Illusion Game: True Goddess Metempsychosis


Booker, are you afraid of God?

Metempsychosis: Noun
the supposed transmigration at death of the soul of a human being or animal into a new body of the same or a different species.

The world is a goddamned evil place, the strong prey on the weak, the rich on the poor; I’ve given up hope that there is a God that will save us all. How am I supposed to believe that there’s a heaven and a hell when all I see now is hell."
-Aaron B. Powell

Tokyo is the largest city in the world with around 39 million people and 845 Square Miles.

You go through your daily routine: You wake up, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, walk your dog, go to school. Life seems to go on as it has every day, until one day, that all changes.

The world is turned upside down. Demons arrive, war breaks out, and the world collapses.

And it all begins at one place:

Shujin Academy

An Illusion Game set in the Shin Megami Tensei universe. This follows Persona 5, and takes elements from Persona 3, SMT IV, SMT IV: Apocalypse, Devil Survivor 2, as well as various elements from other games depending on the choices made.

Everyone will get a demon to support them. This demon can be connected to your character, or just one you like in general.

I will have a secret points system based around decisions made that will determine the ending between Law, Chaos, and Neutral.

There will be no roles, and everyone will gain memories back at certain plot points.

I hope to start this on June 1

Do NOT post this sheet in the thread. PLEASE DM it to me!

Illusion Appearance: While I like the use of pictures, and it's encouraged if you have one, I will require a written description of how your character looks. They can look like canon form, they can look completely different. Go wild!
True Appearance: (just a picture is good on this one)
Illusion Name:
True Name:
Illusion Age:
(Must be a Highschooler)
True Age:
(what are they really from?)
Illusion Bio: (tell a bit more about your illusion character's life here.)
True Bio: (you can link a wiki page here)
Representative Demon:
Alignment on a Law/Neutral/Chaos Scale:
(keep in mind, you are not bound by this, this is just a basic measure.)

A list of demons in the series can be found here


Akiyama, Itsuki

Cooper, Andrew James

Hisoka, Omura

Manabe, Ienari

Nakamura, Sarah

Shimizu, Kiseki

Shiori, Nanako

Tange, Sakura

Yamasato, Leah
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Yun Lee

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Illusion Appearance

Though his hair style/color is more along the lines of...

Though an average height of 5'8", he's broad and muscular, with fading scars along his arms and body. His skin is tanned, and he has an overall good-looking face. He wears glasses and keeps his long brown hair in a loose braid. He wears his Shujin Academy uniform neatly without any bells and whistles, save for a small Phantom Thieves pin on his lapel.

Illusion Name: Ienari Manabe

Illusion Age: 18

Illusion Bio: Coming from a long line of athletes, Ienari had a lot riding on him from a young age. Every generation, at least one Manabe would go on to participate in the Olympics. Ienari's father had been the exception, an injury ruining his career and leaving him to lay his expectations on his only son. Fortunately, once Ienari made it into Shujin, he was set: a former Olympian had become the new volleyball coach. This meant that Ienari's future was set. And Ienari, well...he didn't want to make waves, so he stuck through with the volleyball team. He also stuck through the abuse Kamoshida put him through, thinking there was nothing else for him other than what his family expected.

But that all changed on May 2nd of his second year.

Out of nowhere, Kamoshida was called out by the mysterious Phantom Thieves of Hearts, who swore to take his heart, and sure enough, he confessed to all the abuse he had caused his students, accepting full responsibility for what he'd done to them. Ienari was stunned. How could such a sudden change have been possible? He couldn't think of an for one. You see, Ienari had a secret, one hidden from everyone. He was fascinated by the occult, the paranormal, and had always suspected their world was not what it seemed. The sudden arrival of these Phantom Thieves, this change of heart in had to be supernatural! He couldn't help but get hooked, reigniting a fire inside him that had all but died while under Kamoshida.

And it kept getting better. A plagiarising artist, a mob boss...all fell to the Phantom Thieves. Ienari became inspired, and a devout supporter of the Thieves, right up until the end of their run. Even so, he remained a fan afterwards, inspired by them to fight for his own future. In his third year, rather than pursue athletics as expected, he decided to form an Occult Club. His parents were furious, of course, but he was determined to live his life his own way.

Representative Demon: Cu Chulainn

Alignment on a Law/Neutral/Chaos Scale:
Neutral Good​


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Illusion Appearance: Blond haired, usually up in a bun. Uses way too much blush on her cheeks. Thinks the 50s were the bees knees! Outside of school she uses plaid skirts and proper outfits. No belly buttons or open shoulders here!

Illusion Name: Sarah Nakamura

Illusion Age: 17

Illusion Bio: Born of a American deaconess stationed in Japan and a Japanese salary man, Sarah's life has been a quite normal one. Despite speaking casual English with her mother the only thing that sets her apart from the typical Japanese highschool girl is her blond hair and complexion. Friendly to the point of being a pain, Sarah does her best to be helpful and glad towards everyone, whether they want it or not. During her free time she tutors to some of the kids in her building as well as helps with different charities where she can. Perhaps some times she should think about herself, but how can she do that when there are so many others out there that needs help?

Representative Demon: Mother Harlot

Alignment on a Law/Neutral/Chaos Scale: Lawful Good

Hida Tomonatsu

Hida Bushi
Illusion Appearance: Standing a few inches above everyone, Hisoka Omura is well-known for his slim appearance that meshes well with the Shujin school uniform. Some have noted the strange ways in which he resembles the young detective who made headlines just a year before, with rumors saying that his combed dark hair is dyed that color to hide his real identity as the detective. Of course, he’s all too quick dismiss such ideas, saying that while he resembled the man to some degree, his classmates should have remembered that he had been on the same field trip the year before to the local news station and been in the audience with the rest of the students while the detective was interviewed. In any case, outside of school, Hisoka prefers a casual attire, usually centered around a loose dress shirt that he would pick out and build around with a hooded jacket to top it off to ensure that, even if he forgets his umbrella, he has a way to cover his head in the rain.

Picture for a good idea of what you should be imagining.

Illusion Name: Omura Hisoka

Illusion Age: 18

Illusion Bio: Born the child of two successful corporate managers, Hisoka was raised in the comfort of Tokyo’s upper middle class, groomed to some degree to catapult himself off of the strong foundation his family granted. However, rather than pursue the same career path as them and join the business club at Shujin Academy in preparation for such a life, the young man took to the message proposed by the actions of the Phantom Thieves in his junior year, agreeing with their ideals of using unorthodox means to reveal corruption and evil to the light of the world. It didn’t help his parents’ case when the coach of the school, a former Olympic star, was revealed as a monster and the principal died under mysterious circumstances soon afterwards; in the mind of their son, this was validation of his emerging views that the current system was being unfairly used by those in power to maintain their own prestige at the expense of the rest of society, including students like himself. Thus as the school year ended, Hisoka began to pursue a campaign for election to the school council as the next year’s president, which he secured in the end via a bit of charming sweetness and the expression of his ideals that the student council was a body meant to serve the people; students were meant to be empowered by it to seek redress for their concerns regarding the school’s administration, and as president, Hisoka hoped to use the council just for that goal as preparation for his future as a statesman.

Representative Demon: Sraosha

Alignment on a Law/Neutral/Chaos Scale:
Neutral Good​

Gummi Bunnies

a shattered miracle left behind
The Convergence Series GM
-Illusion Appearance-
Kiseki stands at the height of 5'4", and has messy short black hair with blue dyed highlights at the tips of her hair bangs and bright blue eyes. She tends to loosen up on her Shujin Academy uniform, unbuttoned and untucked, but otherwise, not much deviation there. Her casual attire, on the other hand, is a baggy hoodie, and short shorts and knee-high stockings along with boots.

-Illusion Name-
Kiseki Shimizu

-Illusion Age-

-Illusion Bio-
Up until this point, Kiseki's life is just about average as any other person growing up. She graciously accepted the fact that her family living in a cramped apartment was okay. She mindlessly took in every instruction and information dump to heart. She undoubtedly trusted the people she sees and the people she never sees. An obedient and dependent girl. That was, until everything she believed in was unraveled, and the dirt shown to the masses. The actions of the Phantom Thieves gave a jumpstart in a change in Kiseki's mindset, given that just about everything she paid no mind to was something she should've been thinking about by her own terms. Attending Shujin Academy of all places after the fact, the prim and proper student taking a more rebellious attitude.

"This cage... eventually, we'll break it to pieces!"
Thinking that to herself, she wondered what would be up ahead by the time she was done with high school, but she didn't want to be acting like someone else that societal complications directed her to be. Whatever that may be, she wanted things on her own terms, even if this would sometimes come out crudely at times.

-Representative Demon-

-Alignment on a Law/Neutral/Chaos Scale-
Chaotic Neutral​


The Devil You Know
Illusion Appearance: Andy has dark brown hair along with dark brown eyes. He is lean looking and is often seen wearing a leather jacket and a pair of jeans. He does have some muscles, but not many people would realize it due to his lean frame. He stands at 5'11 inches
Illusion Name: Andrew James (Goes by AJ or Andy depending on how close he is to the person) Cooper
Illusion Age:17
Illusion Bio: Andy is a recent transfer student from the students, only just really starting Shujin academy a few days ago. He was transferred since well- he got into a fight that may have put another kid into a hospital due to him bullying one of his best friends. Having been expelled from his school due to that incident, his father, an American businessman felt it was best to take his son with him on his business trip. Andy hasn't made many friends and is still getting use to being in Japan, still lacking in language skills and catching up on this new place.
Representative Demon: Hell Biker
Alignment on a Law/Neutral/Chaos Scale: Chaotic Neutral[


Just a newbie...
Illusion Appearance:

Itsuki has a head of dark blue hair, and a matching pair of dark blue eyes. He is often seen wearing a white scarf, and a somewhat matching jacket, with a hint of blue and gold, coupled with some grey jeans and black sneakers. Outside of things like school uniforms, or formal wear, he is rarely seen wearing something else. It isn't exactly the most low profile outfit, but it isn't so flashy that it is guaranteed to draw attention either. It's a nice middleground that Itsuki likes to maintain when he can.

Illusion Name:
Itsuki Akiyama

Illusion Age:

Illusion Bio:
The Akiyama family was once rather well off, but it was largely thanks to Itsuki's mother. While she had a shakey start, running a few short-lived businesses, she struck gold with a lucky stock investment that soon opened the door to her heavy involvement in the stock market. Her uncanny skill with managing her stocks, coupled with a keen intuition allowed her to make a fortune, enough to support her family, and then some.

Unfortunately, that didn't last forever. A fatal car accident took Itsuki's mother from his life, and left his father, who had been trying to maintain a business of his own with all of her fortune. Unfortunately, this business soon stagnated after Itsuki's mother passed away, as his father developed a bad drinking problem, unable to cope with the reality of the situation.

Inevitably, this heavy drinking would take a toll on his health, and eventually lead to a fatal case of alcohol poisoning.

Needless to say, Itsuki's life wasn't too pleasant after his mother passed away.

He was transferred from school to school, and foster family to foster family thanks to his unruly behavior he developed to cope with his childhood trauma.

Eventually he wound end up transferring to Shujin academy, but only time would tell if his unruly behavior would get him expelled from here too.

Representative Demon:

Alignment on a Law/Neutral/Chaos Scale:
Chaotic Good​



"Look what the cat brought in."

Illusion Appearance:
Sakura assumes a height of 130 centimetres, and her build is dainty. Her hair is pitch black, like the night, and her eyes, emerald-hued. Her skin is very pale, to the point that there are actually rumours of her being a vampire, and two particularly sharp canine teeth do not help quell this. Her brows seem moderately thick and her night black hair extends dangerously close to the ground, the only reason they do not touch it is due to their slight curling along the tips.

As expected, Sakura wears the Shujin Academy uniform, and is often depicted with roller skates which she uses to travel to school.

Illusion Name:
Tange Sakura

Illusion Age:

Illusion Bio:
Sakura was born into a family of just her and her beloved mother in the Tokyo Metropolis. She never did know the identity of her father, and never truly desired one. Her life was, for the most part, pretty average with the rare shark in the sky. She used to be extremely boyish and aggressive in her elementary school years, often fighting against bullies, but began to mellow out in middle school where she started to peak into puberty and chuunibyou, assuming a grandiose persona that slowly leaked into her own true self, wearing bandages and the like. She also joined the Occult Club during this. She has tried to mature beyond this, without too much success as she transitions into High School.

She is currently part of the Going Home Club, the true best club.

Representative Demon:

Jack the Ripper

Alignment on a Law/Neutral/Chaos Scale:

Alex Azure

Prince of the Multiverse
Illusion Appearance:
Nanako Shiori is 153 cm tall, with black hair that runs to the middle of her back, pulled tightly into a braid. Her physique is petite, but her presence is commanding. Her green eyes and poercing glare command everything stay neat and orderly, just as she keeps her uniform.

Illusion Name:
Nanako Shiori

Illusion Age:

Illusion Bio:
With her mother passing away at a young age, Nanako was raised primarily by her father, a public prosecutor. As such, she's developed a deep respect for the law and its enforcement. She holds herself and those around her to high standards of excellence. In the previous year, she was inspired by student council president Makoto Nijima, and this year sits as the student council's vicd president. She is ready to uphold the rules and regulations of Shujin Academy.

Representative Demon:

Lawful Good​


Booker, are you afraid of God?
Illusion Appearance: Leah has rust red hair that stops at her shoulders and green eyes. She wears her school uniform tightly and well cut. She wears glasses and a pen behind her ear or twirled in her hand. She always has a clipboard or composition notebook in her hands.

Illusion Name: Leah Yamasato

Illusion Age: 18

Illusion Bio: Leah is the daughter of an Irish journalist and a Japanese businessman. Born in Tokyo, she has lived a dual life between Irish traditions and Japanese traditions.

Her mother, a woman with interest in heroics, obsessively chased the Phantom Thieves story, even transferring her daughter from the International School to Shujin so that she could get the inside scoop from within the school. She pushed her daughter to help cover the story locally as well, gathering information from other students and joining the newspaper.

She currently runs the school newspaper.

Representative Demon: Scathach

Alignment on a Law/Neutral/Chaos Scale: Neutral
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Illusion Appearance:

A tall, broad man built like a boxer, Bear wears his platinum blonde hair long and his cheeks unshaven, earning himself the nickname; Iron Bear. Scruffy and rough, he tends to wear his his uniform loose and occasionally intentionally torn. His eyes are a a vivid blue, but are deeply darkened by heavy bags and the occasion bruise. Small scars litter his cheeks and nose, having been left behind following a car accident he had been involved in several years prior. The accident also left his with a series of deep burns along his right arm, which he tends to cover up with a dark jacket worn over the top of his uniform.
Illusion Name:

Bjorn 'Bear' Tormod-Oreson
Illusion Age:

Illusion Bio:
Born to a busy father and absent mother, Bear spent most of his childhood running around the streets, looking for ways to entertain himself. Seeking attention and excitement, he soon found himself joining gang after gang, vandalizing his way across the country whenever his parents would force him to move. After getting kicked out of his previous school for setting up an illegal gambling ring built around the school's sports festival, Bjorn soon found himself enrolled at the Shujin Academy. Not entirely on board with the whole 'uniforms' and 'showing up to class thing', Bear opted to join the school under the threat of finally being cut of and emancipated by his father.

Representative Demon:


Alignment on a Law/Neutral/Chaos Scale:



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Illusion Appearance: Looks like an absolute drug girl from the seventies or later with how she treats herself. She calls it an aesthetic but it just kinda seems like an excuse to be lazy. Outside of school she wears stuff like beanies and shirts that don’t go all the way down, showing off some scandalous belly buttons and shoulders, with some jean shorts being what she also wears. Wears a lot of hair pieces and little pins and buttons on her shirt. Has a bag that she carries around everywhere. Just a duffel bag filled with random crap. She’s also a dirty blonde with hair short enough to reach her shoulders.

Illusion Name: Junko Enomoto

Illusion Age: 16
Illusion Bio: Generally speaking she just comes from a very chill family. Though cool in the way of they didn’t actually care much about her. Juno’s family just sort of left her alone to experience life on her own. Because of this she’s made some rather poor choices in life and has messed around with a strange group of people. She’s grown a lazy nature and generally gets in trouble due to not working on her homework and doing things that generally just break school rules. She’s been a troublemaker for a while but hasn’t generally done it out of ill intent. She just doesn’t care enough.

Representative Demon: North Wind
Alignment on a Law/Neutral/Chaos Scale:Neutral