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Illusion Game: Syndrome

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South of the Border, West of the Sun

Zig, zig, zig, Death in cadence,
Striking with his heel a tomb,
Death at midnight plays a dance-tune,
Zig, zig, zig, on his violin.

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.

— William Shakespeare

The Town-on-Gorkhon is a town on the Eurasian Steppe. A long time ago, a plague rampaged through it, but was fought off by three people.

Mark Immortell bore witness to those who solved the epidemic. Now, he has written his magnum opus based upon this event, and called out across the Multiverse to put on his performance.

The Roles:

The Haruspex

Surgeons can cut out everything except cause.”
― Herbert M. Shelton

You were raised in Town-on-Gorkhon. Your father is a member of The Kin, the indigenous people of The Steppe. Your mother was a resident of Town-On-Gorkhon. You have spent the past five years studying in The Capital. Recently, you received a letter from your father asking you to return to the town. Upon your arrival, you find that everything has changed beyond recognition.

The Bachelor:

The meaning of life is that it stops.
― Franz Kafka

You are a famous thanatologist in the Capital. Known for your work into Death, it has been condemned by the government. You were recently called to Town-on-Gorkhon to investigate the strange case of a man who seems to support your theory, and potentially save your laboratory from being shut down. Upon your arrival, you find things in this town are strange, but that people are welcoming.

The Changeling:

The doctor is to be feared more than the disease
— Latin Proverb

You woke up in a hole, perhaps a shallow grave. The town fears you, because you have a miraculous power to heal. Some are not sure if you're an angel or a demon.

The Citizens:

No new horror can be more terrible than the daily torture of the commonplace.
— HP Lovecraft

You may not be a doctor, but you still have an important role to play. The every day people keep the town functioning and build up trust between individuals. You help or hinder the doctors as they try to achieve their goals. You may even have aims and goals yourself that you wish to achieve.


The Termites: The followers of The Haruspex. Usually children, or teenagers. The Termites are the ones who will inherit the town if it falls.

The Utopians: The followers of The Bachelor. Usually those who bear a role of power or importance in the town. They hope to preserve The Polyhedron in an effort to achieve an unknown Utopia.

The Humbles: The Followers of The Changeling. Usually made up of liars, thieves, those whose hearts are deemed rotten. Their goal is be humble and patient in the face of the unknown.

Town Civilian: A citizen of Town-on-Gorkhon. You live your day-to-day life in the town. You might be a grocer or other ordinary job. Perhaps you’re in one of several gangs within the town. Either way, you’re another face in the crowd. No one cares about you

Outsider: Whether you come from The Capital for your own reasons, with The Bachelor’s repertoire, or from outside the country itself, you are an outsider in Town-on-Gorkhon. It seems that despite its superstition and paranoia, the people are open to Outsiders. You are Welcomed Here

Towns are like people. Old ones often have character, the new ones are interchangeable.
— Wallace Stegner

Town-on-Gorkhon, as it’s name implies, is a town along the Gorkhon River in the Eurasian Steppe. Its primary industry is beef, and the town is in the vague shape of a bull. Only the railway and the river run through it, leaving it isolated.

Notable Locations:[/u]

The Abbatoir: The heart of industry. The meat processing plant in the town. Owned by Vlad “Big Vlad” Olgimsky. It is where cattle are sent to be slaughtered and processed on an industrial scale by its workers who live in the connected Termitary.

The Cathedral: What is a town without Faith? The Cathedral was built as a place where time would flow differently. A large monolithic structure of stone, imposing and ominous.

The Theater: Everyone enjoys a show. The theater is well known throughout the town for its shows. In times of crisis, it can be quickly converted into a field hospital or shelter. Owned by the eccentric Mark Immortell.

The Train Station: The only train station in or out of town. The station goes directly to the capital, with trains coming in and out every few days to transport cattle and other goods. Passengers rarely come in now due to ongoing conflict elsewhere.

The Polyhedron: A project by several elders within the town to attempt break the laws of reality. In its unfinished state, it has become a playground for the children, ruled over by a gang of children who wear curious masks and call themselves the Dog Heads.

Casting Call:

Please send this to me via DM.


Character Appearance:

True Name

Character Name:

True Age: (Estimate)

Character Age:

Background: (wiki link is fine)

Character’s Background and History:

Powers: (Wiki link is cool by me)

Personality: (Ditto)

Character’s Personality:

: (Haruspex, Bachelor, Changeling, or Citizen. The Haruspex, Changeling, and Bachelor know who they are)


1. Obviously all STC and Convergence rules apply
2. No OoC Drama in the IC and Vice Versa.
3. If there’s an issue, please let me or one of the admins know.
4. Please show myself and the other players respect. We’re all here to roleplay.
5. If anyone gets lost or falls behind, please let me know. We are all busy, and especially with the confusion happening, things happen and we need to catch up.
6. Please, please, PLEASE, and I can NOT stress this enough: PLEASE DM me your character sheet before posting here.
7. Only three images or gifs allowed, just to help people on mobile.
8. Let me know if you have any questions.

Other Information:

Names are based around Russian, Mongolian, and Kazakh names. However, I will allow other names if you are an Outsider or a nickname. I would also accept like, Romanian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, and even a Chinese name, as these are all onThe Eurasian Steppe, but most names are based around Kazakh, Russian, and Mongolian with a heavy emphasis on Russian.

Useful Links:

Kazakh Names
Russian Names
Mongolian Names
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Yun Lee

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The Convergence Series GM
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Character Appearance:

Light brown hair to his shoulders that he tends to keep out of his face with either a low ponytail or bun. Green eyes and a fair complexion, and he stands at a decent height of 5'8". Toned, and sports a bit of stubble on his chin. Tends to dress very neatly if plainly, usually in tweed suits that he's continued to wear for years in order to be cost-effective.

Character Name: Kazimir Oldgerelyn Zolotov

Character Age: 35

Character’s Background and History: Kazimir is half-Russian, half-Mongolian, receiving his middle name from his father's own given name, and taking his mother's family name. He'd lived in Town-on-Gorkhon for his entire life, not able or desiring to go elsewhere due to an illness his mother had that stayed with her her whole life. Kazimir was
determined to become a doctor in order to save her, and others like her, and had planned on going to a university years ago had his mother's condition not worsened. He then decided to stay home and care for her, until she died just a few days after his 30th birthday. His father then gave Kazimir some of his inheritance then, and encouraged him to study and become the finest doctor the Steppe had ever seen.

Character’s Personality: A soft-spoken, polite man who cares deeply for his hometown and his family. The loss of his mother rocked him considerably, and he is desperate to find a cure for whatever happened to her. Having been close to his parents he is still grieving even five years later, but he is loyal to his home in that it provided for his family, and will do anything to take care of his own. Has developed a bit of an alcohol habit to cope with his loss.

Role: Haruspex
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Appearance: Yuri has a stocky build, 6'1", blue eyes, black short hair, and a black beard. Usually seen wearing his fishing suspenders and a plain white shirt.

Character Name: Yuri Popov

Character Age: 36

Character’s Background and History: Son of the local fisherman, Yuri's life was pretty much decided from the start on what he would be when he grew up but he was more than happy to do so when his father passed away, having helped his father ever since he was little. He's also something of the town fixer in that if something breaks down he'll try his hand to fix it if someone needs wood for the fire he'll volunteer. Some in the village might call him gullible but he's only happy to help.

Character’s Personality: Friendly and helpful to a fault. If there’s something need to be fixed Yuri will do his utter best to help. A bit clueless at times.

Role: Citizen


dune agenda
Character Appearance:
She has long, red hair that is tied up in a bun and a blue scarf that she wears. Her usual attire is that of a black shirt and jeans.

Character Name:
Natalya Kazimirovna Ecditova

Character Age:

Character’s Background and History:
Natalya was born in a small Russian town, where she was forced to lie and steal for food, water, and other basic necessities. She was 16 when she first discovered her ability to heal. Her reason for heading to Town-on-Gorkhon is unknown to everyone around her, but the truth is that she just happened upon this town and wanted to flex her healing abilities.

Character’s Personality:
Natalya is confident and has a sleek tongue. She knows her way in and out of situations.




But We Were Happy
Character Appearance: 1585010051120.png

Dimtri had taken the time to properly take care of himself, having slicked back groomed hair and a clean shaven face along with his blue eyes that seem to not show many emotions or much more than contempt for being here, though it is not clear how, sometimes his eyes will appear more brown or green ( lighting dependent). He is seen wearing elaborate dress shirts and a black fancy coat along with the most expensive dress pants he could find from the city along with a pair of fancy loafers. He towers over most at 6’6 and has a slim build with a small amount of muscles.

Character Name: Dimtri Alexeyev

Character Age: 27

Character’s Background and History: Having been raised in the capital, Dimitri grew up in one of the richest families there, having many luxuries that others couldn’t even fathom to afford. From a young age, Dimitri took an interest in Death, finding time to research the topic. When he was old enough, he started to do more elaborate research, which was condemned by the government. Recently, he had heard of a small town of a man who supported his theory and he decided to investigate it and help whoever he could. After all, it would prove he was right…. And he liked nothing more.

Character’s Personality: Dimitri is a charming sort of man with a silver tongue that can charm most people through his calming and neutral tone. He can find a way to make you feel included in his conversation. However, likewise, it can also come off as condescending and arrogant to those who don’t know him well. Though charming and educated, he also has a dark sense of humor that makes it diffcult to pinpoint when he is serious or joking. However, he also is extremely friendly and reassuring and can make you feel that you had no reason to find him anything but a great person.

Role: Bachelor

Other: Dimitri is bi, though he doesn’t directly ever say this.


Dill Pickle Chips
Character Name: Druganina Marya Vladimirovna (Nina as my nickname)

Character Appearance:
Shoulder length dark brown hair, Blue-Grey eyes, pale skin, 4'11 in height, 110 lb, wearing traditional clothes in the color gray, with red&green detailing.

Character Age: 13

Character’s Background and History: She's lived there since she was born. relatively average and well kept upbringing, she's not to fond of authority, and has a history of sneaking animals out of the pound. She has a well ordered family with an aunt and two brothers. She's very affectionate towards her brothers, but is very easily annoyed by her Aunt since she never interacts with her unless she needs Nina to do something for her. She holds her brothers in the highest standard, but now they are both at college. She misses them very much.

Character’s Personality:
Calm in most situations, she see's that if you don't freak out in a situation it helps to not escalate the situation.

She's a happy person and love's to find beauty in the world, even in the mist.

Compassionate toward friends, clever people, and animals. She's generally friends with everyone, but if you lose her trust she isn't easily won back.

Curious about almost anything, and loves to explore and find out new stuff from any situation. She's kinda like those dumb people in horror movie who go toward the sound, but she has good intentions

Role: Citizen


Member of the Yato Club
Character Appearance:

(Made on this Picrew)

Damir is 5'6" with a muscular if slightly lean build, tanned skin, with dark brown, almost black hair he keeps in a low ponytail. His eyes are blue-green and he almost always has a friendly smile on his face.

Character Name: Damir Urusov

Character Age: 29

Character’s Background and History:
Damir grew up with one older brother, and two younger sisters. The son of a baker, he grew up showing more interest in the trade than his siblings and ultimately spent more time with his father in the bakery because of it. He never grew sick of the smell or taste of bread, even at his current age.

Character’s Personality: Damir is polite if a bit awkward, occasionally stumbling in his speech and drumming his fingers on a surface or his leg when truly nervous. When he was a child he was shy and fidgety, but now that he grew into himself he's become more calm and relaxed in some situations. He's friendly for the most part, and rarely if ever loses his temper with someone else. Damir considers family and friends very important, and doesn't like to drink much alcohol.

Role: Citizen


Character Appearance:
Character Name:
Boris Gibel
Character Age:
Character’s Background and History:
Boris was abandoned by his mother before he could speak. He was taken in by the church and raised by the resident grave digger and his family. He didn't receive much of an education and he was generally used as a laborer by his father. As he grew up into a quiet loner, barely speaking to his parents or the graveyard's grievers. Many locals believed him to be 'slow' or mute due to his quiet demeanor.

Before Boris turned 10, his mother fell ill. They sold everything they had. But his father couldn't scrounge enough money together to pay for her medicine. Watching his mother fade away devastated Boris. It broke his father's heart. The pair were left alone in an uncaring city. They passed her grave on a daily basis. It stood as a constant reminder as how powerless they were in the face of fate. They gave up everything they had to save her and it still wasn't enough.

The Grave Digger took his frustrations out on his boy. If anyone asked? 'The kid was just clumbsy'. 'The kid keeps walking into rakes'.

3 years later, the boy who buried his mother was burying his father. Some suspected foul play. None could prove it. The church brought in a new Grave Digger. Boris was kept on as his assistant. He was happy to see his home cleaned out. He was happy to see the pictures of his 'happy family' get taken down and replaced with pictures of the new Digger. The Digger and Boris kept out of each other's way. As Boris grew up, the second Digger grew older. Aged 17, Boris hopes to claim the job of his new carer and use his funds to support him in his old age.

Despite his past, Boris is generally a gentle fellow. He takes great pride in his word and takes extra care the nameless graves. In the little free time he has, he enjoys gardening.

Character’s Personality:
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