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You can make anything by writing -C.S Lewis
I apologize in advance. I am clearly new to this site. It always takes me a bit to adjust to a new RP site so please bare with me as I learn.
That being said, let me tell you a little about me as a writer.

Story telling has been my passion since I could speak and I have been writing since I could hold a pencil. I first stepped into the world of roleplay about 15 years ago and found it to be an excellent escape from life and a good way to keep a constant flow of creativity.

I am also an artist, I paint, draw, sculpt, special effects, all kinds of art. Happy to share if you're ever interested to see my work :) I am no professional, self taught and it's just a hobby.

I do love a good book though in recent years I have struggled to keep focused, extremely dyslexic so reading large amount of text is taxing on me. Another reason I love to RP, it doesn't bother my eyes and give me headaches like reading does. I do invest in audiobooks whenever I can though! and I do read and love to be amerced in a good story.

Anyway, enough about me personally, lets get down to business!

Ok so about me as an rper

  • Pretty much any genre, the only exceptions being Sci-fi (I just super suck at tech talk to make it realistic), slice of life (I rp to escape like. Normality is boring) Romance (I like it to be there but not the focus, everyone needs some fluff! Just not a lot of it)

  • I don't do novel posts unless situation calls for it. a paragraph or two is plenty. Sometimes less (for example in the case of a conversation back and forth) I think all the filler stuff gets annoying. Descriptions, world/ character building information is great. It's meant to be fun so I don't stress and you don't have to either. The most important thing is that it adds to the story and moves it along.

  • I also don't really do character sheets, I like to be surprised and develop the characters in story and not be confined to a profile sheet. I have done them but I really prefer not to. I tend to throw characters at the story until something fits, I don't want to be confined to pre determined outlines. I get a concept and see what happens.

  • For couples MxM, FxF MXF whatever happens happens I am open to it,I just like it to happen organically, let the pieces fall where they may. (not into smut and junk, fade to black only) If you're only comfortable with one type of pairing that's fine I get that. I used to be that way. Only one I will struggle with is if it's only MXM not to say I can't I will just struggle more with that. It's a newer field of writing for me that's all.

  • I play multiple characters plus npcs and expect the same from my partner. I also ask my partner to play both genders as I do as well.

  • I expect my partner to contribute to plot and world building as much as I do. I will get tired and frustrated if I am pulling all the weight. Working together is the fun part. This isn't D&D I am not your Game master.

  • The only trigger I have come across is extremely specific and that is a grandfather figure dying of any sort of illness or really at all. If it's mentioned having happened in the past that's fine just can't actively write about that or read in depth about it.

  • I tend to write multiple posts a day and ask that my partner at least be able to respond once a day. More is preferred. I tend to lose interest if it moves too slowly. I also understand life happens.

  • To go with above comment. Just communicate with me if you're going to be MIA for more than a day. I will do the same.

  • Those are the main things, anything else please just ask!

Ok so some things I am currently craving, no full plots just settings we can make our own plot from.

Harry Potter- what if Voldemort won or perhaps what does the wizarding world look like in modern times or perhaps we delve back before Harry Potter was ever even a thought.

Peter pan with a twist- maybe Neverland is not such a kid friendly place. Perhaps Peter isn't such a nice young fellow...

Fables- Yes referring to the comic books that I have recently gotten into. I like the concept of fairy tale people being sucked into our world and trying to make it.

LOTR- nobody ever wants to do this T.T literally anything with LOTR I will love you forever...

Modern fantasy- Going to be slightly more specific since I now have a couple started. I wrote a short story once and I thought it would make for a fun RP setting. The world has advanced in pretty much the same way as we know it. There are just a few differences. Humans are not the only race. There are, Vampires, werewolves and shapeshifters. Each with their own set of rules. For examples all non humans must be registered. Werewolves must check in with a handler during the full moon to receive a medication that stops them from losing their minds.
Vampires are required to check in monthly to receive blood, either synthetic or the more expensive donated real blood. Shape shifters must were identifying arm bands that require a special key to remove and they must be visible at all times.
I am open to adding more races but I want to keep it fairly basic. Nothing magical
I have a loose plot idea that involves our characters being detectives.

Circus - set in the 1920's when the circus was very popular There is one particular circus that stands out from all the rest. Magic seems to be almost real here and...well maybe it is. This circus is home to those who seek sanctuary from a world that doesn't accept the weird and the wild except in a place like a circus with a ring master with such powers of persuasion to compel anyone to come and see and be enthralled in a big top that seems much larger on the inside and full of magic and creatures that are quite impossible and leave believing it all still to be farce.

Will add more as I think of them...
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