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Kitty's Scratching Post (Bring the catnip & mouse toys!)

Discussion in 'Omniverse Character Profiles' started by KittyWolfSpirit, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. So this starts my collection of beloved Characters I am bringing to life. Though she was not my first ever to rp, she is being put first in this list since I have been using her most lately.

    Name: Lady Talyria Rei Katsumi (pronounced Tall-ree-uh Ray Cat-sew-me)

    Race: Cravyre (pronounced Cruh-veer) (Plural is Cravyren pronounced Cruh-veer-en) ***This race is copyright protected by the Creator/player. Permission must be obtained before creating another of this race.***

    Gender: Female

    Age: 550 yrs old (Equivalent to 23 in human years)

    Height: 5’7

    Weight: 187 lbs

    Eyes: Metallic midnight blue iris with Silver sunkist around the pupil

    Hair: Waist length straight icy blue with white bangs and natural highlights.

    Distinguishing marks: Lynx like ears that are shades of icy blue, white, and timber wolf grey with the tufts on the ears being white. A tattoo of a crescent moon with a cat’s pupil from top to bottom of the crescent moon’s points on her right outer thigh. A tattoo of a rose vine wrapped around and in between the word honor across the length of the small of her back.

    Body type: Lithe

    Abilities: All types of cognition (Premonitions, precognition, post-cognition), Telepathy, Telekinesis, Shape shifting, Elemental magic, Teleportation of self as well as objects, Necromancy, Adept in Archery, Vamperic Speed and agility rivaling a vampire mixed with cat-like grace and their agility, ambidextrous, adept in multiple fighting style.

    Weapons: None visible, but she has the ability to summon any one she chooses at will.

    Background: She was once human, belonging to a small tribal group of people. They worshiped many deities; but favored most of all with more focus the Twin Deities of Chaos. They were known as the Lord of Benevolent Chaos and the Lady of Malevolent Chaos. Prophecy foretold and she lived through the unfolding of The Fates rebellion against the Twins, mainly The Lady of Malevolent Chaos. A false prophecy was foretold and thus started a long war that caused her tribe to be cursed by the Lady of Malevolent Chaos. In her twisted rage against their defiance against her desire to claim the falsely prophesized baby that would supposedly lead to the fall of the Gods, she cursed the whole village to become a new race of her own twisted creation. Since the Lord of Benevolent Chaos favored her, the Lady of Malevolent Chaos saw to her being the first to fall under the accursed existence. She was informed of all that her people would become, what they could possibly look like before the curse befell the whole tribe. The population was 500 before the Lady of Malevolent Chaos threw upon them the curse which acted like a virus. It picked and chose its favored hosts allowing them to mutate and live to the new race’s genetics. All the elderly and all the children died that day, so did many of the teenagers and young adults. The population dwindled to a meager 80 people of mixed families and ages. Any under the age of 11 died, as well as any over the age of 50 because their bodies were too frail to handle the change died. Those who fought the change internally or mentally lost the battle against and died horrible painful deaths. After the fall of her people, they cast her out as if it was her fault. In a sense, she knew it was. She was the first to step forward in the tribal council and convince the tribe to deny the Lady of Malevolent Chaos the baby who was prophesized to be the fall of the Gods. She has since wandered around with her cursed life, claiming nowhere as home and staying nowhere long which left but brief moments for friendship or companionship.

    And thus her lone journey began.......................
  2. Name: Lylend Keesa WolfWind

    Age: 500 (In human years)


    Lylend has waist length straight raven black hair usually left free flowing. Her bangs are the full length of her hair are often worn over her uncommon emerald eyes with silver specks in them about the emerald coloring. A trait her kin knows not of how she came to these unnatural eyes. She was born with them, but no one in her bloodline has any idea how they came to be so with neither emerald nor silver eyes running in her family. Rumors spread of her mother cheating on her father, but nothing could be proven. She stands a lithe 5 foot 7 inches. She wears her favorite colors constantly in her wardrobe, blue, black and green. She always wears a sterling silver pentagram necklace on an 18 inch sterling silver chain about her size 38 c breasts. She has a particular style of Celtic, Gothic, and modern dress. She wears a velvet black shirt with the sleeves flaring into a dark blue net that matches the color of the night sky. Her legs are accent by a pair of black flare leg jeans. An equipment belt as she calls it wraps through the loop of her pants about her size 16 in pants waist. The jeans worn long to cover her lengthy supple legs that have much power behind them. A pair of emerald crescent moon gemstones hang from a clear quartz bead that dangle from the sterling silver hook earring. A pair of calf high flatte black leather boots with a 1/2 inch heal dawn her feet. About her wrist wrap two bracelets each. On the left wrist wraps a rose quartz gemstone bracelet and a black onyx gemstone bracelet. On her right wrist dawns a tiger's eye gemstone bracelet and a bloodstone gemstone bracelet. Her hands are mostly cover in black suede fingerless gloves for when combat comes her way. Her skin is a medium to light ivory which only makes her eyes stand out even more. she has a few tattoos on the small of her back, on each palm, and at the base of her neck under her shirt. No one but the tattoo artist has ever seen but a quick glimpse of them, so the appearance of them are kept secret for her own interest and reasons regarding who she is.


    She is usually soft spoken and generally keeps to herself. She finds little joy in material pleasures. And she is not too fond of the male gender trying to grab on her. She exudes a mysterious aura as she walks, often calling attention to herself due to her lack of social desires, her eyes, and the way she is dressed. She is old school when it comes to manners and respects.


    She carries two kukri tucked under her shirt at the small of her back. a short sword dangle in a black leather sheath on her left hip for easy draw. two sterling silver throwing knives lay tucked on the inside of her boot on each side of her leg. She carries an old black velvet bag tied to her right hip, contents are unknown to the public and vary depending on her travels. Usually spell components lay in the bag.


    She was born to a half-elf mother and human father. When she was seven she walked in on a vampire killing her mother and father. Her aunt had come to visit and helped her gain her strength. At the age of 16 the vampire had apparently been tracking her. Her aunt came home to find an almost lifeless niece on the livingroom floor. She helped heal her as best she could and help her niece come to terms with her curse and gift and use it for the better good of people than to harm. By age 17 she had learned spell craft from her aunt a human pagan/witch. She sought out to learn more on her own at that point. She bid farewell to her beloved aunt. That was the last she ever got to see her aunt. A war had broke out in the region her aunt lived and the village was burned to the ground no survivors left alive. By now she was 23. She returned long enough to offer respects and proper burial for the remains she found left of her charred aunt's body. She sought out the ones who had done this to no avail and to this day she seeks the ones who killed her aunt and the one who turned her.

    Her new appearance today

    Now @ 580 yrs of age: Those in the tavern would be see a woman standing 5'7", a pair of size 18 black flare legs stretchy jean size, a satin shirt the color of the night sky with a low cut vneck shirt that showed some measure of her now size 38 D cleavage with two tie straps that tied the form fitting baby doll style top on her, one around her neck the other was lacing up the back, black leather fingerless glove donned her frail hands, black mid thigh high black leather boots with a 1/4" heel donned her feet, her amber colored skin was visibly smooth as silk, curly copper hair cascaded down her form unhindered and free, a set of familiar emerald eyes with silver flecks stared into the tavern scanning it. The woman was not visibly armed except a single short sword on her hip with a fairly adorned black scabbard with various intricate silver details decorating it. The hilt of the sword was plain black high quality wrap, but the butt of the hilt was to be measured, a milky white stone in the shape of a orb with an intricate silver caging that almost seemed like it was designed to look like vines, from a distance that is what exactly the looker would believe. She wore shades of green and turquoise eyes shadow, dark teal eye liner, and lastly her luscious lips were painted a dark purplish-blue color. Her usual 18" sterling silver chain still dangling its pentagram from her neck though.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2016
  3. Name: Nicoleta Eryna Kirusen

    Alias: Kitty, Nicci

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    Race: Genetically Enhanced Human

    Abilities: Increased speed, cat like agility and reflexes, and ability to shape shift

    Weapons: two kukri, two 22mm hand guns, one 38 special, a machete, and two hunting knives.

    Appearance: 6’1, 197lbs, Shoulder length wavy chestnut hair, ivy green eyes, lithe body with gentle curves including c-cup breasts, usually wearing a pair of black flare leg cotton pants, red v-neck cotton shirt with flaring 3/4 sleeves, black leather hiking boots, gun holsters for her 22 on her thighs, machete in sheath across her back, hunting knives tucked in each outside of her boots, and kukris sheathed on each hip. A silver chain with a cat sitting in the crescent moon playing with the small pentagram dangling from the top of the crescent moon dangles a few inches from her cleavage and silver dangling cat earrings.

    Personality: Playful, sarcastic, devious, rebellious, loves to have fun whether legal or illegal.
  4. Name: Tamilee NightPaw

    Alias(es): Alie, BaneClaw

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female

    Race: Werecat (resembling an Egyptian Mau in coloring & personality)

    Personality: Typically soft spoken and a loner, especially to strangers. But to those who know her, she knows how to party and loves to have fun. She is pretty selfish for the most part and loves shiny things.

    Profession: Pirate & Mercenary

    Special Abilities/Powers: Other than shift into a cat and catlike reflexes, agility, and flexibility none

    Weapons Arsenal:
    3 Spyderco combat knives, 2 USP 45, 1 USP 9MM, Bear Claw double barrel shotgun, Barrett Rec7, 1 Butterfly knife, 1 Machete, 2 Katana, & Pirate Cutlass (has hand guard),

    Typical weapon carried: 2 Spyderco combat knives, USP 9MM, & Cutlass.

    Physical Description in Human form: 5’7” in height, gooseberry green eyes, and light grey hair with black spots all over that is chin length with black bangs going to her shoulders. Typically wearing black flare leg jeans, v-neck t-shirt, black combat boots, her marine dog tags that has rubber noise cancel pieces on them or a silver necklace with a tiger’s eye crystal dangling from it, and silver hoop or dangling earrings.

    Physical Description in cat form:
    Typical size of a Egyptian Mau house cat. They have an "M" on the forehead, often referred to as the mark of the scarab, and a dorsal stripe travels the length of the spine to the tip of the tail. Legs, tail, neck and upper chest are barred with at least one broken necklace. The haunches and shoulders show a transition between spots and stripes.The eyes are large and alert, shaped like a slightly rounded almond, with a slant towards the base of the ear. This eye set contributes to the characteristic "worried" look of the breed. The eye color of the Mau is gooseberry green. ts head is a slightly rounded, wedge-shape of a medium length. The profile has a gentle concave rise from the bridge of the nose to the forehead, not to be dishy or arrow straight. The slightly flared ears are medium to large, alert, moderately pointed and broad at the base. The hair on the outer ear is very short and close-lying that results in an almost transparent look when combined with the delicate shell pink inner color. Her coat is spotted randomly, but evenly not unbalanced in proportion to the main coat light grey color.

    Her father was a marine drill sergeant and her mother was a stay at home wife. Her mom died when she was 16 from a car accident which left her father to finish raising her. He forced her to join the core. After boot camp she was offered a position on base as a squad leader. After the rule of her father the last 18 years, she’d had enough military in her life, so she refused. Having received word of her refusal to the core’s ranks her father became furious and told her either reconsider or find herself on the streets. She chose the streets at 18 years old. She had run into a pirate at 19 who took her on board and started teaching her the ropes. She was on board the ship for 6 years. The ship she was on was suddenly attacked by military. The ship caught fire then sank, but before it could sink, she dove off risking her chances in the sea. She was found a few days later unconscious on a piece of drift wood from the ship she once belonged too. She lied to the military ship that had attacked her ship who found her, telling them she had been captured and held captive on the ship, but managed to escape before the ship burned her alive. They brought her ashore and left her to her new life. Ever since, she has been more of a mercenary than a pirate.
  5. Name: Lyna Trinity Mist

    Alias(es): Fox (art alias), Luvera (Assassin Alias) for short Vera.


    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Abilities: Nothing out of normal human abilities.

    Hair: Violet black hair with midnight blue colored bangs. Bangs are longer than the rest of her hair. Her hair falls just past her shoulders but her bangs fall to her waist. Her hair is mostly straight, but has some slight waviness to it, more so when her hair gets wet.

    Eye color: Hazel green.

    Height: 5’ 7”

    Weight: 148 lbs.

    Profession: When not on an assignment for assassination she is a college student majoring in fine arts with a focus in drawing.

    Personality off the job: Soft spoken, sweet and gentle woman, loves to listen to music, writes and draws.

    Personality on the job: Cold, calm, determined, cunning & ruthless.

    Clothing off the job: Pair of blue, black or white jeans or capris, tank top or tshirt, cowgirl hat or ball cap, sunglasses, mp3 player, headphones, & sneakers or platform sandals.

    Clothing on job: Kevlar Combat Vest, Black slacks, Black suede cowboy boots, Black tshirt or tank top.

    Equipment: Smith & Wesson 500, USP 45, USP 9 MM, Barrett Rec7, Bear Claw Double Barrel Shotgun, & Spyderco Warrior Combat Knife.
  6. Real Name: Krylene Vortenzo

    Code Name: Temperance

    Age: 29


    Race: Human

    Psionic (alpha)

    Telekinetic and telepathy.

    Slightly wavy, dark auburn when down falls just below her shoulder blades. Normally pulled up in a clip or tied up using ceramic, metal, or glass chopsticks to keep it in place or worn where her bangs are down but the sides are pulled back by a beret or clip.

    Eye color: Soft peridot with a blue celestite specks around the pupil.

    Height: 5’ 7”

    151 lbs.

    Personality off the job: Soft spoken and sweet natured, often with her nose stuck in a book.

    Personality on the job: Calm, formal, can come off as somewhat authoritative and insensitive, cunning, intelligent, and willing to use almost any means to complete her mission including her own sexuality in a dangerous gamble to gain an upper hand.

    Clothing off the job: Informal skirt and tank top with over shirt or informal dress. Computer Visual system in form of normal reading glasses. Small heeled high heels or sandals.

    Clothing on the job: Professional pant suit, formal business skirt, shirt, and blazer when in the building. When out of building she wears the traditional agent trench coat. Computer Visual system in form of normal reading glasses. Close toed high heel dress boots or dress heels.

    Equipment: Silencer Magnum, 2 Sheer knuckle, 2 Combat heel kinetic scatter gun, & A.I.M.
  7. Real Name: Shryna Lothiza

    Code Name: BloodShade

    Age: 27

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Sub-race: Psionic (Ceti-class) mutant

    Abilities: Telekinesis, telepathy, fast healing, increased reflexes, high endurance, and increased speed and agility.

    Hair: Straight midnight blue hair falling to her hips when down, usually worn up in a set of pig tails, a ponytail, tucked ponytail, bun, or braid. She usually has it tied with long black ribbon or ponytail holder.

    Eye color: Ice blue with a sunkist of translucent amethyst around the pupil.

    Height: 5’ 9”

    Weight: 177

    Personality off the job: Quiet, loner that loves to listen to music especially any sort of metal which suits her fancy.

    Personality on the job: Cold, ruthless executioner, shows no mercy to those even those who asked for it unless instructed to spare them. She prefers stealth and execution from the shadows for her tasks, using the shadows to disguise the kill itself from view. She makes the kill quick and as silent as possible. She likes a clean execution to her job unless they particularly annoyed her. If that is the case, she then resorts to using telekinesis to inflict pain before killing them after they have begged for her mercy and kill, but the death comes slowly to them still. She likes a clean execution compared to a sloppy one. Less blood on her and her weapons, the better in her mind.

    Clothing off the job: Blue jeans, jean or slack like capris, or black slacks that are flare leg in style. Tank tops with spaghetti straps, t-shirts, or strapless. Black slide on sandals, black leather or suede cowboy boots, or black platform heels. Black standard issue Computer visual system glasses that resemble casual sunglasses.

    Clothing on the job: Black slacks with a tight fit to her thighs, but slightly loose on her calves for easy movement. Black long sleeve shirt or black spaghetti strap tank top. Armored long black trench coat or light separated plate system black in color. Black standard issue Computer visual system glasses that resemble casual sunglasses.

    Equipment: 2 Nanoblade, Shatter Bowcaster, & Ballista XTS.
  8. Mortyra Vox Luquyr (pronounced More-tear-uh Vox (much like fox but with a “v” instead Loo-k-ire)

    Alliases/Titles: Calti Xett (means cat & entice); Tiichia Vrak di Darastrix Iejir (means Blessed Child of Dragon blood); sjach cha'sid di wer ricin (means Shadow hand of the mind) [these are draconic translations]

    Description: She stands about 5’7, long reddish auburn hair that is wavy when dry, curly if wet that flows to her waist if down but is usually worn up in some fashionable way. She has soft silvery blue eyes almost like a clear blue obsidian but lighter and clearer like her eyes were water itself. Her skin is a light tan a few shades darker than crème. She is slender but lithe. She has an odd dress style, but she doesn’t really care what others think of it. She is very soft spoken and a bit of a loner. A sterling silver pentagram dangles about her neck on an 8 inch sterling silver chain. A dragon wrapped around the pentagram with a clear quartz orb in its mouth. A pair of sterling silver earrings with a teardrop shaped clear quartz dangle from her ears with a symbol of the triquentra etched into the flat teardrop quartz.

    Abilities: Telekensis, Telepathy, Soul searching, she has psionic type abilities as well among many other talents ranging from elemental magic, precognition, and post cognition, as well as her ability to sense things through touch. Overall her abilities all are mental/psionic type abilities. She is a skilled with fighting styles ranging from assassin, ninja, samurai, and military. Ability to manifest power source weapons (it uses energy she has to create any weapon she has seen and has proficiency with).

    Weapons carried: a modified dagger, a modified set of sai, and a modified katana. Of which the katana is the only weapon visible in most of her wardrobes.

    Race: half black dragon, half nymph

    Age: 27 in human years.

    General Background: Her mother was a nymph captured one day by a black dragon. At first the nymph was simply a slave, but her allure got to the dragon and they became mates. They raised their daughter with her mix of ranging abilities. When she turned 15, her father was slain by a dragon slayer. The slayer took her mother and her as tokens of his triumph. After a while her mother became extremely depressed and began to refuse to eat. Sickened by her love for the dragon the man killed her. She would remain under his care until she was 19 when a servant let slip to her how her mother actually died by the hands of the slayer with poison. She was also informed that two nights from now he was going to take her to his bed and make her no longer a maiden. She was told the man had taken a fancy and stricken for her beauty.

    Two nights later she was donned a beautiful maiden’s dress of white and taken to his room after a nice dinner. As he tried to have his way with her, she grabbed a dagger she had one of the servants slip under his pillow prior to their arrival that night and cut his throat. She watched coldly as he bled to death next to his bed. After she was sure he had taken his last breathe, she distributed his coin to the servants and freed them all. She called onto a fellow dragon she had bonded with as a youth before the slayer came. The red dragon now a young adult curled around her feet and licked the blood lightly from her hand. She asked a favor of him to burn the place to the ground. He obliged her desires with no question.

    As the years went on she studied in and out town to town methods of fighting. Her red dragon companion never straying too distant to make sure she remained safe. She wanders constantly never staying in one place too long.
  9. Name: Klaira Rose Ruwinter

    *Note: Her mom often referred to Klaira as her Sky Winter Rose. The nickname in represented Klaira, herself sky = her free will that never yielded, Winter = the cold depths of her heart caused by her pride Rose = the beauty of her heart and soul being grounded with the earth*

    Allias: Rozcly RuneStar (pronounced Row-z-cl-ay)

    Age: 28

    Race: Human

    Religion: Witch, follows The God & Goddess, her patron goddesses are Bastet, Isis, and Gaia.

    Appearance: This curvy, comfortably endowed (C cup borderline D) woman stands at 5’5, weighing 228lbs with her smooth, soft amber skin that is accented by her silky intense copper curls that spiral down her curvy form to her hips and a set of intense yet lucid peridot colored irises accented by the olive Sunkist about her pupil stare back at you as her pale rose lips form a soft smirk that forewarns you of her mental state’s play.

    Personality: She is soft spoken unless enraged, rather chaotic in her moods, very free spirited and very prideful. Very untrusting, especially of men.

    Distinguishing marks: She has a tattoo between her shoulders of a pentagram (five pointed star with the circle around it, its points touching the star and the star is upright) centered between her shoulder blades with Celtic tribal butterfly wings spread that span both shoulders blades. The pentagram is etched in dark blue with purple and silver butterfly wings. She has a tattoo of a black cat with olive green eyes, sitting with its tail wrapped around it, a silver pentacle dangles from its emerald green colored collar with its gaze straight forward on her right upper arm. A tattoo of a blue and silver rose with an orange ribbon wrapping around the stem of the thorny rose with the phrase, “Love fierce, Live free, Rest in Peace” on her left outer thigh. A scar that traces around both of her ankles from a past incident. A scar on her left side on her breast about 1.5-2 inches in length from a former incident. A scar around her neck just like her ankles from the same incident from her ankles.

    Abilities: Her abilities consist of multiple forms of psychokinesis, telepathy, shapeshifting and elemental manipulation.

    Her psychokinesis consists of the following: Aurakinesis (manipulation of auras, she can change what aura is shown to the eye or sensed, and can conceal it completely.) and Telekinesis (ability to move objects with her mind, she can move up to 300lbs with her mind thus far before straining and hurting herself). Her telekinesis also allows her to mold certain matter into different shapes, for example an aluminum pipe can be morphed into a small animal figurine instead. This manipulation takes time and is not instantaneous, the harder the change and detail of the change the longer it will take her to do the task!

    Her elemental manipulation consists of the ability to create water, air, earth, or fire at will (though only in at max a 1ft diameter orb, if she is trying to use it as a projectile, but she can summon a larger mass or area is she spends the time focusing on summoning more of it) and she can manipulate/move the elemental forces i.e. wind, earth, trees, a fire, a water etc (kind of like the cartoon Avatar the Last Air Bender, same concept, but not in large amounts yet, her max currently is 15 gallons water, 300lbs earth, 15ft radius around her of fire or air can be manipulated. Though elements such as water in a river, make her manipulation a little more tedious and tasking on her mind if she is trying to work against it). When she does her max in one shot, it is tasking on her mind and body. She will need time to recover before she can perform anything more, at least 24-48hrs of rest without the use of her kinetic abilities to fully recover her full strength back.

    Her shapeshifting abilities consist of the ability to change herself into any animal or being she has seen before as a perfect replica of it. She in animal maintains her ability to speak as a person or as the animal, the choice is hers while in the form and she maintains her mental status of her true form which allows her to shift back without being trapped as a normal creature if it was a wild animal. She will still experience any natural urges of the animal and partake in those urges if she chooses or loses her focus. This is tasking when a natural urge comes up and can demand all her focus mentally. The more she shifts to the same form, the more she has their natural urges and if the form is enjoyed, she has a chance of losing herself to that form forever if she forgets who she is because she has spent too long in that form. The longer she is in the form, the higher her risk is to have the form conquer her mentally and become that beast. If this happens, where the form wins the war of wills, she will forget how to change back into her true form, how to communicate as her true form would, but she will retain all her memories of her other form, including recognizing people she knew (except as mentioned before how to change back).

    Background: She grew up in Aelora in a loving family, her mother was a local healer and a devout witch. She used her healing ability to aid the town, making sparse change here and there for her work. Her mother taught and raised her to harness her abilities. Her father was a local clothing merchant, though he didn’t make much he supported his family the best he could.

    At 17, her village was raided by a group of bandits looking to take from the poor for profit. They were brutal savages as they slaughtered many until they had their fill and rounded up the remaining people of the village. Men and boys over the age of 9 were given the option to join or die. Children ages 9 and under were taken as slaves, infants were tasked to what few women chose to join the ranks or die. Women who chose to join the ranks were used for the men’s “needs” and “entertainment”. They were treated any way the men wanted to treat the women, including beating them or even killing them if they were particularly angry or it pleased them. Her father was slain during the raid, trying to prevent his wife and daughter from capture. Her mother was taken by the thugs for her healing abilities and forced into servitude, her daughter’s life as their leverage to force her to obey.

    The first time a group of men tried to get her to entertain their needs, she tried to fight back to save her innocence. For her troubles, they bound her ankles with copper wire tied to poles in the ground with a matching copper wire wrapped around her pretty neck also tied to a pole. They left her hands free to struggle fruitlessly against them for their own amusement and to teach her a lesson. Multiple men took their turn and after they were finished, a man came forward to beat her and then whip her as she lay tied. They left her tied there bleeding badly and bruised with her innocence stolen from her. She fell unconscious from the pain and loss of blood from the wire having cut into her neck and ankles as she had wriggled from the pain and trying to fight the men. Her mother was sent to heal her, but her mother could only do so much. She would be left with the scars around her neck and ankles as a reminder of her rebellion against her captors.

    After that, her mother secretly made a deal with the bandits’ leader. They would let her go forever, on the condition her mother would stay and serve as the healer as well as take the place of her daughter’s portion of entertaining the men. The leader obliged, blindfolding her and dropping her off in the woods not far from a crossroads only two days’ travel by horse from their encampment. She stepped out onto the crossroads, tears staining her cheeks, choosing to take the road to Lutetia as her best hope for a new life with less pain and suffering. Her father had often told her stories of the place, but never had gotten to see it for herself, now she would. Before leaving, her mother had given her a specially handcrafted emerald green satin ribbon necklace with a sterling silver pentagram pendant dangling on it to hide her neck’s scar. She rarely ever takes this pendant off since her mother made it for her and it is all she has left of her mother. She begrudgingly, she had agreed to not search for her mother or the bandits. For she knew, if she came back, they would kill her mother. That was the catch, the final terms of her freedom. A burden she knew she had to bear for her mom’s soul to be at peace.

    Thus, her journey began…trying to make a life for herself…wandering Lutetia…never truly staying in one place of the town or feeling as she belonged.
  10. Name: Alika Rose Zenrivus (Pronounced Al-i-cuh Zehn-ree-vus)

    Alias/Nickname: Ally, Rosali

    Gender: Female

    Race: Mix Breed Werewolf (½ Aanarian ½ Ivarian)

    Age: 45, but looks like she is in her mid 20’s.

    Religion: Pagan/Witch

    Swift transformation middle end, Low end true regenerator, & Slightly enhanced strength.

    Ability Description:
    Her transformation takes 2-3 minutes. Her regenerations are fast if the are minor but losing a limb will take up to 2-3 days to truly regenerate to full capability. She can move about 150lbs-200lbs with ease to lift/push/pull, 201-275 is a bit of effort to lift but can be done, 276-350lb she can push/pull but it takes a great deal of effort. She can’t push/pull/lift anything past 350lbs.

    Human Form Description:
    5’9, apple body type with a C cup almost D chest, size 20 jeans with a 1x size in shirts, slightly wavy waist length light copper hair, usually drawn back in a ponytail, jade green eyes, full dusty rose-colored lips, round ear, roman nose, sand colored skin, and a round face.

    Wolf Form:

    At the shoulder she stands 5’7, tricolor sable comprised of a light copper, a tan and dark grey for her thick coat for her summer coat, her winter coat becomes more muted but keeps the same markings, her ears and muzzle are dark grey, her face is light copper, 14’2 from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail.

    Throwing knives 10, 1 & 5 daggers. Throwing knives are kept in a 5-count sheath strapped to the outside of each of her thighs. She has a dagger sheathed (boot sheaths) in the outside of each of her boots, 1 sheathed (forearm sheath) on the inside of each of her forearms, 1 on her right hip for the visible eye to see in their sheath. Her long knife is sheathed on her left hip in a plain black sheath.

    Her mother was an Iverian werewolf and her father was an Aanarian werewolf. She was raised in her mother’s Iverian pack. However, she was always probing at her mother for information about her father. Her mother avoided the questions her while life until a year ago. Her mother became restless with the probing questions and relented the detail that her father was not from the Iverian packs but was from the Aanarian tundra packs. Her mother told her that she knew nothing else of the father and this was the truth. Her mother when she was young had grown restless and craved for adventure. Her mother ventured past some mountains and found shelter in a cave from a bad blizzard that had come. It was this cave that her mother met her father. At first her father had attempted to fight her mother for her trespassing on his territory. Her mother assured him that she would leave once the blizzard cleared. Unfortunately, the storm didn’t abate for a week. During this time, she learned he was an Aanarian a rogue from the tundra packs. He wasn’t thrilled with the alpha. But he knew he wasn’t quite strong enough yet to take the pack, so he became a rogue to train and become stronger. He had plans to eventually return and take his mother’s pack as his own pack even if it meant putting his own brother down to do it since his brother was the current pack Alpha after his father had lost to his eldest son. He didn’t open up much to her mother.

    He didn’t open up much to her mother. But they didn’t have feelings for each other in that way, but the old lonely nights can do strange things and lead to even more than what your mind consciously wants. A place where the animal and desire rule. That was all her mother had been able to give her other than that he was a 6’3 man with black hair and dark amber eyes, ivory skin and a constant scowl as if he hated the world. Neither her mother or father had shared their other forms. They had no intention of getting to know each other more than they had. Ever since, she has hunted for information about her father. She wanted to meet him, just once. If he was still alive. She had hopes. She had learned to use her throwing knives from her uncle, her mother’ brother, who was always thrilled to show of his trick skills with his throwing knives. But she learned to fight with her dagger from her mom, she was a skilled hand to hand fighter with her daggers. But the long knife, that was her grandfather who took the time to teach her how to wield it properly.

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