Jrusso's Squad


Acting Maniac
Name: Layton Grey (Username: Greywind37)
Gender: Male
Age: 25 both in game and irl
Race: Human


Relationships: TBD

Role: Monk/Tank, His bird, Locke acts as a scout.

Personality: Layton is a gentle soul, one who appreciates life and seeks to preserve it, both in game and in his home life outside of it. He has a very level head and finds beauty in all things, especially other people. He’s quick to make friends, and quick to come to their aid.

Deities Worshiped: Tuuli, Goddess of Wind

Abilities/Powers: Tornado Shield – Greywind spins his body around in circles at a high velocity, the winds form a bubble-like shield around him, pushing away enemies and deflecting projectiles from up to 15 feet away.

Squall Shockwave – Performing a palm strike to the ground, Greywind sends out a shockwave of air that slams into foes up to 20 feet away, sending them flying

Ozone Layer – a thin layer of air that protects Greywind’s body by halving damage from attacks for 30 seconds. Can only be recharged after a short rest or longer. (1 hour)

Second Wind – When Greywind’s health is at critical levels he can invoke this ability to bring his health back up to a quarter. Can only be used 3 times per day.

Skills: Martial Arts, Weapon crafting, Animal handling

Equipment: Weapon crafting kit, pet swallow named Locke, bird seeds for Locke

Weaknesses: Has no long range attacks. Is very protective of his bird.

Bio/History: Layton had a pretty rough childhood, growing up in an environment where he was bullied and taken advantage of constantly. He worked out the pain and anger that he felt towards his bullies through martial arts but grew introverted and closed off from society. He found friends online and quickly became a social butterfly on the web, making him quite a nerdy martial artist.

He’d heard about the VR MMO Legend of the Blade after the beta had closed, but was very interested on making friends through the medium and getting a chance to demonstrate his abilities. Unfortunately it wasn’t what he expected as he wound up trapped in the game by terrorists.

In the early days of the MMO he bought a swallow as a pet and named him Locke. Locke has been Layton’s best friend through his time in this MMO, though he’s met quite a few friendly PC’s in his time there, and even leveled up his weapon crafting to help them out so he’s not just tanking damage all the time.