If You Could Have ONE Pokemon, What Would It Be?


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I just thought of this and got curious. Say somehow you were given ONE Pokemon of your choice, what would it be?

Here's a few things to keep in mind:

I am going to say refrain from saying a legendary Pokemon, just because some of those are too powerful for any mortal to command (the creation trio for example), but if you have a good reason for one that isn't necessarily world ending in strength (like a Shaymin) go ahead.
Your Pokemon won't be at risk for being stolen from you by like say, the government.
You don't have to worry about hiding it and can take it out in public. Some places will ban its entry though like how some places ban animals unless they are "workers" or are small enough.
Badges don't matter.
Your Pokemon will be the only one so it can't really have the intense battles of the games easily, unless say it was against someone in ballistic armor in a hand to hand fight. With enough training like that it could possibly evolve. As it is the only one it will not be able to breed.
It will know any level up move it can know in the game.
It will be loyal to you, unless you abuse it.

For me, I think I'd probably go with an Abra or a Sylveon.

Abra's sleep about 18 hours a day and I'm usually busy for that time, so I can have some fun with it while its awake in the evening. I also could teach it to teleport me even while its asleep (if I need to get somewhere fast) and carry it around with me in a baby sling. I'd probably get a lot of muscle gains on my shoulders doing that. Or damage them. Either way, sleepy cute Pokemon are great!

As for Sylveon, sometimes I get sad or lonely for no good reason, even when I'm with friends and loved ones. I feel like having a Pokemon that can offer intense feelings of love and devotion by simply wrapping a ribbon around my hand would be wonderful. Sylveons also are rather adorable and, if I ever get in trouble could lend a hand. A Helping Hand.

All in all, I'd probably prefer Sylveon over Abra though it was close.

Anyway, what would you all want?​
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Vaporeon, Has always been my favorite, there's just something about them that draws me in and want to cuddle it.
Or a Houndour


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Oooo, that's hard
But, I think I would want either Aron or Joltik...
Probably a Joltik, though, because of their adorableness and overall tininess. I could take 'em anywhere and I could use it to power things or use it as a mini stun gun...

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Well this is a hard question. Over the years my answer has actually changed but I believe I finally know. So it use to be Raichu, I always have liked the orange Pokemon, and it upset me when people always said Pikachu was better and I should forget his evolved form.

Then we met Lucario. I can't explain how he replaced my thoughts he just did. Probably because of how he communicated in one of the movies, his color scheme, and I feel like from what I've gather about him in general we'd just get along well. The third is Castform. Castform I like due to the fact he is a cloud and I have always liked clouds and how they seem for different weather forms.

My final answer is that I would either get a Lucario, or Castform. Simply because I always have to have one on my team and go after them as soon as possible in my Pokemon games and literally barely play the ones there not an option in.
Alakazam. Because it can teleport, and throw stuff around with its mind. Would never have to go through traffic again, or spend half an hour waiting for the bus. It also has an IQ of 5000, so I could have it invent stuff for me and take over the world with my super tech, or just retire off to a private island after earning billions in royalties.


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As much as I love my favorite Pokemon, I don't think Walrein would be the most practical companion.
I think Bewear would be a good one! It's cute and strong, and protective. It's big too, which is fun!

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If I had to say one evolution chain... probably the Cyndaquil line for a few simple reasons. One, it's a fire-type that is based on badger, so automatically, it's a determined little bugger that is always up for protecting itself or me. Two, the Cyndaquil line generally seem open to being hugged and petted, and call me a softie all you want, but I love having a pet who likes to receive ear scratches and belly rubs. Third, where I live, it gets pretty cold (mountainous area), so a living heater that I can huddle together for warmth with would be quite lovely.


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Hard question...but I'd say a Dragonair. I love dragons and prefer Dragonair to to Dragonite. Not to mention I could then ride my friend and we could fly. That would be awesome. ^^


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Mudkip. (If you don't understand why, I'm thankful for your youth. Don't waste it.)
Charizard. Defenitely Charizard. Yeah, I know. A cliché and predicteble choiche, but I can't help it. Charizard is just a childhood icon of mine, an he remained my favorite Pokémon after all these years.


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This is a hard question and I'll honestly have to think about it before answering. Maybe Rowlet. It might be a pretty cool one.