear, and rank, which was C, upon the form, he handed it to the Golem first.

    After doing so, he decided to go and sit down at the table with the dwarf. Yalgetrude was her name, wasn't it?
  7. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    Internally Bala'Nosh laughed at the man, even if his nature disagreed. He needed to lighten up a little. Maybe a quick jaunt into a cave system where people have been going missing will fix that? Either way, he signed the form with his name and rank before sitting down next to Yal.

    Turning to her, his flaming eyes inspected the woman, failing to see any obvious symbol of clan. Sticking his hand out to her, he introduces himself. "Bala'Nosh, golem. You're Yal right? Dhordahnian or more lighter gods?"
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2017
  8. Horicabu

    Horicabu lil Imp

    Carrot took the form and began to sign it. He could barely restrain a laugh as he saw the Drake's rank. The creature must've been compensating for something. A Noble in full plate armor, only rank C? As he put down the strange lettering of his name, he felt almost proud to put his rank on the page, next to all these adventurers who were on the same level as him. It turned out that noble birth or a body made of stone couldn't make up for devotion.

    Carrot walked over to the table, seated himself, and passed the form to Yalegetrude. "I'm Carrot, necromancer of Slua." He said. "Tell me about yourselves."
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2017
  9. Lazzamore

    Lazzamore WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

    Yalgetrude was silent for a moment, signing the paper in front of her. Finally she would say, as plainly as possible "I already told yeh me name. I Served fightin' the wretched Dhordahn" she passed a glare at Bala for his asking if she was one of them "for me Clan. And I worship Gongromril, t'ank'ye. Well, the wars o'er an' folks like me ain't too useful anymore... Came out here lookin' fer something ta kill."

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