Kale Draven (sorry am late)


Skeptical Rogue

Name:[/B] (Kale Draven.)

Age:[/B] (23)

Sex:[/B] (Female.)

Family & Friends (Mother deceased Father Rio Draven pure Grunt age 50 semi good health) Friend Jake Kaze Grunt age 25 was best friend now on unfriendly terms)

Appearance:Brown Medium length hair physically fit height 5’4 weight…. It’s not polite to ask

Biography: (Born into an unstable home, she’s been mostly raised by her father, her mother dying in childbirth. Growing up was hard and harsh. Her father leaving her to mostly figure out things by herself till she reached a more mature state. He then taught her about the way of survival. She Is a calm and resilient young woman specializing in survival. She has been urged to leave the family village by her father, because she was showing her mutant abilities. Her friend jake having a hatred for listeners is forcing her to striking it out on her own.)

Mutagens in DNA?: (Yes.)

Mutagens Active? (Yes.)


Hawk Eyed : Kale has a keen eye and able to pick out targets from long distances this also allows her to find more useable equipment when scavenging.

Light Footed : Kale is able to step quietly and run with a near silent gait this comes from her hit and run tactics as a sniper.

Subtle Suggestion: Kale has a slight ability be it luck or skill that can be used to influence a person to agree with her view more often than not.

Time to Kill : Kale is able to wait for hours to have her kill shot enters a sort of meditation allowing her to endure the weather and other elements to capture her prey.

Grunt: (8)

Primary Weapon Long range high powered sniper rifle equipped with thermal lens and silencer

Secondary Weapon: Modified damage Pistol has a burst mode that can overheat the weapon but can act like a shotgun

Personal Armour: Scavenged raiders gear fur lined for warmth with metal plating lightly camouflaged able to help blend in to her surroundings (light armour)

Additional Gear: dual daggers adapted with a battery pack allowing an electrical attack

Listener: (2)

  • Is no Wolverine: Kale has a mild cell regeneration ability kicks in if severely injured.


Faction Affiliations The Coalition

  • The Old Guard:Distrusted
  • The Coalition: Allied
  • U-ARM: Distrusted
  • Red Star: Distrusted
  • Children of Eve:

]Signature: (Rayne)