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The Duke
A location for the different players I work with to control their avatars with the world of the game.


The Duke
Name: Favilla Vitae
Username: Enkindler
Aliases: Vita, Favil(This will be dependent on gender at the time)

Gender: Both male and female(further described in the Abilities section)

Age: 34 outside of the game, 460 within the game

Race: Phoenix Folk

The Enkindler's character, regardless of gender at the time, has tufts of gold, orange, and red feathers sprouting from their temples, elbows, the outsides of their knees, and from the sides of their ankles. Each tuft varies in length, with those on their elbows being the longest, with feathers reaching almost a foot long, and those at their ankles being the shortest, with no feathers there being longer than five inches.​
  • Male-
  • Female-
Relationships: None in the game, as his wife outside of it didn't choose to join. She's been fighting for him to get out without frying his memories of ever since he got trapped within the game world

Role: Support(fire-based healer), and suppressive damage(because fire magic is still, after all, fire).

Personality: Usually a bit cocky and frustrating, the Enkindler plays the character as a necessary annoyance. After all, you shouldn't go anywhere without a decent healer. Although the outward actions of the character may be a bit pester-some, they become much more quiet and down to earth, so to speak, once they've made a close friend. Still subject to moments of quirkiness, the character is reliable and not generally scared of a fight. though they prefer to not be anywhere near the front lines if it can be helped.

Deities Worshiped: Lodern and Paranemista

  • Mutable Form- Enkindler's character form is not stuck on any one particular sex, and he often will swap back and forth between male and female as he sees fit. A power based in fire, and only survivable due to healing, this ability functions as an almost instantaneous change for the character, requiring a brief moment of concentration and a flash of fire.
  • Wings of Fire- A pair of ethereal wings sprouts from the character's back, not causing harm, and fully capable of being moved through. Though they are translucent and wispy like a cloud, the magic of them allows the character to use them for flight, albeit not very well. At most, they can lift the character roughly six feet from the ground. These also have the benefit of providing dim light within the immediate radius of the character.
  • Blessed Warmth- With a moderate drop in energy, Enkindler's character is capable of healing wounds from most sources. While the character worships the goddess of healing, their connection to the fire god amplifies the effects of this ability. One of the side effects that occurs, regardless of the spell itself being cast, is that the character is perpetually warm to the touch and can walk through colder environments without much discomfort.
  • Searing Sheet- The character forms a pane of flames, either in a vertical, wall-like section, or as a covering to the ground or ceiling. The flames retain their orientation, but do not form a solid barrier to anyone. Those who touch it take fire damage for as long as they're in contact with it, as if it were any normal kind of fire. It provides ambient illumination much like a bonfire would.
  • Capable Herbalist- When magic isn't an option to heal up a wound, the Enkindler's character is more than proficient at herb lore in the game, allowing them to more easily gather medicinal plants and ingredients for salves and other, slower, healing methods.
  • Pain Tolerant- Having played while the game was in Beta development, the character is more able to withstand the punishment that combat can bring. While this doesn't cause them to take any less damage, it does allow for the character to stay standing after a blow that might otherwise take them down.


  • Weapons- None
  • Armor- None(only wears their clothing)
  • Oddball- The character can be seen carrying a few odds and end, and has a necklace on at all times. The necklace was an item that the character received as a gift for having been a Beta Tester, and was what allowed the character to be a phoenix instead of a more normal race.

  • Water- Like any other person who slings fire around, water is a natural enemy. While not instantly lethal, water does significantly more damage due to its opposing natures.
  • Wind- While not necessarily harmful directly to the character, wind powers and abilities can rather rapidly diminish the effectiveness of the Enkindler's character by either blowing them away from the party physically(as the ethereal wings will react to air currents appropriately), or by sweeping away the one defensive spell that the character has. In addition, the character carries no way to physically deflect air-based attacks, and is vulnerable to them.

Bio/History: The Enkindler, prior to getting stuck within the new game, Legend of the Blade, worked as a freelance game artist, drawing hundreds of images a year to supply various gaming companies with concept or finished artwork to bring their game worlds to life. His career kept him living a decent life, and he was able to marry one of the voice actresses for a game he'd loved working on. They'd been together for a few years, only married for the most recent of them, when the makers of the game he became trapped within contacted him about doing some of their concept art for him. He figured it would be a good way to branch out, as VR games were starting to hit the market with more and more selling fervor. if he could get in on this one, he'd get his name out to almost every other company making similar games, and then he'd never have to worry about money again.

Then the company offered him a position as a Beta Tester. he'd never thought to play a game he'd helped design the visuals for, but he figured there was no harm, and thoroughly enjoyed the beta, despite the numerous bugs that were expected. His wife scoffed at his enjoyment of the new game he'd found, but didn't mind him playing. After all, his gamer's mentality had been one of the quirks that had drawn them together, as she had done plenty of gaming herself, though she had slowed down on it while working in the world of voice acting. He tried to bring her in, and almost had gotten her to agree when the game locked him within it after the full release dropped.

I do not own either of the character images and will remove them if asked to do so at any time.
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