Interest Check/ Introduction: Montibus Draconis

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Hi! I'm Dawn. This is my second account because something went wrong with my first. I am a writer, a poet, and an artist. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I'm autistic. I have 3 cats, a dog, a goose, and 2 rabbits. Love most of them (one of the rabbits hates me). At the moment I'm sick and have been for the past 4 days.
So the roleplay I'm interest checking for is below. One character apiece at the moment. We're focusing on Fire Dragons. You can be an Air Dragon if you like but it will make things complicated. Please don't be a Water Dragon. They have almost no contact with the Air and Fire Dragons and it would be really complicated. Also, I'm doing something with this world in real life. It'll be fleshed out further there and I'll just keep you posted on any lore changes or updates. I don't do pre-meditated plots in roleplay. I might throw something in to change up the pace, but we are roleplaying and we'll see where it takes us. Maybe a war will start or a plague or one of the orbs goes missing. I might know the answers to certain mysteries, but it's up to the roleplay to decide how we learn them. I'm trusting the players to keep things well paced. Anywho.

Montibus Draconis

(Disclaimer- this is not based on any specific world or fandom. It is my own creation. Any resemblance to stories living or dead is entirely coincidental. And NO, I have not read Wings of Fire.)
Montibus is a mountainous coastline inside a magical sphere unpeneratble by dragons. Inside are 3 Clans. The Fire Clan, The Air Clan, and the Water Clan. Since the clans were founded, they have fought. They blamed each other for long winters or low prey. Most of all they blame each other for the sphere that limits them.
Each Clan has an Orb. The Orb of Fire, the Orb of Air, and the Orb of Water. The Orb is at the center of everything. The clan leaders are chosen by their Orb, and they give each clan their powers. It is believed that if all three Orbs are unified then dragons will be free, and the unifier will rule all of dragonkind. Hence, another point of contention, as they fight for one anothers Orbs. Leaders are chosen for being most able to defend the Orb. Orbs also occasionally bless dragons. There doesn’t appear to be a rhythm to it, though the Orb-blessed are usually somewhat revered.
Clans are small. They have around 100 dragons each and control approximately 20 mountains, shifting based on how wars are going. Dux Maize leads the Fire Dragons. Dux Osprey leads the Air Dragons. Dux Cattail leads the Water Dragons. The Water Clan and their territory is underwater and of little interest to the others. They are rarely seen.
Dragons prey primarily on the creatures living in the valleys between their peaks. They eat bears, cougars, humans, wolves, mountain goat/sheep, deer, and occasionally moose that wander through the sphere.
Draconic physiology varies by clan. Fire dragons look like standard western dragons and come in red, orange, yellow, gold, and sometimes brown or pink. Their heads stand about 16 feet off the ground (just over two and a half times the height of a 6’ man) and weigh around 15 tons (for scale, african bush elephants weigh 10-13 tons) when fully grown. They’re the only type of dragon with wings. Air Dragons look like eastern dragons. They stand around 9 ft at the head and weigh about 13 tons. They’re long and aerodynamic. Water Dragons are giants. They weigh 400 tons (a large blue whale only weighs 330). They’re 150 ft long and 25 ft tall. They are the only dragon type that can’t fly. They’re long and snake-like with tendrils like seaweed floating about them or coral growing on them. Their exact numbers are unknown to the aerial dragons, but its probably more like 20 in the clan than 100. They’re also the only omnivorous dragons and are known to supplement their diet of dolphins, sharks, mermaids, and medium whales with large quantities of seaweed. They can breathe underwater and change their color to camouflage or communicate. They want to escape the sphere most, as their fragment of ocean is far too small for even their limited numbers.
The Fire Orb gives its clan fire-breathing. They’re also immune to fire and can speed healing when burning. The Air Orb gives its clan the ability to fly without wings and control air. Some air dragons can control the weather or lightning, though none are currently alive. The Water Orb gives its clan the ability to control water and breathe above it. They can also jet like a squid, temporarily doubling or even tripling their regular speed.
Dragon culture is rigorous and aggressive. Fights break out frequently, usually between clans but occasionally within. They typically worship their leaders and silence dissenters. They have no space for dreams or kindness. Within this harsh frame, there are a few close and caring relationships. Siblings will often be bonded well into adulthood. Parents viciously protect their hatchlings. Mates are occasionally affectionate, even vulnerable in private. And mentors share a very tight bond with their juveniles. Dragons usually have two personalities: the public self and the private self. In public, tough and cruel. In private, an actual personality.
Humans, if you’re curious, are hunter-gatherers. They don’t bother to build more than temporary shelter and weapons because anything too big or permanent will be blown down or burned. Or just stepped on. For the most part, dragons can’t communicate with them, or vice versa. The exception is Citrus, an orb-blessed Fire Dragon (my character). It’s not a skill particularly useful to the dragons. The only good it could do would be to set up a tributary system, which humans don’t have the resources for and dragons don’t have the interest in. Essentially: humans are just prey, with the exception of Aislin (a friend of Citrus).
Thanks! Though I've never actually been on before. my account just never registered. But it looks like a great site. I'm excited!