A shape-shifting Dragon God
Ok, Hello everybody.

I am Drake, your GM for this lovely little RP.

So, here is the general outline for the Lore:

(PS: Can be played as a 1x1 between myself and a player, players do not need to interact with other players)

The planet is Earth. Human beings had reached the pinnacles in genetics, biomechanics, and machines. However, along with these advances, Humans advanced even further into the realm of weaponry. Compared to even the cheapest weapon of this day and age, the atomic bombs of WWII could not stand close. Needless to say, someone pulled the trigger and the world went boom.

However, the most advanced and common weapons were Biomechanical suits. These suits survived the End and still exist today, awaiting a wearer.

The ancient relics of the once great Human civilization are still visible. Amid jungles, mountains, oceans, and the reclamations of nature stand great obelisks that scrape even the sky itself. Sprawling masses of concrete cities dot the world. Among the peaks of mountains are the floating cities, there bronze airships littering the ground. In the deeps are the Bubble Cities, the cities underwater.

Human beings advanced far into the realm of genetics, producing some of the most formidable biological weapons of all time. Due to the use of these weapons in the Great War, remnants of the Human Race, and all other living creatures, were forever changed. The genetic structures of everything in the world are extremely fragile and are prone to change when in contact with an external power source.

Also, Humans no longer exist.

Playable Races:

Goblins - Tribal
Gnomes - Villages
Imps - Individual
Lizardmen - Tribal
Kobolds (the dog kind) - feudal (think feudal Japan)
Gnolls - Tribal
If you have an idea for something else, then let me know and I will think about it.

As for the story of this RP....well....there isn't one. =)

Your character will just do what your character does. I, being the GM, will create certain events for your characters. I might also try to rope your character into a storyline, but I don't want anyone to think that they have to play along into a storyline. If you see something that your character can do that may or may not throw me completely off track, then please do. It is players like that that make being a GM fun and rewarding. =)

Also, here is a guide for your Character Sheets:

Goblin, Lizardkin, Gnoll, Kobold, Gnome - normal human length lifespan
Imps - unknown, typically are eaten or mutate before they die...
Favorite Weapon:
Brief Bio:
Additional Info:

Genetic instability:

In this new world, your genes are unstable. They will change, a lot. When your character comes into contact with a powerful power source, then they will change. I, your GM, will be decided how exactly your character will change. Here is a list of races from most unstable, to least unstable.
Imps (6 inch tall, reddish-brown skin, wings and tail)
Goblins (the norm)

Most groups try to stay away from all forms of technology, believing that it is cursed. However, almost all forms of technology are present and useable.