Lazzamore's Characters


Name: Dymos, Prince of Iron
Domain: Industry, Invention, imperialism.
His color is Burgundy
Abilities: Dymos, being molten iron in form, has the ability to form and fire molten metals as his primary means of defense. His domain allows him to be highly creative and think quickly, and this manifests itself in a silver-tongue.
Flaws: Often greedy and short tempered, Dymos is easily provoked.
Strengths: Creativity, Control over metals, highly mercantile mind
Weaknesses: Greedy and easy to provoke, Over-exertion has resulted in his 'death' before, and it took a thousand years to recover. He is easily tempted by power.

Image by Nicholas Kay
Giant figure made out of deep red, molten iron, His face a white hot brand, depicting eyes, a brow, and a nose.
Motivations: His ultimate goal is to create something that is more then the sum of it's parts: Something that invents something greater then it's inventor. Everything he does he does for the sake of self-glory.
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Name: H'mog (Dead)
Domain: Domination and brotherhood.
His color is Grey
Abilities: Command and domination over earth. Secondly, command over Animals, though this is tiring. Finally, he naturally 'spawns' mortal extensions of himself known as Orcs, everywhere his feet step.
Flaws: Narrow minded and pig headed, H'mog can't accept being wrong.
Strengths: Great battle prowess, Strong willpower, 'Earth-bending'
Weaknesses: his strong will is a double edged sword, should he encounter those who know how to manipulate it. He will never admit he is wrong, even if he IS wrong.

Image by Paul Bonner
Squat, old creature with pale green/grey skin, and massive lower canines.
Motivations: To prove orcs, and thus himself, are worthy to live up to domination. To see the Orcs truly come out on top, to dominate.
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Name: The Great Maiden (formerly Shel, now a goddess in place of H'mog)
Domain: Domination and Brotherhood
Her color is dark emerald.
Abilities: Commanding over mortal minds, She is supernaturally beautiful. She also inherited H'mogs orc-spawning powers, though only in half strength, and has a magic axe she can use to start earthquakes.
Flaws: Selfish and un-trusting of other deities, Shel has forgotten what it means to be mortal.
Strengths: Beauty, her ability to spawn new orcs, Command over mortal minds.
Weaknesses: Untrusting and generally unliked, every bit as zealous as H'mog and less amicable to other gods. She is not more of an effective god over orcs then H'mog.

Image by Johanna Cranston

Lovely to Orcs, though still recognizable by her pale skin, large ears and fangs
Motivations: To see her family avenged; she still holds that hatred of gods deep down from when her family was left to die at the hands of the first dragons. She believes this is done through the domination of orcs over other mortals, to see them rise above there own weakness.
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Name: Eellae
Domain: Love, beauty, irrationality.
Abilities: The ability to muddle thoughts and hypnotise others with her form; A mass of dancing lights.
Flaws: Manipulative, but still hard to trust. She hungers for power and freedom from her prison: She cannot leave the sea.
Strengths: Hypnotic form, manipulation powers, control over the sea
Weaknesses: Trapped in the oceans, very lonely to the point of make deals to escape. Any deal.
Appearance: Eellae's most natural form is a glorious mass of dancing, colorful light and thick membranes, not unlike a jellyfish. The light from this form generally entrances mortals who see it, though the form itself lacks definition.

Motivations: Freedom and power. She was imprisoned to the sea for her dangerous lust for power, and she wishes for then anything to reverse this. It is unknown when this might happen, if ever.
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Name: Gambolg, wandering Warpriest (Dead)
Race: Dus-Gal Orc
Gender: Male
Bio: Gambolg is a Warpriest, a Orcish warrior-prophet who wanders, delivering the news and messages of both H'mog and the Great Maiden. Gambolg is almost always tasked with giving the bad news and Rebuking the orcs when they fail.

A militant at heart, Gambolg is diligent and studious in warfare. In his heart he is driven primarily by his prophetic dreams.

Gambolg fell in love early to a she-orc who would not reciprocate. He was driven out of his village by a rival suitor who would eventually win this love's hand and heart. At this time he began recieving dreams; Dreams of a wonderously lovely she-orc demi-goddess, speaking on behalf of H'mog himself: the Great Maiden. He dedicated his life as her and H'mog's prophet. The Warpriest would even eventually return to his old village, though not before sickness took his first love's life.
Motivations: Diligent in his studies, both religious and combative, Gambolg aims to simply act as the greatest servent of the Dus-Gal gods he can be. He is firm in his dedication to the Great Maiden.
Strengths: Speaks to the gods of Dus-gal, H'mog and the great maiden. Very dedicated to his missions of prophetic messages, and a skilled warrior with orcish Sickle-swords, axes and clubs. He carries his weapons with him everywhere.
Gambolg has very touch skin and resistance to the elements, a natural armor, to a degree.
Weaknesses: Not always rational when acting in what he believed is right, and can thusly be manipulated.
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Name: Strong Naguk, of the Small-Toothed Clan (Dead)
Race: Dus-gali Orc
Gender: Male
Bio: Naguk was the strong (a chieftain of sorts) of a once powerful clan known as the Small-toothed. When paloria awoke at the start of the great war, the lava overtook Naguk's village and destroyed his people. The Small-toothed escaped only barely into the Desert of Yuuk, where only a few survived starvation and death at the hands of the Lech. Lead by Naguk, these survivors would find their way to the Desert of Lech to answer the call of H'mog to war. There he and the Small-toothed proved themselves as compitent hunters and protectors, battling their old enemy the Lech.

Now that the war is over, Naguk is among the many explorers sent out in search of a gift The Great Maiden had promised the elders of the Dus-Gal and the Ralaamites after losing their homes; A holy land of plenty to reward them for their outstanding perseverance in the war.
Motivations: To find a new home where he can live unchallenged. Much of the orcs existance has been spent as a underdog race of sorts; They took animals from foreign tamers, metal from foreign smiths, structures from foreign sciences, and produced nothing for the world. Naguk wants nothing more than to prove that Orcs truly are great.
Strengths: A skilled warrior, as the Strong he served as a general of sorts during and before the Great War. He has a firmly tactical mind.
Weaknesses: Not great at communication. Naguk speaks quickly, curtly and simply. He often doesn't consider other's feelings; He merely speaks harshly and expects harshness in return.
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Name: Yalgetrude Longmaster
Race: Dwarf
Age: 39
Gender: Female
Abilities: A seasoned soldier, she is excellent under pressure and well trained with axes and bows.
Strengths: Good under pressure, Skilled at more then one weapon (Battleaxe and Bow), Tactical thinking skills
Weaknesses: Runs from her emotions. Is terrible at living as a citizen and basically can't let herself do mundane tasks involved in the commoners life.

Bio: Yalgretrude is a firm and devout believer in Gongromril Every-phase, the false dwarven god of mono-theism and the moon. She was raised to fight the dark dwarves of Dhordahn for her clan, and that is all she ever cared about. Single-minded and tough, when the war ended between The Longmaster Clan and the Dhordahni empire in a favorable manner toward her clan, she was left with nothing to do. Out of work and unable to learn to live as a normal tradeswoman, Yalgetrude traveled far away to Easttowne looking for more war to fight in.
Motivation: She feels deep insecurity that she is constantly running from, always trying to look toward conflict to fill the hole in her heart from her past.
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Name: Durbul
Race: Orc
Gender: Male
Bio: Durbul escaped from the Red Court as a child and returned to the Concentration camps following a strange dream he had, where H'mog returned to the world as the son of his parents. That alongside the suspicions of the red priests, confirmed to Durbul that it fell to his shoulders to free the Orcs and claim the glory of godhood.

Upon returning to the mine his family was from, he found his mother worked to death and his half-brother facing the death penalty. pushing back the guards away from the camp, ha and a handful of rebels got away and made their way to the wilderness, where the band regrouped. For about eight years they prepared for an onslaught upon Tuaru.
Motivations: To attain godhood; to prove that he is worthy to dominate all.
Strengths: Uncanny battle prowess
Weaknesses: A deep hatred for mankind and an extreme lust for power
Name: Durbul
Race: Urzegibirian Orc
Age: 18 (adult)
Gender: Male
Abilities: Martial prowess with various swords, and extreme political power for he is believed to be H'mog reborn.
Strengths: Swords, long or short, His political influence, he is an experienced fear-monger.
Weaknesses: overly lusts for godhood, and is insecure about his status and how much he deserves what he has. Will kill to prove himself.

Durbul escaped from the Red Court as a child and returned to the Concentration camps following a strange dream he had, where H'mog returned to the world as the son of his parents. That alongside the suspicions of the red priests, confirmed to Durbul that it fell to his shoulders to free the Orcs and claim the glory of godhood.

Upon returning to the mine his family was from, he found his mother worked to death and his half-brother facing the death penalty. pushing back the guards away from the camp, ha and a handful of rebels got away and made their way to the wilderness, where the band regrouped. For about eight years they prepared for an onslaught upon Tuaru.
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Race Name: Orcs
Population: ~2,433,000
Age of Maturity: 15
Life Expectancy: 80
Overview: A warlike, harsh race of domineering soldiers. Orcs fight for the furtherment of their own ways always. Among the orcs two nations have risen to particular prominence: M'jhuduay and Urzegibir.

M'jhuduay is a land of the dishonest and thieves. A dark place in Idain that prides themselves on political wrangling and ripping off others, the orcs of M'jhuduay are power-mongers first and foremost.

Urzegibir is a harsh land of warriors. Focused on their own divine providence, These orcs are strong defenders of the old ways of their species.
Biology: Orcs are sinewy Grey creatures made in the literal image of H'mog. They have large lower canines that often protrude upwards, and wide, long ears.

Orcs are sensitive to sunlight, and naturally become diseased in prolonged, intense sunlight over very long periods of time. To compensate for the natural discomfort in sunlight and therefor lack of Vitamin D, fishing for fattier fish such as salmon and mackerel are large industry in Orcish culture for there mood-boosting effect. They are considered a delicacy for this.
Universal Abilities: Strong will and keen tactics, and an urge and determination to complete there cause. An Orc never surrenders the fight, even if he was on the wrong side.
Universal Weaknesses: Sallow skin that allows for easier disease and damage from intense sunlight, this makes orcs generally prefer the dark places.
Culture: Very warlike, strong willed and often belligerent, for a non-orc to assert authority over an Orc is considered a grave insult, and dominance is considered an ultimate value.
Religion: The most common deity worshiped among orcs is the Great Maiden. Worship of the Great Maiden is usually lead by a two casts of priests: The Ozgul (or Warpriests) which tend to remain in solitude and are always male warriors, and the Shig-Ul (or Priestesses) which act as spiritual guidance for the many and a church body, doing administrative duties of the religion. Shig-Ul are always female.
Military Prowess: 200,000 warriors in each major country: M'Jhuduay and Urzegibir. each one is bulk (55%) basic warrior, trained in the Warscythe (short, curved sword like a scythe), the Javelin, and the Doubleblade (Long heavy pole with two hook like heads on both ends). Warriors more seasoned often focus on just one and then more exotic weapons, including bows and foreign designed weapons. These warriors mostly act as special forces. Companies of orcs are often accompanied by by a Shig-Ulozg, or a War priestess who communes with the Great Maiden for wisdom. Remaining conscripts are given crude pikes and spears to head up the front lines of their march. Finally, a variety of warbeasts are often deployed. Raal-hounds, great and vicious dogs of war, are bred and of course the holy Quilbeast (beasts with long, needle-like quills they throw like javelins) are kept for sieges and great battles.
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Race Name: Sirens
Population: ~485,000
Age of Maturity: 25
Life Expectancy: 185
Overview: Vicious and self-serving, Sirens are never to be fully trusted. They have a culture of self-seeking, and any who get their way are often found on the dinner table.
Biology: Sirens are always female, and possess such powerful genes that they are always sirens despite what the father was. Since sirens do not produce men, it is an extremely common -and necessary- practice to take men from other races, preferably humans.

Sirens are well suited carnivores. With strong, sharp teeth and the gut to stomach most predatory meats, such as Bear, Lion and unfortunately Human.

Sirens are also noted for having extremely beautiful voices and forms.
Universal Abilities: Sirens are blessed with several powers; First their mighty wings allow them to fly with a little effort, they possess the ability to filter out air underwater (albeit at lower capacity than above) and contain this water in their lungs, and a musk gland that creates a powerful Allomone (a type of hormone that affects other species) that muddles thought in those who detect it.
Universal Weaknesses: Sirens have a love of themselves above all. Sirens are rarely happy with being in a low position, So life in Salavena is a vicious and dangerous one, fraught with ambition and turmoil. They often turn to escapism and eldritch deals and are particularly susceptible to evil influence to achieve what is usually a short-sighted end.
Culture: Sirens have a general devaluation of the weak, elderly and male. Any of those things usually end up as food in times of little resources. Those who cannot compete and make themselves useful to the community are often made useful when food runs short, and the general philosophy see males of any races as second class to females. They value utilitarianism and themselves above all else.
Religion: Sirens inherited Eellae's worst property; a selfish lust for power over others. It is because of this that they have very little religious practices, and though always recognize the gods and particularly Eellae, turning to her when times are difficult, Sirens live in a very selfish culture with little thought to morals.
Military Prowess: A group of about 35,000 huntresses guard Salavena, trained with small, concealable weapons mostly, and thin throw-able spears secondly. Most are conscripted, but the few that volunteer are often given instant leadership roles. Bows and arrows are often quite effective in siren-make, but are usually reserved for times of war.