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In the Wake of Giants [1x1]

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Jannistory19, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Janine struggled to do anything: standing upright, making a hit, biting a body, something... Anything! She had never been in a situation like this before with wolves before, and she tried to figure out what to do. Rarely had she gotten herself pinned down like prey, and even if it did happen, she would just over power them. But then again, no other enemy went for the legs like these wolves did.

    Suddenly, Janine heard a horse crying out. Her mind immediately went to Raban - was he in trouble? Did he get hurt!? Out of nowhere, she felt a couple of her legs being freed by snapping jaws. Despite being shaken around, the demon took the opportunity to get them aimed at the wolves still attached to her.

    Then she sensed a large presence approaching her and felt the wolf being pulled away from her neck. The wolf tried furiously to hang on, but Janine pulled herself in the opposite direction, and soon freed herself from the jaws of the wolf. Her world spun around from the vigorous shaking, but when she was even able to see better, she immediately saw her savior to be Raban. She was happy to see the newly shifted knight being able to fight in his new form, and alongside him was Chestnut as she tried to fight the wolves off her.

    With the wolves preoccupied, Janine put her freed paws under her body and pushed them, ignoring the pain in them. The wolves did fight against Raban and Chestnut, but they still did try to go after Janine as their main target. The fact that she was pinned down for so long angered her to no end, and the fact that she put her new friends in danger gave her a resolution. Enough of these wolves; they were going to be put down - permanently.

    With a fierce roar, Janine got on her hind legs to take the attention away from Raban and Chestnut, and rushed the closest wolf to her - the one Raban was occupied with. The wolf barked at her, but didn't get the chance to do anything, for she immediately snapped her fangs into its neck. She shook it around before throwing it to the ground, leaving it to writhe around and whine before succumbing to its fate. Her attention swiftly turned to the wolf that she scratched first, and when it leaped at her, she leaped up at the same time.

    Her body went over it, but when they both went down, Janine slammed her tail right on its back - the wolf gave a short yelp before it collapsed on the ground, lifeless and limp on the leaf litter.
    The wolf with the broken leg was easiest to deal with. One slap against its forelegs, and it snapped like a twig. Now that it was completely downed, Janine wasted no time in going for the kill.

    Two wolves went down, and there were three left over. One by one the wolves were attacked by Janine, only going down when given a fatal blow. One more wolf was left, and it steadily hid in the bushes as Janine furiously went after it. Eventually, she backed away and waited it out in the open. Her hind feet instinctively thumped on the ground, the knowledge that danger being nearby still present. Suddenly, the wolf snarled as it came down on her from nowhere. The demon creature roared and jumped around like disobedient horse, trying to get the wolf off her back as it snapped its fangs around. With a huff, Janine leaped up and threw her weight forward, throwing the wolf off her back and onto the forest floor. It barked as it went after her once more, but Janine had had enough. She waited until the wolf was close enough before she opened her mouth, and the wolf's head went into the gaping mouth of fangs. She lifted her head up as the creature squirmed around, muffled yelps being heard from inside her mouth.

    With a rattling tail, the demon beast lifted her head up and slammed the animal's body on the ground repeatedly, hitting it with more and more force until she threw it down. With it still on the ground, Janine took no time in placing a foot on the neck, and with a well placed stomp, she snapped the beast's neck. It's eyes were green for a little bit longer before they faded and went to what was assumed to be the wolf's natural eye color.

    Panting heavily, Janine took a look at the damage that was done to the wolf pack. All five were dead, but Janine just couldn't trust it. She let out a furious roar and performed a series of actions that were all aggressive in nature: stomping her feet and thrashing her tail and slamming her paws into the leaf litter. She roared at the lifeless wolf, angry that they forced her and her friends' hand into killing them. When she was done, Janine huffed and paced around the trees before she paused and looked down at her legs and paws. Her head grew dizzy and she half collapsed, half laid down on the ground, panting heavily as she tried to understand why the trees were swirling around her.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2019
  2. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Zul'Zae'ju'Jin the Hugger Troll

    Raban snorted as Chestnut cried out, his attention diverted to peer as a wolf lashed out at her, catching her across the face. Raban winced as he saw red streaks open across his skin. He looked back at the wolf he was hauling away from Janine and snorted again as it tried to free itself. He clamped his flat teeth held fast as it writhed and struck out at him. He half reared in pain when he felts its claws drag across a black hide.

    They carried on trying to aid Janine and Raban was glad when he saw movement from her. He was worried that the wolves attack had been too much for her. It still could. He backed up slightly as she charged for the wolf in his teeth and had presence of mind to let go as she grabbed it. His sides heaved and he looked to Chestnut as she stood watching Janine deal with the remaining wolves with a rich fury. She was leaning on the sword point.

    "Don't go blunting it. You all right?"
    "What? Oh... Yes. New scars for your collection. "
    "Same for you,"

    Raban looked back to Janine as she finished off the last. He frowned, black eyes blinking before he lowered his head, inspecting the wolf Janine had left for dead. It looked nothing more than a normal wolf, a wolf that would have answered his dominance had he been in his lycan form but something told him that whatever power had held them would not have cared either way. Someone was after Janine and they were stepping up their game.

    He stood and watched as Janine howled and roared her dominance. It was a curious thing to watch in another knowing he did it himself when he knew a wolf pack was near. He knew he was more lupine because of what he was but even though she was a demon, she acted more like a mountain lion. He smiled in himself at the thought. He blinked when she went down so suddenly and he moved towards her, his neck twitching before his head lowered next to Janine's. He snickered at her, nosing about her face and neck inquiringly.

    "Chestnut... Something's wrong..."

    The demon in his body looked up before moving over after struggling a little to sheathe his sword. She looked at Janine and cocked her head to the side, unsure as to what was wrong with her. Chestnut walked by Janine's side after looking her over. She frowned before she moved to a wolf's body and grabbed the jaws, opening them before chucking it to the side again.

    "No difference. Just normal wolves..."
    "Even normal wolves can kill... You'll need to check her wounds."

    Chestnut looked at him before she sighed, moving to the saddlebags in which knew Raban kept ointments, salve, bandaging and spirits for cleaning wounds out. She took the alcohol but left the rest before moving back to Janine.

    "Janine?" Chestnut asked, trying to see what wounds there were.
  3. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Hissing pants forced their way out of Janine's mouth, her chest heaving up and down from the fight. As much as she hated to admit it, she wasn't sure if she would've made it by herself. They weren't normal for some reason, and she couldn't figure out why, but with them going for her legs and head, she was almost prey.

    Maybe that was a sign that she needed to tighten her fighting skills. Get stronger, faster, more harder to pin down and kill. But she'll deal with that later. Raban's head suddenly appeared into her view, and she stuck her tongue out at him before she craned her neck, to see her wounds.

    Blood trickled from her wrists and heels, mostly the wound from the one who first initiated the attack on her hind leg. With all the adrenaline coursing through her veins, she was basically able to ignore the pain, but of course once that went away, it all came crashing back down.

    And the pain in her leg increased twofold. What the hell?

    "It.... It burns," Janine muttered as she kept shifting her bitten leg. It felt familiar, but she couldn't place an immediate source to the pain, at least not yet. For some reason, she felt herself building up slightly more aggression, like it was... forcing it out of her.

    The burning sensation had spread to the rest of her body, but it wasn't as bad as her leg itself - just very uncomfortable. But it did make her slightly more snappy.

    "The hell did that wolf do?!" Janine snarled. She paused and took her gaze to Raban, then Chestnut as she went to her to see her wounds. Her neck puffed out a little, but she couldn't help but whimper a little before she lowered her neck back down to the ground.


    Damnit. They actually injured her, even if it was a little. Like a horse or rabbit, she needed her hind legs to be fully okay before she could move properly.

    "Just need to lay down... for a moment.... Yeah," Janine panted as she shifted her head on the softer leaves.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2019
  4. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Zul'Zae'ju'Jin the Hugger Troll

    Raban watched Janine for a long moment before he gave a trouble whinny without realising he had given one. A horse was less watchful of its emotions even it been well trained to withstand warfare. He could do nothing and it enraged him. He wouldn't be able to renter his own body for another day or so, it was one major drawback of the body switch and yet another reason why he disliked it.

    "It's burning... What's that supposed to mean?"

    Raban looked at Chestnut in her thought question and frowned. Burning was something a fire demon relished doing and did. There was no other kind for her but the more Raban thought on it, the more he realised that this was not fire they ought to fear. He looked back at Janine before he blew air huffily out through large nostrils.

    "Feel one of her wounds. Does it sting, tingle, bring a reaction to you?"

    Chestnut moved round in a clink of chainmail and creak of leather boots before she felt the wound in Janine's leg. She frowned with his brow at him and nodded. Raban snorted, not liking it all all before he nosed more about Janine's face trying to get her to calm down.
    "See if you can find that bottle in the saddle bag... Should be there,"
    "That grey one with the sludgy stuff in?"
    "Mhm, It may help slow it down... It's what I use on you when you get bitten by snakes in the grass,"
    "Hate those things."

    Chestnut stood and moved to his side, rummaging within the saddle bags, even going through the secret compartments that Raban had installed for drastic measures. He had no qualms about what he was and knew if there was no other way to stop him, silver was the only way.

    "Tell her, Chestnut. I can't. You're the one with the vocal chords,"
    He reminded her knowing how irritating it was to be kept in the dark. Chestnut thew him a dark look back but she did oblige.

    "Raban says it may be some kind of poison. He has a something... Here we go, always at the damned bottom. He should really pack better."

    Raban snorted before he lay down, staring at Janine in worry and concern, ignoring the whinnies of a worried horse nearby. Chestnut returned and opened the bottle, wrinkling her nose at the smell.

    "This... might sting... I think," Chestnut warned as gently as her high spirited and blunt nature could allow for. It was as close as to an aplogy Janine was likely to get as Chestnut followed Raban's internal instructions and applied the brown sludgy mixture after washing the wounds out with the alcohol.

    "Raban says you'll need to stay calm... as you can. He's not wrong in that. The quicker your heart beats, the faster blood is pumped round the system. Pain in the arse really," Chestnut muttered as she worked with fingers not her own. She glanced as Raban peered towards the wolf and huffed air again.

    "Raban is worried that those wolves were not the only ones watching, they were certainly under some spell and someone's been fiddling. If there was someone watching... Means all our secrets could potentially be known. It's clear someone wants you dead."
  5. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Janine felt herself growing fearful. What was happening to her? Was she going to be alright? Her claws continuously flexed in and out as she tried to ride out the pain. Janine had always considered her pain tolerance to be fairly high, but this particular pain just made her insides cringe and tense up. Her body wholeheartedly rejected whatever this stuff was, so it obviously wasn't good for her. Chestnut said Raban suggested that it could've been a poison, so she wondered what it was, since she was able to absorb venom and neutralize it. Were venom and poison different from each other?

    Raban's presence did calm her down, and she appreciated it greatly. If she was alone with this affliction, she'd panic and probably make it worse. She heard Chestnut's warning and nodded her head, bracing herself for the sting that may hit her wounds.

    Just when the sting presented itself, Janine hissed and curled her tail a little. It was startling, but she could breathe through it, so she relaxed a little. The serpentine head turned to Chestnut as she voiced Raban's concern. Her gaze then turned to the wolves spread out on the forest floor. Wolves under a spell? That could explain the strange glowing eyes. It could also explain the relentless energy - the fact that they kept going even after they were severely injured. If they were normal at the time she would've given the wolves some respect, but it wasn't the case. She looked to Chestnut and sighed.

    "I.... can't see who would want me dead. I just can't. I never thought that I was so sloppy as to reveal what I was.... How do you figure that out, if you've kept to yourself most of the time? How can you make the most accurate guess?" Janine asked as she looked between Raban and Chestnut.
  6. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Zul'Zae'ju'Jin the Hugger Troll

    Chestnut worked through every wound should could physically find knowing that her Little Wolf would wish her to be thorough since he was unable to do this for himself right now. Of all the damned luck for them to have struck when they had. It was as if they had been waiting for that very chance, which would not surprise the demon at all. Raban was at his weakest when he was human. He could still die from a silver weapon to his heart and it was always easily to kill a werewolf in their human state than it was in their non human state. There was only so many ways a horse could fight off something that was designed to attack and kill prey animals.

    Raban remained with her, keeping his large head close to hers knowing at least she hadn't been alone. He would not have liked finding her much later than he had and was glad Sir Kiegal had sent him after after rather than any other Knight. For all he knew, it was another Knight that was behind all this. He shook his mind at that. If it was another Knight, why were they acting with underhanded tactics and waiting till she was in the forest before raising such an attack. He couldn't discount the plausibility that it was one of their own behind this but he knew if that Knight was using some kind of sorcery to ferret her out... they would equally find themselves in trouble. Sorcery was not something most understood well enough to lack fear for.

    He listened with pricked ears as she spoke and asked them a question. Chestnut glanced at Raban who flicked an ear, seeming to answer in return before Chestnut replied for them both.

    "Raban didn't know what I was until I could be sure of his intentions. I played the dumb horse for weeks after he had rescued me, little demon. He was clueless for a good while, just as as I was about him. I learned he had honour, trust and seemed to have a genuine desire to help other without thought to his own safety. Damned reckless if you ask me... Don't give me that Raban, " It appeared Raban had flipped his lip at her again.

    "I did not trust humanity at all back then. They were all beneath me, meat sacks for the fires that burn. I could not see how they could rise from the muck and learn to be more than that what society dicated of them. Little Wolf showed me that I was wrong, but it was a secret I kept close for a very long time."

    She paused after giving her end before speaking again, "As for my Little Wolf... he was lucky. He might have lost his family, but through one man's kindness and understanding regardless of the code that spoke against it, he gained a new one. However, it was a family he could not share his secret with."

    "We've kept our secret to ourselves as much as possible... but there are those who hunt what we are. Hunters who refuse to believe anything human could remain in a werewolf or a demon. They don't want to understand. They wish to remove the blemish from their perceived society's norms. It is why my kind have closed their doors to them for so long. The human world is one of banishment, a prison cell. Fancy that for cold shoulders."

    Chestnut looked at her, "We may not know who, but someone does want you dead. Someone you once knew perhaps, someone who just hunts our kind or someone you might have pissed off unknowingly. Who knows, but those beasts ignored us two and we're just as dangerous,"

    "As for learning secrets... That often takes time, a slip up on the hunted's part or they already know and have take this long to do something. Raban says it may be worth asking your mother if there's anyone who may wish you dead, or harmed. She's the one who knows your younger life and the people who came and went,"

    Raban rested his head gently against Janine as he let Chestnut speak the most she had in his body since the first time they had done this. It was bugging him that there may be someone out there that knew everything now. None of them were safe, but they both had a duty to uphold. To run now would be to forsake that duty and lose trace of the one behind it all.
  7. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Janine sighed. The information was a lot to take in. The possibilities were many, and none of them less dangerous than the others. She hoped that she didn't make anyone mad - it would give them the ideas that only a vengeful person would think of. What was their ultimate goal?

    She somewhat hoped it was a Hunter.... They might have strong beliefs in their work, but maybe... Just maybe, she could change the person's mind. But then again, who knows how long that would take. Not to mention that they'd be specialized in hunting demons and werewolves and goodness knows what else.... Not only would Janine truly be in danger, so would Raban and Chestnut....

    She shook her head with a hiss. So many dangers, so many scenarios. And she had only one way to figure it out. She had to ask her mother when the day was done. Maybe her stories would help give some insight into this threat. She just hoped that she didn't give herself away unknowingly.

    Janine scoffed and shook her head. "Great. Just wonderful." She lifted her serpentine head to Raban and gave a soft hiss. "Never a dull moment in the forest when we come around is there?" Janine amused with a hissing chuckle. She then turned to Chestnut and nodded her head.

    "Thanks for putting that stuff on me. I think my wounds feel better. Maybe my body.... But it could be wishful thinking."

    Janine shifted her body to put her legs under her body, moving slowly to make sure she didn't poke or scrape at anything. She then slowly put her weight on her paws, being especially careful on her hind legs, and got up on her feet.
  8. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Zul'Zae'ju'Jin the Hugger Troll

    Raban raised his head as she looked at him and snickered in return. It followed an earlier thought that from the first moment, this forest had nothing but a weird ride for them both. Something had happened every time they'd been in here. Perhaps the forest itself was cursed or was watching. He had rumours of forests like that but he didn't know if this one was one of them.

    Chestnut nodded, "Take it slow, little demon. Raban says we probably should head back soon. Kiegal will start to wonder what's taking so long,"

    Raban snorted, there was never any rest for the wicked when you were one of the order. There were rules and protocols for everything. Well, mostly everything. It had nothing for sane werewolves and friendly demons. He rose to his feet with far less grace than Chestnut would achieve but he was on his hooves and that was all that mattered. He stood as Chestnut returned the alcohol and salve to the saddle bags.

    "Will you be all right to change back?" Chestnut asked, her head tilting slightly before she moved to put the armour Raban had removed back on his body. He snorted at every moment she got a particular part of it wrong and she in turn corrected herself.
  9. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    When Chestnut asked if she could change, ahe looked to herself with uncertainty. She looked down at her feet before she moved her feet carefully for a moment, wanting to gauge her body before doing anything else. When she was sure that she could move properly without hidden complications - minus the one stumble from her front paw - Janine sighed and nodded to herself, then looked to Chestnut and nodded. "Yeah, I can change back." Janine said as she sat down and initiated her change. When she was done, the young half-demon would be sitting down in a criss-cross position, with small scratches on her body from the scuffle earlier. She wasn't sure how long she'd been in her demon form, but she was just happy that she wasn't going any further down that aggressive and emotional spiral. She was sure that if it continued past today, she'd most likely would've revealed her other half to all of Amastad.

    She was very fortunate that Raban and Chestnut were following her - if it was anyone else, they would've been attacked.... and possibly severely injured. Getting up on her feet, Janine looked to her comrades and smiled softly, suddenly unable to see how she'd manage this long on her own. But then again, she never had this much stuff happening to her before. Either way, she's gained friends... Today was special in that sense. She couldn't wait to tell her mom about it.

    The woman walked over to her horse and observed him. He was whinnying every once in a while, eyeing Janine warily. He must've still thought that she was too dangerous to be near. Understandable. Once a horse has perceived something as a threat, it's hard to have them to see it as otherwise.

    Janine sighed. She hoped that Venus was better. She'd have to check up on her when she got back home. Petting and stroking the animal softly, Janine shushed the stallion to relative silence, not withstanding the few snorts and huffs from his nose.

    "Hi there. Sorry about these last several days. I'm not normally like that, I promise. I was just having a lot of bad days. A lot of them. Let's just go slow with this okay?" Janine said as she got on the horse's back. She untied the knot that attached the stallion to the tree, and took the reigns. After a few moments of walking around and getting used to his girth again, Janine looked back to Raban and Chestnut.

    "How are you Raban? You okay with running?" She asked with a concerned voice.
  10. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Zul'Zae'ju'Jin the Hugger Troll

    Raban listened as he practised his walking in circles once again just to get used to the feeling of four legs that could not walk on two. He could feel Chestnut watching him with amusement for a moment before she finished up putting his armour back on. He stumbled a couple of times before he got used to the gait knowing that soon enough he would be taking weight upon his now equine back and knew too that he'd be expected to trot too.

    "It's not that hard, little wolf. Front left with right hind, right front with left hind"
    "One thing being told... another thing doing..."
    "Don't worry, tomorrow, you'll be you again,"
    "Can't wait!"

    Chestnut snickered at his response before looking back to Janine and nodded, "Take your time, little demon." Chestnut moved to Raban pausing him in his stride to take the lead reign and mounted up, resting in the saddle allowing time for Raban to get used to his own weight. She supposed that'd be a hard thing to get used to in some ways. She nudged Raban's sides and he snorted before he walked his circles again.

    He felt the nudge again and knew this was Chestnut's way of teaching, her words of gentle reminder of the stride fluttering about his mind. He attempted to follow the commands, his pace increasing awkwardly, stumbling here and there and paused when Janine spoke. His ears lowered and flicked before he snorted lightly.

    "He'll try... He just won't be as fast as your steed. Little practise, Raban will make for a fine steed, no?" Chestnut smirked, earning herself another flipped lip of reproach.

    "Let's go," Chestnut nodded and helped Raban turn round, picking his way through leaf litter. It took him a little while to do but he eventually got the rhythm of the trot.
  11. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Janine nodded her head and turned her steed around as Chestnut made her joke. She chuckled, and nodded her head as Raban began his trot.

    Along the way, Janine kept giving a mental note of her bodily state. While the salve was very helpful, she wanted to make sure that she wasn't going to be sucker-punched by some delayed or hidden side effects.
    She also thought about today as a whole. And then she thought about Raban saying that she needed to explain everything to her mother. She sighed inwardly, beginning to think the same. Perhaps she needed to know, just so she wouldn't be completely in the dark. Maybe Her mother being completely oblivious to her problems would be detrimental at some point.

    She thought that maybe it would be the same for Raban and Chestnut. They are her comrades after all. She turned to the knight and horse with a small clearing of her throat.

    "I'm happy that you two came for me instead of someone else. I'm afraid that I would've hurt everyone else who'd approached me.... Chestnut, I'm sorry that I attacked Raban earlier. I.... Believe that I was angry that he spoiled my hunt... I was attempting to hunt a rabbit at the time. See, every once in a while I feel the urge to eat.... Wild things. No matter how much domestic food I eat, I steadily get hungrier and hungrier, and my impulses and desire to hunt things get more and more stronger. That unfortunately includes aggression and seclusion."

    Janine sighed and shook her head. "I would've gone and hunted way before this got out of hand. I would've gone out and hunted that same night it presented itself, but my senses detected danger. I kept getting this horrible feeling that I was being watched, and I went inside in fear of being found out.... It kept happening every night, and I guess I grew too fearful to do anything without the risk of revealing myself. My mom tried to hunt for me, but a normal human can only do so much, otherwise why would we make traps?" Janine lightly joked.

    "The aggression is one thing, but the fear just made everything so bad, and I ended up making everyone afraid of me. Again, I'm happy that Raban hunted for me; I seriously think that we got very lucky that I got better despite me not hunting the deer. Maybe it accepted the deer after me hunting the mice."

    Janine looked down to her hands and thought about what to say next. "My mom of course knew about this, but I tried to keep it hidden from you two because I was embarassed about it. Like, how many people do you know eat mice whole?" Janine asked with a sheepish shrug of her shoulders.
  12. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Zul'Zae'ju'Jin the Hugger Troll

    Raban knew it was going to be a strange day of mind probing from Chestnut. Since they were linked and knew everything about each other except for the reason she had been punished, he didn't have to worry too much about her giving the wrong responses. She knew him well enough by to gauge what he would say and what he wouldn't. It helped that Raban largely kept to himself whilst staying in keeping with the Order as required of him out of his instinctual need to not draw too much attention to himself. He was more concerned what to do in the meantime. He was well aware he couldn't walk about aimlessly nor ask people things since he currently lacked the right vocal chords. Raban knew he had potential hours of being kept in a stall with nothing to keep him busy but hay and other horses.

    Janine spoke and his ear flicked towards her indication that he had heard but he was busy focusing on maintaining trot without slipping up. He didn't want to throw himself. He snorted, it was all very weird. Even to themselves. Chestnut looked at her and grinned, chuckling a little as she listened to Janine's apology to hurting her little wolf. It seemed strange to her now that she was in the safe knowledge that Janine could handle and stop Raban when the moon held her sway. It may mean broken bones for him but Chestnut knew that unless Janine stabbed him through the heart with a silver pointy object, it was something that Raban would prefer and would never heed a thought to mind.

    "Don't you worry about hurting him, Janine," Chestnut replied, shaking her head, "He heals quickly. Only reason he doesn't that often is because there's usually other people around at the time. Humans don't heal as fast as werewolves do, so he has to keep control of that otherwise he gives up the game."

    "Doesn't help I forget what a human rate of healing actually is these days,"
    "Heh, that's a 'you' problem, little wolf,"

    "You don't have to apologise for it. You are what you are. A predator. Like Raban, you're made for the hunt, the chase, the kill, little demon. Next time though, do tell Raban. He understands what thirst is. Perhaps better than most."

    Raban snorted but kept his mind on his stride, it faltered slightly but it was clearly he was picking it up well enough to look more or less natural.

    "The only difference in your thirst compared with his is that you can sate it with animals. Raban... isn't that fortunate. His uncontrolled state might chase a deer if it spots it fleeing, as it calls to a wolf's thrill of the hunt, the chase, but the were half... it's weird, it almost always seeks fellow meat sacks. Thus why he has to distance himself so,"

    "Raban says to not be embarrassed and wishes you to know you can ask him about anything."
  13. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Janine looked to Chestnut as she acknowledged her apology. She was happy that she didn't get any malicious or hateful response, as she really didn't mean to hurt him. The fact that he could heal quickly was a bit relieving. But neither her nor Raban could afford to abuse the ability, lest they be found out by whoever was playing these mind games with Janine.

    The young woman nodded her head at Chestnut suggesting that she tell Raban next time. They didn't taunt her or judge her this first time around, and Raban apparently knew about this kind of pull, so she would make sure to tell them the next time it happens, although she hopes it won't happen for a long while.

    "It kinda makes sense. The wolf side anyway. Strange urges drive the were side though.... is it possible to stay far from humans, or will his senses always find a human to.... find?" Janine asked.
  14. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Zul'Zae'ju'Jin the Hugger Troll

    Raban felt minutely weird to be talked about without being able to speak verbally. He had to speak through Chestnut as she did through him when she was in the horse. He put it out of mind. It couldn't be helped. He would be stuck like this for a while yet and for a time it might serve them

    "How humans have survived for so long with only the basic of senses is something most would find peculiar. Raban's gets heightened sense in his normal, human state but when he's in form? They are so much more. He could track a human even if they were a week away from his location. Werekind are supernatural, born of the night and shadow."

    "Yes, human blood will often be the only thing that will satiate the beast until the moon releases its hold on him or, as we now know, for as long as you can keep him restrained. For him, the drive of the thirst is... hum... overbearing, as he puts it,"

    Chestnut readily explained his intricacies. He was a freak not only to humankind but to werewolfkind as well. He was what they yearned and envied to be. So he was an outsider from two social realms. She knew Raban did not wish to ever have to come to face with the ramifications of anyone finding out, especially the Order. He understood what position Janine was in and by association, he was held to a similar position. He had an interest in finding out who was behind this before they routed him out too.

    ((So sorry for the delay! I forgot to tell you we were moving. We're now in the new house :D))

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