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Kiss, hug, push or stab the avatar above


I'm just a nerd
I'm fighting the urge to kiss, so I'll hug. (By the way, my avatar symbolizes a whole family of werewolves, they're nice.)


I'm just a nerd
Hug, because even though Snape isn't my favorite professor, he didn't believe in helping Voldemort, so that's a plus for me.

Lila Renn

Hell on Earth.
Dying of the Light GM
Playing With Fire GM
The Most Random of Powers GM
Protect. I don't care if that's not an option this is the only guy who willingly accepted me.

Wolfy Dalfyry

I'm glad I'll be seeing you all soon~
Push. I dunno if this guy is a serial killer, but he gives off those vibes. Plus he stabbed Sans, which is iffy.