Chains of Retribution Lia's Lore


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Nickname: Bren
Age: 31

Brendan is a werewolf, originally from Iveria but now resides in Lutetia City as a member of the Bloodstone Pack along with his brother and close companion Desmond.

A mellow man, he’s often one to offer guidance and has a knack for turning conversations metaphysical after a good few drinks. Patient, peaceful and full of light-hearted humour, Bren is rarely involved in confrontation and is usually the diffuser of conflicts. He shares a close bond with his brother, and as the elder, feels responsible for their wellbeing. His protective nature rarely clouds his perception, even in times of chaos; Bren has a knack for keeping a rational head. He finds himself needing to do so more often in the company of Baron’s pack, compared to his family back in Iveria, where tensions were much lower and fighting less regular. However, he respects their traditions.

He and his brother share many interests and value similar qualities. Adventurous spirits with loyalty burning in their hearts, lovers of life and most things that come with it.

Nickname: Cass
Age: 34
Visual age: 28
Height: 5'7.5"
Weight: 152lbs

The Runts are a ‘pack’ of werewolves who occupy The Adandoned Warehouse in The Phantom Quarter, Lutetia City. Over the past few years there’s been a rise in the number of werewolf bites. The problem is concentrated in The Phantom Quarter, where lost souls often find themselves. The homeless are the most vulnerable to these mystery attacks – especially children. The current leader of The Runts, Cass, is an older sisterly figure who is dedicated to helping those who survive.

The Runts are not made up entirely of the victims of these attacks. Other outsiders are also welcomed. Foreigners, anti-socials and oddities make up some of the members

Cass’s approach to members it to encourage their humanity. She prefers them to spend most of their times in their human forms, and does not run the werewolf pack in a conventional way. By supressing their newer instincts, often members can clash and lose control. But, as most of them were turned, they don't know any better.

An outsider has taken interest in The Runts, a werewolf by the name of Arman. He sees potential in the scraggly group of misfits; potential for his own gain. Arman challenges Cass's control, having an understanding of how things are meant to work. He tries to slyly manipulate the pack members, enlightening them to the real world of werewolf life, insisting that they'd be stronger, more natural if they were to support him. Cass, however, believes that these werewolves have been outcasted for a reason, and integrating them into an urban pack styled life would simply be what is worst for them. She still maintains most of the support within the pack. Arman forces himself upon the them, sometimes bringing gifts of food, clothing, and medicine. Against confrontation and in need of such things, Cass lets it lie... until it all gets too much.

Whilst encouraging their humanity, Cass herself is eventually forced to turn and fight this challenger who says he knows better. Arman is a brute, but due to their differences in wolf forms, Cass is usually able to run him off. But as these confrontations grow closer together, her physical strength is weaning, unable to regenerate fast enough, whilst Arman's form remains strong.

- - -

Arman's insanity reached its peak, and so The Runts were brought to their demise and are were absorbed by The Bloodstone Pack.​

Age: 32
6ft4, broad-build, dark hair, blue eyes

A hulking mass always squeezed into a usually torn suit jacket, Christian – or Chris – is the most unexpected accountant. His way with numbers is a natural talent, though most of his other achievements were accomplished through intimidation or sheer brute force. The Benard’s are a family whose heritage runs deep in the most impoverished areas of Lutetia, known for making their way through illegal means. They were the type of people who gave werewolves a bad name, and for centuries, too, with the Bernard’s being one of the oldest families, though their line tends to produce more humans than werewolves.

Chris is known for his bravado; physically and intellectually, as he enjoys challenging people all-round with a large dose of sarcasm or sometimes straight-forward ridicule. A hard man, though not cruel at heart, he has a strong sense of loyalty and feels everything with a burning intensity.

He also likes to gamble.

Nickname: Jazzy
Age: 24

5ft4, slim built, ginger hair, brown eyes

Jazzy is above all else, a loose cannon. Not originally born into the werewolf community, she finds it hard to find balance and is constantly questioning herself, although she would never admit to it. This makes her ferocious in the more chaotic and unforgiving sense. From Iveria, she gained most of her more unsavoury experience there, and her lifestyle eventually led to her being turned. She moved to Lutetia for a new life, but found it easier to simply slide back into her old one, just under different management.

She has been a street dealer since she was a young teenager and has struggled with substance abuse ever since, which plays a large part in her frantic personality.​