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Open It's a Group Hang, a Group Hang


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Greetings, Landstrider!

I want to to a slice of life story, but I find slice of life extremely difficult to begin and keep moving if it's more than a single scene, because I don't know about you, in real life if I meet somebody and talk to them at a coffee shop or out on the street, I never really speak with them again. It's impossible for me to make and keep a relationship like that, so the typical way to start a story never really works for me. Then I had the thought: what if the characters meet in some kind of a group? Maybe group therapy (which may be a bit too heavy right off the bat, not that I have the slightest problem with angst), or in a class, knitting, baking, whatever, or in a club, like a book club or something. I just want something to keep the characters, you know, together. I think it's also a really cool dynamic, because then you get to give the characters a life outside of the club, which means your character(s) can come in a bit upset because of something off screen.

If you're thinking "ugh, slice of life, though? I don't even want to live in the real world in my real life!" Well. I've been kind of craving a modern day fantasy RP, too. You know, your typical world, except there are vampires, werewolves, elves, whatever you want, and they're known, they aren't in hiding, they aren't secretive, they just live as part of society. Of course, if you do want only humans, that's fine with me, too.

The only thing I'm not exactly looking for, and I apologize if this is a deal breaker, is romance. I'm not quite comfortable writing it with other people. I suspect romance will be in the RP regardless, because I do enjoy writing it between characters, although I never write characters falling in love. I really enjoy characters who are in a long, healthy, loving relationship. It's just nice to see. That said, it's never really a major plot point, more of a character trait. I'll admit that I've been feeling a biiit more adventurous, and a biiit more willing to do romance, if it is an FXF pairing, if the characters have chemistry together, but I'd appreciate it if there isn't an expectation that it will happen.

Here's what you can expect from me:

1.) One to two paragraph replies. I tend to match the length of my partner's replies, unless they're, you know, massive.

2.) Frequent replies. RP is kind of my security blanket/coping mechanism, so I pretty much check my inbox on all three of my RP sites about one every few hours, more frequently when my partner is replying, and all of my notifications come straight to my phone. That said I am not a "RP IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN GOD, IF YOUR NAN HAS CANCER AND IS DYING IN THE HOSPITAL, I DON'T CARE, REPLY TO MY MESSAGE AS SOON AS YOU SEE IT" kind of person. Take as long as you need to reply. That can be minutes, hours, days, weeks, months... it doesn't bother me. You don't need to apologize to me if you disappear for awhile, or if you're going to. Nothing makes me sadder than, "Hey, I'm sorry, I won't be able to reply for awhile, I'm having a tough time." Don't apologize to me, your life, your health, and your needs come first, always. I do a lot of RPs where I get a reply once a week, maybe less, and they are just as engaging as my daily/multiple times a day rps, so don't worry about it.

3.) Uhhhh fan art? If I get really into a RP, I'll almost invariably end up creating Sims of our characters, drawing them, or both. I'm also liable to send music/vines/comics/memes that remind me of the characters, the plot. I can't guarantee it will happen, because obviously it depends on how much I click with the RP (and with the person), and tbh it's also based on the amount of time I have, and how bored I am... but I can't look you in your typeface and say it won't happen. I really enjoy making friends with my partner, too :)

4.) Multiple characters. In real life, people don't exist within a void, they see and talk to more than one person (until, ya know, quarantine), and I like working with that.

So, ah, if you're interested, please reply! Let's come up with something fun together!

Quick edit because I realized I didn't add this: I'm looking to play adult characters who interact mainly with other adult characters
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Heya, I'd be interested in some sort of slice of life roleplay. I, too, am a frequent replier so I think we'd mesh well.


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Hello, I am also interested. My character is a very quiet, gentle amphibian man. Would that work?