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Side Story Last Train Home

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Yun Lee, May 28, 2019.

  1. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Helix Securities Mission Report

    Mission Personnel: Fareeha Amari

    Mission Allies (if applicable): Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army, The Coalition, The United Nations

    Mission Objective: Escort two former Overwatch operatives by train to Busan.

    Mission Status:

    Her hands leave the keyboard, and she holds them together at her chest. They're shaking again, as they always do when she thinks about this mission. It had taken up until the last day for a mission report to be filed, which was already so unlike her. She had always done the report first thing when she arrived home, when it was fresh in her mind. This mission was still fresh, even one week later...but for all the wrong reasons. They had seemed to be understanding; it was personal, after all. But that wasn't really the entire reason this mission made her feel this way.

    She takes a deep breath, forcing her hands to be still. She has to do this today. She has to get over this...whatever it is she's feeling. Her hands go back to the keyboard.

    Mission Status:

    ...she can go back to that one.

    Mission Summary:

    Okay. Here we go. Steeling herself, she types on the keyboard.


    Day One

    It didn't take long for the news of an attack on the comatose patients in Avalon to get to the Coalition. A mysterious assassin known as Reaper had infiltrated the hospital, and would have killed Genji Shimada and Reinhardt Wilhelm and who knows who else had he not been stopped. Still, it was definitely a serious problem, especially now; the Coalition had suffered so many losses in the aftermath of the Civil War that the extra protection needed couldn't be provided. The lives of every comatose patient were at stake, and they needed to decide the best course of action.

    Fortunately, there were members of the Coalition that were from the same world as these three men, and they seemed to have intel. This man, Reaper, was a member of terrorist organization Talon, and he had been linked to the recent assassinations of former Overwatch operatives. It could be concluded, then, that the only two he was after were Genji and Reinhardt, and that moving them would keep Reaper from the others.

    But where to move them was the next problem. What place could tgese two be taken where both they and civilians would be safe? The answer came from young Dae-hyun Park, a member of The Forge branch who had been there the night of the attack. His hometown of Busan had exceptional medical facilities, and would be more than willing to help he and his fellow MEKA operative. And thankfully, he was right. Busan approved the transfer, and they had a plan in motion. With a decoy headed to Watchpoint: Gibraltar, a Milae cargo train would be refurbished and sent to Busan. They would spare whatever aid they could, but ultimately this mission would be short-staffed. But at this point, there was nothing more to be done. At least the United Nations of this world offered a member of their private security organization to be on watch...

    She stood there now, in the dining car, offering those gathered a polite nod.


    "Greetings. I am Fareeha Amari, captain of this mission and operative of Helix Securities. On behalf of the United Nations, I thank you all for your service. From what I've been told, your organization is anti-terrorist just as we are, and we're more than happy to assist you and your patients."

    "She doesn't SEEM very happy..." Young recruit Ty Lee whispered to those at her table. The guy sitting beside her, Dae-hyun Park, frowned.


    "Shh!" He snapped back to attention before Fareeha could catch them. She didn't seem to notice anything off, though, and kept going.

    "Now, as you all know, you are here to escort these two patients to Busan and protect them in case any dangers should arise. Barring any delays or errors, this train should reach Busan in three days' time. When we reach the Pacific Ocean, there will be a stop so that those on Gwishin duty can be outside during that time. Furthermore, if anyone should like to join me on guard duty in the evening, you are welcome to do so though it is not a necessity."

    Fareeha brought up a holographic screen, showing the interior of the train.


    "We are on the Milae train, which has been modified to accomodate us all on this mission. This dining car is in the middle of the five. In front of us are the patient car and the passenger car, and behind us are the two cargo cars. Mechs and other large weaponry you may need are stored in there. All of you will be staying in the passenger car and can assign rooms however; the only exception is Beatrix, who will be staying in the room nest to the patients in case something goes wrong. This train is driven by AI, so there is no need to worry about crew. We should be in Arizona by tomorrow, just in time for Deadlock Gorge. I'll go over that in the morning. For now, get situated, and prepare however you need to. Thank you." With a quick bow, Fareeha headed off into the cars before them, leaving you to explore the train or spend your time however you saw fit.


    Cast List

    @Jeremi as Beatrix Z. Lucavi
    @Sark as Eric O' Grady
    @Minerva as Hana Song/D.Va
    @Crow as Knock Out
    @Lucky as Lincoln Campbell
    @Takumi as Lwai Aura Tibesti
    @Alex Azure as Pit
    @York as Ruby Rose​
  2. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    One of the people around the table had literally maybe heard one third of whatever Fareeha had been saying. Far more busy dissecting some weird small creature that no one recognized.

    Beatrix Z. Lucavi, the only reason she was here was because the Coalition felt that her "experiments" had started to get a little out of hand and that they needed a "medical expert" from their side to look after the patients. She knew that was just an excuse though. Wasn't her fault they opened up the entire multiverse to her and then don't expect her to do tests? What is a girl to do?

    She got woken out of her intense investigation of this creatures bladder as Fareeha walked out the cabin. "Oh done already? Bleh really liked to hear herself talk that one." Her cyborg arm did a flapping motion sending some blood that was on flying on a nearby wall. "You know there were other 'medical professionals' in the Coalition other than me. Why did I have to look over two stiffs? I wasn't even allowed to try my concoction on them. I'm 85% sure they would've woken up with it, but noooo. Too volatile, Beatrix. Not enough tests Beatrix. Didn't your test subject explode after you injected it Beatrix." She got up from her chair and started making her way towards the patient car.

    "Guess I have to look after the test su- patients in the meanwhile. Or maybe I could get something sweet before checking them out. I bet there's some chocolate somewhere~."

    @Yun Lee @Sark @Minerva @Crow @Lucky @Takumi @Alex Azure @York
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  3. Lucky

    Lucky PJ

    Prologue: When The Earth Stopped Turning

    Lincoln Campbell knew that he couldn't just run from his problems. He knew that eventually he would have to confront Tommy's death. He knew that he would have to acknowledge that the first friend in his new life was dead. Yes, he still had Sam and Dean, but it wasn't the same. It wasn't the person who he had investigated with. It wasn't the man who he knew watched die. And he was sure that there was no magic cure for this death. Tommy Merlyn had died three times now. Once before he had arrived with Lincoln, once in the Gravity Falls and then in the incident with the girl. And he didn't think he was going to come back.

    But that wasn't the reason that Lincoln was upset about Tommy's death. He was also terrified that he was on his last leg. How many times could one person cheat death before the Grim Reaper came to collect? Death scares him, but he also knew that he needed a distraction. " You are not the only doctor on board. As I remind you again, I'm also a doctor. Comas may not be my special area, but I have done my fair share of learning while part of the coalition. So, if you need any help, let me know."

    @Yun Lee @Sark @Minerva @Crow @Takumi @Alex Azure @York @Jeremi
  4. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "Doctor number three, reporting for duty. Or are we, as you say, too many cooks? I myself wouldn't go to a restaurant with low-grade appetizers. Those cheese sticks better be in tip-top shape."

    What appeared to be a towering automaton spoke to Beatrix and Lincoln. His skin was slick red and shiny and he was decorated well, as if he was a race car. He crossed his arms and leaned against the wall as he spoke with a constant grin.

    @Jeremi @Lucky
  5. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    The ensuring laughter that escaped from Beatrix was so heartily that her jaw literally unhinged as she cackled away. "Oh you two are adorable!" She went up to Lincoln and patted him on the cheek. "I'll make sure to call both of you when I need expendable aids, but now," She flipped around and pointed her large syringe arm towards the door. "Chocolate!" With that she was off towards the dining car.

    @Yun Lee @Sark @Minerva @Crow @Lucky @Takumi @Alex Azure @York
  6. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    As Beatrix takes her leave, the automaton turns to Lincoln. "I don't think we'll have to worry about our patients under such capable hands," he says with a combination of sarcasm and lightheartedness. "I am Knock Out, Autobot medic, automobile and automobile enthisiast, and you are..."

  7. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    Prologue: The Irredeemable
    "Uh... geez, sure..." Eric muttered to himself, throwing himself against the wall of the carriage. "This is all... a thing, I guess"

    He exhaled. He shut his eyes. Oh, God, he was gonna die today. Was it too late to hop of the train? He could fake some sorta illness?

    Yeah, whatever had put that chick into that coma? He'd have some of that to go, thanks.

    No, that would never work. There was a Doctor on board. She'd put him of bed rest, and then where would he be?

    Off the front lines, that's where he would be. Hell, he could have a cushy journey. Laying in bed with what he could only imagine was a sexy nurse tending to him day in and day out, whilst a bunch of hard core coalition agents died to keep him safe. Now that was the dream...

    But it wouldn't work. That sexy nurse he was imagining? She'd see though his bullshit as if it made up the lenses of her hypothetical glasses. Man, he loved a girl in glasses. Sucks that the hypothetical sexy nurse he was dreaming of would be the one to get him a hypothetical court martial.

    Shit. It wasn't gonna work. Was it too late to run? Was it too late to just shrink down and jump out the window? He'd like to see them try and shoot a man the size of a flea. Yeah, he'd like to see the room full of angry, armed coalition agents taking him alive. Then again, that would leave him right back where he started; getting shot at by highly trained killers. Whether they were good guys or bad guys, it looked like he was gonna have people shooting at him before dinner.

    Shit. Just... Shit...

    "Um... so... yeah. Alright. I'll get... situated. I'll prepare. Anyone got a pen so I can write a will?"

    Who was he kidding? Who would he leave his money to? Hell, he didn't have any money to leave behind, and he was hardly expecting a killer insurance pay out when he finally did kick it.

    "You know what? Forget about it. I'm going to go to my room, lock my door... and just..."

    Cry and try to find a way to get out of this... thing.

    "Get myself situated. Yup. That's me. The strategic Ant-Man off the strategize... and all that sorta stuff... so I'll... uh... see you all when the shooting starts, 'comrades'...."

    He shot a pair of finger guns.

    "Yeah... gotta go get situated...so..."

    Exploding test subjects... Great... Yup. He had to find a way out.

    "Hey, do the windows in our quarters open, at all? Just like, a little bit? Like... do they open at least half an inch? Because I... gotta go grab some air. From the... inside of the train." Great lie, Eric. "Or... like... an outside door that opens just a little bit? Or even has a large keyhole, or something? Just gotta... yano, get that... air..."

    Yup. Operation 'pretend to be dying to get put on the bench' was dead in the water. Just like he was gonna be, in a couple of hours. Fitting.

    "Wow, 3 Doctors, huh?" He feinted awe. "That's just... swell ain't it? If you've got 3 Doctors, what do you need me for? You guys all seems so..." Terrifying. "Capable! So I'm just gonna get that air I was talking about and do some of that... situating and then I'll just hop off at the next stop. I mean, its like you said, right? Too many cooks! And I ain't even a cook, so... I'll be in my room..."

    @Yun Lee @Sark @Minerva @Crow @Lucky @Takumi @Alex Azure @York @Jeremi

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  8. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    File 1: Lwai's Prologue

    In a sense, Lwai was representing both his world and his country for this mission. At least, that's how the young Prince saw it, but he also hoped to use this to help hone his skills in some way.

    The young man sat in one of the seats amd listened carefully, filing some information away to remember later, and once the group was given time to do whatever they'd like, he turned to try and look out a window, before his ears picked up some.of the other's conversations and he turned his head towards one person in particular.


    "Are you afraid?" It was a simple, curious question from the young man, not at all mocking in tone.

    @Yun Lee @Sark @Crow @Lucky @Jeremi @Others
  9. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    "Yeah, uh..." Dae-hyun joined the doctors as they talked, rubbing the back of his neck. "I think that Helix lady got put in charge of the mission and assigned who goes where. My guess is that she just looked at the first name on the list of doctors and went with that." He frowned. That was pretty careless of her to do, but...she did seem kind of stiff. Maybe something was up?

    "All rooms come with air conditioning." From behind Eric, a humanoid robot spoke in a metallic voice. "Unfortunately, we are unable to open windows on the Milae line, as speeds are far too fast that it would be a safety hazard."

    "Woah, is this train run by Omnics?"

    "Indeed. It is far easier for a cargo train to be operated by autonomous control. You can leave the operation and mechanics of this train to us."

    Ty Lee joined Beatrix at the counter. "Ooh, what kind of food do you guys have here?" she asked the Omnic stationed behind the bar. "The last place I went to only had canned foods..."

    "For this excursion, we have been given what is known as, 'Space Food,'" the Omnic stated. "There are fruits, vegetables, nuts, candies, granola bars, meats, fishes, breads, crackers, and cheeses for consumption. We also carry a variety of beverages such as water, milk, tea, coffee, and carbonated beverages. No alcohol is permitted."

    @Jeremi @Crow @Lucky @Sark @Takumi
  10. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    "Chocolate. C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E."
    She worded out to the Omnic. "And something sugary and bubbly. I need something to keep me running if I'm going to be part of this disaster show. Oh," realizing Ty Lee had joined her Beatrix gave the girl a quick look over. "Hi there! And you are...?"

    @Yun Lee @Crow @Lucky @Sark @Takumi
  11. Lucky

    Lucky PJ

    Lincoln Campbell
    Lincoln had no clue what to make of this doctor. Honestly, she seemed a bit like a mad doctor to him, but he wasn't about to say that a loud. It was probably a safe assumption to assume it was just a matter of first on the list and with the most experience. He didn't disagree with the Coalition's methods though. " It's nice to meet you, Knock out. Lincoln Campbell, Inhuman, doctor and member of the Coalition. As hungry as I am, I'm going to go and check on our two patients," he said, heading over to the patient car.
    @Yun Lee @Crow
  12. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    "Chocolate? Allow me to look." The Omnic stayed put, most likely running though the database of food inventory in its system.

    "Ooh, I want something to eat too! Is there anything with nuts? My horoscope said that nuts would give me good luck this month." She turned to Beatrix with a grin. "Hi! I'm Ty Lee. You're in the Coalition too, right?"

    "According to our inventory, there are three items including chocolate. Milk chocolate bars, quantity of twelve, six-pack of chocolate chip cookies, quantity of eight, and chocolate lava cake, quantity of four. Allow me to look for nuts next."



    The patient car looked the most futuristic of all, clean and sterilized with machines running all over. Within two beds lay the two men, looking serene despite their condition. Fareeha stood over the one Lincoln would recognize as Reinhardt, her back to the door. "You were always getting yourself into harm's way, old man," she said, a softness in her voice. "I guess this was going to happen sooner or later."

    She hadn't seemed to hear Lincoln come in.

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  13. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    Beatrix groaned audibly when Ty Lee mentioned the Coalition. "Ugh don't remind me. When Reyna talked about them it was so exciting I just had to sign up! Only to realize it's boring bureaucratic red tape and 'ethics committees', but yes, I am part of the Coalition. You can call me Beatrix."

    As the Omnic recited what was on the menu Beatrix nodded in approval. "Excellent! I'll take it!"

    @Yun Lee
  14. Lucky

    Lucky PJ

    Lincoln Campbell

    Lincoln took a moment to take note of how clean and sterilized the area was. That was extremely good for him to know. He looked over at the woman he had met earlier talking to Reinhardt and he decided to at least acknowledge that he was there. "I'm sorry for interrupting your heart to heart, but I just wanted to check on the two patients, since our doctor is having a chocolate binge," he replied back to her with a smile.
    Maybe he should take that guard duty. It looked like she needed a friend.

    @Yun Lee
  15. York

    York Just a newbie...

    Ruby Rose; Prologue - A Civil Matter
    @Yun Lee @Cargo Cars?

    A nightmare again... Ruby had gotten used to dreams like this ever since that dispute that had occurred due to the nature of Ilona's powers. While she didn't always know what was 'right' or what was 'wrong' in those kinds of situations, she often tried her best to stand for what she believed in, no matter how dire the situation, nor how many would stand against her.

    But even with her mind set like this, why did she keep seeing this disaster befalling her beloved Beacon Academy?


    She could hear the screams of thousands of Grimm as they swarmed Beacon Academy, see destruction for miles on an end... Without a hunter or huntress in sight.

    Was this the future that awaited her?

    Was this the culmination of everything she believed in? Everything she fought for?

    Of course, there was no knowing for certain, but all the same... Ruby knew she would stand by her beliefs, and fight to the bitter end, with a smile on her face, if Beacon truly was going to fall like that.


    Fortunately, she was awoken from this nightmare by the familiar sound of her transponder lighting up; it seemed there was something amiss at the Coalition. A mission that involved transporting two comatose patients on a train.

    Without hesitation, Ruby answered the call, and next thing she new, found herself aboard, listening intently to their briefing, before she went over the locations she had at her disposal.

    The Dining car, or the two Cargo cars were the most tempting. Of course there was the patient car too, but she was both hungry, and interested to see what kind of weapons the might have to defend themselves with, so she figured she'd be able to concentrate the mission better once she was either full, or at least took a peek at the weapons they had stocked on this train.


    "Food or weapons... Food or weapons..." She muttered to herself.

    Although her stomach growled a little, causing her to hide her face in embarassment, she finally snapped her fingers and came to a conclusion, after she flipped an imaginary coin in her head.


    "Weapons! Let's do this!" She said excitedly.

    Forgetting about her hunger briefly, she headed to the storage car with a skip in her step.​
  16. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    "Me? Scared? Hell no!" Eric smiled an awkward smile and folded his arms to cover the pool of sweat forming across his chest. "I just think it's just a little hot in here, you know? Do you think its hot? Because I do. Air conditioning? Bet it doesn't even work?"

    He took in a deep breath, shut his eyes and sighed. He had to just chill and compose himself.


    "Ya know what? Forget it. I'm gonna grab some orange soda and pretend it's packed full of vodka. You want anything?"

    "Oh God... we're going off to war with an astronomy nut and a chocoholic... oh God... "

    @Yun Lee
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  17. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club


    "It doesn't feel hot to me. Maybe get a drink and sit for a bit?" Lwai suggested with a tilt of his head. When the man before him kept speaking, Lwai couldn't help but laugh lightly, what he said was amusing after all.

    "No I'm fine, but if you do end up afraid it's okay to say so, you know." He spoke up. He chuckled a bit at the astronomy nut and chocoholic comments but didn't comment on them, instead he greeted the other with a smile. Maybe a change of subject would do the clearly skittish man some good? He seemed to be freaking out quite a bit for one reason or another, and while understandable, Lwai hoped he'd calm a bit before something bad really did hapoen on the train.


    "I'm Lwai Aura Tibesti, by the way. But if you prefer, Lwai is fine." He said rather cheerfully.

    @Yun Lee @Sark @Jeremi
  18. Alex Azure

    Alex Azure Prince of the Multiverse

    Pit Prologue - Not to Make Light of the Situation

    "Lady Palutena, are you sure?"

    "Yes, Pit. Most of my Centurions are busy helping and guarding the rebuilding efforts. This is an important mission for everyone involved. I'm counting on you."

    "I won't let you down!" Pit yelled with confidence.

    "You're going to meet a lot of new allies and adversaries from places you've never seen before. I'll do my best to guide you, but the farther apart we are, the more difficult the connection is."

    "It's okay, Lady Palutena. I've met tons of new fighters before. I can handle it!"

    "I know, Pit. I was in Super Bash Sisters as well."

    "That's Super Smash Brothers..."

    Pit followed just behind Ruby, mumbling to himself.

    "What would the best weapon to go with be? I'm pretty used to Bows, but the Guardian Orbitars have done me pretty well. In this confined space, something like an Ore Club could be pretty hard to weild. Maybe an Arm or Palm could do well. Though I could just hold on to the Palutena Bow I have now."

    @Yun Lee @York @Cargo Cars?​
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  19. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    "According to our inventory, we have multiple items with nuts. Individual bags of trail mix, quantity of twelve, individual bags of peanuts, quantity of twenty, individual bags of cashews, quantity of twenty, individual bags of walnuts, quantity of...."

    This was going to take a while. Ty Lee tuned him out, turning to Eric. "Uhh...I think it's astrology? Astronomy is the stars and stuff, astrology is the horoscopes."

    Meanwhile, a different Omnic arrived at Beatrix's side, this one a sphere with the chocolate bar and cookies. The lava cake was still cooking, it seemed.

    @Jeremi @Sark @Takumi


    The cargo hold, true to its name, housed multiple crates made of both wood and metal. All weaponry was stored here for the time being, including a large pink mech.

    "I don't think we have extra weapons to pick and choose from," Dae-hyun said, following Pit and Ruby. "The Coalition didn't have all that much to spare considering all that's happened."

    @York @Alex Azure


    "!!!" Fareeha gasped as someone spoke up behind her, and she quickly got up, snapping to attention. "My apologies. I was just...checking up on them myself."

    It wasn't a good lie. She sighed, seeming to unclench the tiniest bit. "...how much of that did you hear?"

  20. Lucky

    Lucky PJ

    Lincoln Campbell
    Lincoln wasn't surprised that he had snuck up on her, but it was something that he was certain he hadn't expect. " I mean- everyone should at least see them."

    Lincoln looked over at her, running his hand through his hair.. " Pretty much all of you telling him that this was bound to happen sooner or later. Listen, I honestly won't tell anyone else. Your relationship with him is your business. I know what it is lucky to care for someone, and I get what it is like to see that they have self-destructive tendencies. Lost a friend to this whole civil war."

    @Yun Lee

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