Open Into the Wild (AKA My Fantastical Summertime Partner Search)

It is, once again, time for me to seek out new RP partners. It's the summer, I'm feeling footloose and fancy-free, and it's time to expend some of my creative energy. Normally, when I make a post, I provide a large list of many settings, but right now, I'm really only looking for fantasy.

[*]My replies tend to be between one and three paragraphs, but only if yours are as well. I'm definitely someone who matches my partner's reply length, I do my best never to give them too much or too little.
[*]I almost always play at least two characters. I get really bored only having one, and when I do, I always end up writing NPCs. I don't like RPs where it is just two characters talking to each other the entire time, unless the RP is a one-off scene. Feel free to also use multiple characters!
[*]I don't really write romance. I'll sometimes pepper a bit of romance in between characters I'm playing, but I'm not quite comfortable writing it with someone else. Feel free to also add romance between your characters, if you choose to have multiple!
[*]LGBTQ friendly.
[*]My replies should be regular, but I do want to mention I will be working part time three days a week, taking a summer class, and volunteering at an archaeological lab two days a week. I do not know for certain if I can manage once a day replies. I should be able to, especially on the weekends, but I am wary of making promises.
[*]Ghost friendly. If you just stop replying one day, I'm okay with that. I might be a bit bummed, but honestly, I personally find it hurts worse when someone tells me "I don't want to do this anymore," because then I start asking myself, "Is it my fault? Am I bad writer? Am I bad person? Do they hate me? What did I do?" because I do be mentally ill luvs. When I'm "ghosted" I just think, "Oh they probably got busy, nbd." On that note: You do not owe me ANYTHING. If you can't reply for a bit, you don't need to apologize to me. I had a partner once say, "I'm really sorry, I won't be able to reply for a little while. My sister's cancer treatment isn't working anymore," like... You do not owe me apologies. I don't care if it's, "I'm sorry, I can't reply for awhile, I'm trying to watch an entire TV show before my one week free trial ends." You do what you need to do. Obviously I am always grateful when I partner lets me know they won't be able to reply for a few days/weeks/etc., because I do like to know if someone is going to come back or not, but you don't need to apologize, and you don't need to feel bad. I have a partner who replies to me maybe once a year. I'm patient. I'm chill.
[*]Ghost friendly. If you are a restless spirit trapped on this mortal plane, I'm okay with that.
[*]I'm known to send memes/vines/music about the characters/plot. I'm also known to make our characters in Picrew or in specific dress up games.
[*]I'm 20 years old, and prefer my partners to be adults as well. I mean, like, if you're at least 16, you're proooooobably fine, but you can really tell how old someone is by how they write and how they develop characters.
[*]I write mild angst into my stories, but I will never drop so much onto your lap that it bogs you down.

I don't have a numbered list for this section. All I really want in a partner is someone who is respectful, understanding, and willing to work with me to create an interesting plot. I would hope you don't rely too much on one liners, and I would hope you wouldn't try too hard to control every detail of the story/make your character too much of the main character, but that's really all I need from you. I don't demand (or even really want) character sheets describing your character's entire backstory. I just ask you collaborate with me.


I've been working on developing an organization of rangers for use in fantasy settings. I imagine they serve a council, and work for the good of the continent the RP is based in. They're morally good, but mysterious, and will say little to those outside the organization about what their goals are. This means that although they are legitimately morally good, many people kind of assume they're shady, but the reason why they're secretive is because there are "darker things hidden in the shadows" and if everyone knew their secrets, then they would lose the advantage they have over the malice they combat (and this malice may be curses, evil wizards, necromancers, etc., but it also means dictators, bad-faith politicians, war, racism, etc. I also like to imagine there is, in the world, a dark and brooding force which almost seeps out and causes corruption and despair, which could explain the above). They also help on (relatively) small quests like when a person goes missing or whatever, because they aren't also fighting against insidious creatures and stopping global crises, they also just seek to help others. Additionally, the accumulate and preserve knowledge and lore.

So where does this RP actually begin? Well, I like to play a ranger character (she's actually a ranger-bard, quite fun), and I think it would be cool if she, for whatever reason, has to work with a character who believes the rangers are shady and dangerous. After all, it is common for a ranger (sometimes with a council member) to arrive on the eve of a great calamity and solve it--leading others to believe the Rangers and the Council create the issues only to solve them and gain notoriety. I mean, to be perfectly honest, I'm not entirely sure what the plot would shape out to be. I kind of like the idea of it being a rescue mission beginning with the rescue, if that makes any sense at all. Or maybe your character is trying to destroy the rangers and they capture mine. Or maybe my character is wounded and yours takes them in to help them. Or the opposite! It could also be cool if your character is royalty, and my character needs to take yours to safety.

I suppose I'm looking for a quest, I guess, but one which deals with complicated factions.

I mean, a simple bounty-hunter quest would suffice, I suppose.

I don't know, the opportunities are endless, and I'd love to come up with an idea together. All I really want is for this organization I've been working on developing to be central to the plot, and I would greatly prefer it if your character is not also a Ranger. I'm sorry I don't have any more details. Oh, all fantasy races accepted!!! This includes vampires, halflings, tieflings, khajiit, etc.


For your consideration: Imagine this. Your character had a traumatic past. Maybe they were abused. Maybe their parents died. Maybe their WHOLE TOWN died. The point is: trauma. Angst. Pain. And they're jaded, you know, they hate the world, they hate everything in it. They shut themselves off, perhaps. Perhaps they get involved in the dark arts. Perhaps they're on the run--maybe they didn't even do anything, they've just been accused, and they think nobody will see their side. Then, somehow, they meet my character, the ranger, who is optimistic and believes in the good in the world, and for whatever reason (which we would come up with together), they are stuck together.
Im interested. But I'm 15. My writing is good and I put all my writing through 2 grammar checkers and a readability checker. Could I join?

Edit: if you want to see some of my writing go check out some of my writing on this website
Im interested. But I'm 15. My writing is good and I put all my writing through 2 grammar checkers and a readability checker. Could I join?

Edit: if you want to see some of my writing go check out some of my writing on this website
I took a look at some of your work. I'm cool with it. In the kindest way possible, it is definitely better than some of the 15 year olds I've attempted to work with hahah

Shoot me a pm :)