Legends of Eberron

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Khorvaire, a continent rich with resources, nations, and magic. Cities with towers soaring in the sky dot the horizon as a lightning rail car zooms past, electricity zapping everywhere. Flying fortresses slowly travel in the sky, casting massive shadows on the land below. Elemental-powered airships soar in the air. Races of all kinds dot the landscape, while storms of pure arcane energy ravage the scorched dirt of the Mournland.

The Last War was fought across all of Khorvaire, even stretching into the jungles of Xen'drik. It was a war that split nations apart to form new ones, causeing blood to be spilt in every possible corner of the nation. It lasted for over one hundred years, starting with the death of King Jarot of the Kingdom of Galifar in 894 YK, and effectively ending two years after destruction of Cyre, a once beautiful nation now filled with deadly arcane storms and a curse that affects even the strongest of men. The Last War didn't only result in bad scars across the continent. It gave birth to a variety of military marvels. One of these, perhaps the most important, was the creation of the Warforged. Built for war and given sentience, these soldiers were geared for war the moment they left the House Cannith Creation Forges.

The bloody Last War ended in 996 YK, two years after Cyre erupted in a flash of arcane energy and became the Mourland. All the nations of Khorvaire, the old remnants of the Kingdom of Galifar and the new nations that took the opportunity to create themselves, met together to sign the Treaty of Thronehold. The treaty did a number of things. Firstly, it would end all fighting among the nations. They couldn't continue a war that had no apparent victor. Secondly, it recognized the remaining Warforged as a sentient race, with all the benefits. Thirdly, it ordered the destruction of all Cannith creation forges. The nations agreed, and an uneasy peace followed.

The year is 998 YK. It is an age of heroes, reconstruction, and uncertainty. Bitter rivalries from pre-war thought to be settled by the Treaty of Thronehold are beginning to rise up again. Hundreds of refugees from the nation of Cyre flee to Breland, searching for ways to make a living or somewhere to call home. Dark organizations plot in secret, hoping to topple the power the Dragonmarked Houses have gained. Rumors of a presence rising from the ashes of the Mournland, who promises to reignite the war so the Warforged can prove their superiority over the weaker "flesh" races, strike terror into the hearts of those who believe them.

Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is my attempt at making an epic roleplay that I think could be pretty awesome. If you didn't recognize any of the names above, the roleplay will take place in the world of Eberron. It was originally made for D&D 3.5 edition, but I decided to scrap all the D&D rules and whatnot, and just take the essence of the Eberron setting. I want to give people the opportunity to actually live in the world, not just being some adventurer who jumps in every hole he can find (though don't worry, you can do that too.) If you have any questions or concerns, either let me know here or on Discord, since that makes communication easier, but it is not required to join. Thanks, and I hope to see you in Eberron!

Discord Code: K4fxcdK
Eberron Wiki: http://eberron.wikia.com/wiki/Eberron_Wiki

Character Creation
Even though I want the game to be as free-form as possible, there are still going to have to be a character template just so everything stays balanced and all that. The character template is as follows:

Name: (Please create a name that stays in lines with the world and your race. So a Warforged named Swergymcjenson isn't running around)
Race: (There are numerous races on the continent of Khorvaire. Please refer to the basic world info when it is completed to see the list of common races. It doesn't mean all of them, just ones you would most likely see in civilized lands.)
Profession: (What is it your character does in the world? Are they a bold adventurer or a calm cleric who runs a small hospital?)
Description: (This is a basic description of your character, so eye color, height, etc. Don't forget to include dragonmarks or scars or other misc. markings you wish to have on your character.)
Nation of Origin: (This is basically what Nation your character was born and most likely raised in. For a list of the Nations, check the Basic World Info tab when it is created, or check out the Eberron wiki.)
Dragonmarked House (If any): (Only fill this out if you plan your character to be a member of one of the Dragonmarked houses.)
Biography: (This is a background you give your character. It can be long or short, whichever you prefer. Keep in mind that your character should not be a world-renown hero yet, or the nation's greatest swordsman.)

You do not need to create a character to apply for the RP. As long as you share a genuine interest for the game then you can join. Do keep in mind that you will have to fill this out at some point, and it is subject to change.
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*Heavy breathing.* COUNT ME IN!
On a serious note, what does this "warforged" mean? I've seen so many people use this term, yet I have no idea what it means.
Ps. Yes, I would love to be part of this wonderful piece of work.


Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn
*Heavy breathing.* COUNT ME IN!
On a serious note, what does this "warforged" mean? I've seen so many people use this term, yet I have no idea what it means.
Ps. Yes, I would love to be part of this wonderful piece of work.
Nvm. It's just me being silly. I just noticed that the Warforgred are a race. Oh well, I wait eagerly until you add more info and such.
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