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Full Life on the Edge

Machina Somnium

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Life on the Edge GM

Hey hey!, welcome to Life on the Edge's interest check and sign ups. A slice of life roleplay set in Night City, heavily inspired by the Cyberpunk Red TTRPG and Cyberpunk 2077 videogame. Live the life of a mercenary, an Edgerunner, on the fringe of society, where many engage in illegal or semi-legal acts or life-styles. One day we go complete a dangerous job as a team, another it's groceries. We navigate the complexities of living on the Edge, bothersome neighbors and keeping up with the latest cyberware implants. And we do it together.

You don't need to have played the games, but you should be willing to read up on lore and other necessary topics in order to get the most out of the experience!

In this story, I play as a character as well as a gamemaster. I'll get us jobs and keep us busy as we go from a makeshift group of gonks to having a permanent private booth at the Afterlife. I'll describe the settings and handle NPC's. I will provide context, maps, imagery, lore, links, anything I can and consider necessary. I'll be there for you in an active group DM here in the forum as well as on discord(Estraven#0244). If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns you can let me know. I'll be happy to assist. (This includes triggers, I want to have a realistic, cyberpunk flavored setting, not be an asshole to my players. Let me know if you have any, please)

This roleplay will be gritty, violent and dark at times, serious and heavy topics may come up often.

As a cyberpunk, you grab technology by the throat and hang on.
You're not afraid to "0 out" the newest in "enhancements", cybertech and bioengineering.

You've got interface plugs in your wrists,
weapons in your arms, lasers in your eyes, and biochip programs in your brain.

You become the car you drive, the aerodyne you fly, the guns you shoot.
You dive headfirst into computer systems, using your mind to hurtle at lightspeed down the rabbit holes of NET Architectures.
With cyborg-fingers you pick computer locks; with enhanced senses, you see into the Future.

Cyberpunk is also an attitude.
You wear the most "in" clothes, know the right people, and follow the right crowds.
You plan your crimes in the most select clubs and bars;
your enemies are Corporate armies, cyborg biker gangs, power-armored assassins, and computer-wired Netrunners.
Your weapons are nerve, street smarts, bravado, and the Minami 10 smartgun on your hip.

Are you ready now? Of course you are.
You can't wait.
Now You're Cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk RED ©: the roleplaying game of the dark future Pondsmith
R. Talsorian Games Inc - 2020 Pg, 21.

We will play through different scenarios, and come out of them walking calmly, hacking through or guns blazing. It all depends on our actions. There will be collaboration, love, backstabs, dynamic battles. There will be no dice, and so I must be able to trust everyone to write coherent combat scenes. Not everyone can ace it all the time. We'll ace some jobs and fuck up others. That's life, in and out of the Edge.

The experience will be tailored to the characters we make. Like you'll see below, there's different types of mercs. They condition the kinds of jobs we can take, how much we get paid and whether we're able to pay rent each month. Jobs may come through my character, or you can learn about them from your environment. Pay attention! I'm looking for a varied group of many talents.

Your characters are going to see an ad mine puts up on the net and on the streets, looking for a group of 3 to 4 mercs to share a small appartment with and to work together as a team. You will all benefit from a higher quality lifestyle, better paying gigs, shared contacts. He's got some rules, and he wants a one on one interview before you're in for sure. Can't trust anyone in this city, and we've all got enemies. 5 years or 5 minutes into this life. Think of characters who'd be interested in this opportunity. For example, someone who always follows the rules and is afraid to break the law wouldn't answer. Neither would someone who's doing very well by themself and needs 0 help.

Please remember I'm always open to suggestions from my fellow players, communication is key in order to have fun!.

It's the year 2073 in the Free City of Night City (NC), an autonomous city on the border between North and South California, on the Pacific coast of North America. It is a modern multicultural metropolis of the 21st-century, overrun by corporations, corruption, organized crime and gang violence. It was established at the head of Del Coronado Bay. Founded by Richard Night, it was known as Coronado City before its renaming in 1998.

It has wide streets and dense urban skyscrapers and megabuildings that are home to millions of residents. It's considered a thrilling and exciting location to visit, as well as an interesting and vibrant place to live for those of means, and a hellscape to the city's disenfranchised; its world famous slogan is "The City of Dreams", originally changed from "City on the Edge of Tomorrow." By 2077, Night City was voted the "Worst place to live in America".

Primary view of the map

Extra link to an interactive map

Mercenaries (Mercs) are hired people that work for clients to do any kind of job. They usually work with fixers as their middle men.

  • Cops, or Lawmen can range from private detectives, to beat cops, to government agents.
  • Corporates (Corpos), or Executives (Execs), are the fancy dressing, unprincipled employees of corporations, wealthy and persuasive.
  • Netrunners are hackers, with a cybernetically augmented interface system implantes in their body. With a brain-computer interface implants, they roam the Internet.
  • Nomads were once corporate wage-slaves, who got fired and blackballed from employment, and now they roam the badlands as travellers and motor-gangs.
  • Rockerboys are rebellious musicians who use music to fight authority. They are like '80s punk rockers who look down on corporate as the traitors to the craft.
  • Solos are hired hit-men and bodyguards. Due to their professionalism and constant training, they have the ability to perceive danger and notice traps.
  • Techies (or Techs) range from technicians to cybernetic specialists. They are usually underground techies, who do "off-the-record" work.
  • Medtech/Ripperdocs: Your cousin down the street is just like you, but he's a Medtechie. In a world where half of medicine is related to mechanics, it makes sense.
The biggest, baddest gangs in Night City

They occupy mostly the Watson district and northern Kabuki. Maelstrom are known for violence and being obsessed with cybertechnologies. Their desire to constantly improve themselves has turned most of them into less human and more cyborg creatures.

The Animals are about 3000 individuals that occupy a lot of areas of NC, but have no specific isolated turf. They present a high threat and are known for using pain editors, using combat drugs and they often opt to augment their limbs.

The Animals are an aggressive street-fighting gang. They frequently organize ultra-violent raids and illegal underground fights. They often organize and participate in cage fights, duels and all kinds of opportunities to demonstrate their raw power.

The Voodoo Boys are small in numbers, with only around 200ish members. They do not present a high threat on the streets, but are extremely dangerous inside the cyberspace. They occupy Pacifica’s Coastal View normally. Specializing in netrunning they are presumed
to consist primarily of Haitian blood. There is not much proven information about this gang. It is known, though, that they devote themselves to discovering the deep secrets of the Old Net.

Most of the financial income for the Voodoo Boys comes through hacking of databanks and accounts. They constantly violate NetWatch laws and regulations. They also hire themselves out as merc netrunners.

The 6th street gang was founded by old-fashioned American patriots, who saw in themselves as a civil police. They mostly respect other gangs’ turfs, and can be encountered in Santo Domingo and Charter Hill. In the fifty years since its formation, this gang has changed. Today their primary activities and source of income are robbery, extortion, gun smuggling and car stealing. Not so patriotic anymore.

While not very dangerous in general, gang members often equip themselves with cyberoptics, pain editors and health monitors to assist them in their daily activities. They're often seen having bloody conflicts with members of the New Organitskaya.

The Mox is a small gang, consisting of about 200 members. They usually can be found around Lizzie’s bar in Kabuki. They often augment their bodies with optimal camo, cooling systems and cyberlimbs.

The gang was born following the death of Elizabeth Borden. She was an owner of a strip club and a former prostitute. She was known for caring for her girls and treating them fairly and protecting them. The Mox have a long-lasting conflict with the Tygers gang, who killed Lizzie in a revenge-inspired action.

One of the larger gangs in Night City is called the Tyger Claws. Their turf is Westbrook and Watson’s Kabuki. This gang’s approach to business resembles the Japanese yakuza’s one. The gang owns more businesses than any other gang in the whole city.

Abduction and torture are a small portion of the repertoire of the gang’s members’ daily activities and source of income.

The Valentinos is a significant force in Night City. They call Heywood district their home. The majority of the members are of a Mexican heritage. Valentinos openly display their tattoos and religious beliefs. They own many legitimate businesses in NC – restaurants, car shops, nightclubs and more. They also specialize in braindance experiences.

Other relevant gangs


There is much that is unknown about them. They are ruthless lowlife scum with no respect for life and ethics. Scavengers do not follow or obey any specific philosophy. The only thing they care is themselves and making profit.
They can be encountered literally everywhere in Night City.

Assault, abduction, dismemberment and mutilation are the most frequent activities that secure this gang’s regular income. Scavengers are the main supplier of low-end illegal cyberware. You should be very careful if you decide to purchase from them. The piece you buy
may have been just freshly extracted from a poor citizen and there is absolutely no guarantee if that piece of hardware will fit in your body or cause functional issues.


They are a sadistic prankster gang that is almost extinct. But lately there's been rumours of a possible return. All of them are insane
to one degree or another, with about a third of them firmly in the grip of cyberpsychosis. Their bodies are not mere costumes... they have actually been biosculpted to look like clowns. Complete with permanent frowns and long floppy feet.

They will torture or murder people for their own entertainment. They especially enjoy playing on people's fears and anxieties. It is rumored their last leader was a former Arasaka research tech, and that he makes various devices for them. Many Bozos have packed themselves with cyberware. Bozos can occasionally be found in the Net as well.


The Bunch is a poser gang who use bio–sculpting to look like members of an old sitcom. A small time family posergang, The older "adult" members run the gang, their territory, and protect the runaway children and "children" of the gang, who steal and compete for family support. Membership consists of runaway or orphaned children. Extended families are territorial and protective of their members.


There are about one hundred 'dorpher gangs in Night City, sharing drug sources and quick (illegal) ways of raising funds for more drugs. Mostly clones of each other, they burn through their members as fast as their bodies fail.

The Wild Things are distinctive because they are survivors. Initiation is only open to seasoned 'dorphers who have been on the streets for a year with another 'dorpher gang. They've been in some battles in the past, but are not involved in any turf wars at this time. With a
street-tested membership, the Wild Things are bad company; cynical and predatory. They've been around a long time and there's barely a hundred left of them after Militech started culling them. They seem to be done, though.


They are a nomad gang whose members are people from outside NC, as well as orphaned children. They are what's left of the Aldecaldos after a massive, sudden disappearance.

A small family of tough love, divided in small groups that know the badlands like the backs of their hands. They take guard contracts, smuggle weapons and tech in and out of the city. They try their best to rid the city of Scavengers and what's left of the Wild Things. They're also constantly hunted by corporations and their fellow nomads, The Wraiths.


A branch of the original Organitskaya from the New Soviet Union. Tired of petty disputes over the same territory and resources, a few families of the russian Mafia (Aminev, Ikanov, Dubrovsky, Garin) moved across the world and funded this gang around 10 years ago. They rapidly multiplied and reproduced, taking roots. They're known for being all blonde, even if fake, and making ceremonies with blood.

They keep to the most metropolitan areas, and are known to deal with corpos often, playing as their pawns in their feuds. Most other
gangs will shoot them on sight, but there's always a handful more of them. Not even the original families have been eradicated, with or without a turf.


Militant neo-fascist, otherwise known as "skinheads", individuals, focused on terrorizing others. Almost extinct as they've been hunted by almost every other gang for years.


A Nomad Pack whose ragtag convoys make the coastal highway run from the Santa Cruz agriplots to the southern cities. They take in anyone who displays skill, dependability, and who can keep up. Smart and relatively honest, they have supply deals with several groups trying to smuggle tech and people in and out of NC.


The Reckoners are one of the many apocalyptic cults that have sprung up since the war. They roam the streets, preaching the coming
Harvest of Souls, recruiting from the homeless, and looking for donations, often taken from your unconscious body. A few are serious crazies who want to evoke the End Times right now with blood and C4.

They are the largest group of Raffen Shiv, or rogue nomads. This group mostly travels at night, preying on the sleeping and unwary.
Their leader is named Dogkiller, and is rumored to wear clothing of human skin. They have a long history of frequent conflict and warring with the other nomad groups The Wraiths also have a custom near 1000 horsepower car that they roam the Badlands in called the Reaver.

While nomads usually operate in a judicial grey area, the Wraiths ignore the law. They are vicious as well as aggressive and have dominated the areas surrounding Night City. They raid small villages as well as attack small groups of nomads and attack weakly guarded corp transports. Cyberware and other equipment used by the gang include reflex boosters, pain editors, heavily modified vehicles, and possibly military-grade equipment.

The Corporations (Megacorporations or MegaCorps) are giant, multinational companies that dominate the Cyberpunk world. They can range from simple media corporations to worldwide security firms, the only thing you have to remember is that they will kill anyone that stands in their way. The corps in this world are often seen as sovereign nations of themselves, and use their power to change the world around them.

A helpful link to all corporations.
This is here in case you're interested and mainly for the lists, in case we want to reference specific ones.

This is planned to be a multi-thread RP with an IC group chat, our appartment and then the different city districts. All this information and more will be available in an OOC thread. Feel free to ask ANY questions, anytime.

  • All site rules apply regardless of the mature tags
  • Must have availability to post 1-2 times a week
  • Make serious characters, no memes
  • No metagaming, powerplaying, etc.
  • No minimum post length, but keep it appropiate to the scene
  • 1x1 Interviews happen after players are in

  1. ?????

3 free bunk beds and a sweet chance | 15:56 by A.I. Bunny:

Hard working merc with a brand new appartment in Watson, mega-building 11. Looking to form a merry band of fellow mercs. We all win, so don't be a gonk and call. 4 people are better than one, see where I'm going with this?, Bigger home, better weapons and tech, more contacts... more safety when we're working. Come on, who doesn't want that? We split the edds fairly, pay rent, get big, get fucking rich.

Corpos, fuck off. Medias and Rockerpeople, I don't like you but we could talk about it. Fixers... you have better places to be lol, and you wouldn't want to live with your boss either. Ripperdocs, you can use up all the hot water and I'll never even look at u wrong.

Megabuildings are the same as they've always been. Here's some general schematics I've made, ignore the measurements because they're wrong.

Handle: (Work name or alias)
Full name: (Not compulsory but it's good faith, self explanatory)
Role/s: (What do you do?, I'm somewhere between Solo and Techie ;) )

Abilities and gear: (Anything special you're capable of?, favourite iron?)
Cyberware: (Arms, legs, eyes?, Also not compulsory but I will ask later anyway)
Where did you come from?: (Tell me your life story, it's the one and only time someone's gonna ask you to. A summary, I don't have all day)
Got any references?: (Someone who can tell me you're not a psychopath or a cyberpsycho, work, past landlord... you know how it is)
What's your dream?: (Got any aspirations beyond survival?, I want a private booth at the Afterlife. Unoriginal af, I know)
Recent picture: (Self explanatory, I want to see what you look like lol)

(You can add to this character sheet if you want to give me more info. But you can't skip any parts unless its specifically said it's not compulsory.)​

New project.png
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Adorable Homewrecker
Handle: Tachi
Full name: Tachibana Taro
Role/s: More of a Solo than anything else, but I know one end of a techtool from another - mostly enough to do maintenance on my own gear. In dire straits I can fill in for a Netrunner, but that's... not ideal, let's say.

Abilities and gear: I prefer close combat to ranged, but I know my way around both. Swordplay and SMGs are my signatures, but if it's sharp or shoots bullets, I can make it work. Prefer to use light armorjaks to stay mobile. I come equipped with a smart SMG and an as-smart-as-it-needs-to-be nanoblade katana. Top of the line shit, courtesy of my former employers.

Cyberware: Neural link w/ biomonitor, interface plugs, kerenzikov (reflex enhancer), & chipware socket w/ tactile boost (I can feel people moving by touching a wall 20 yards away, it's pretty neat). Cybereye w/ chryon (HUD) & targeting assistance. Cyberarm w/ subdermal grip, retractable armblade, grapple hand.

Where did you come from?: My parents were Corp Techs over in Japan, nothing high up the chain - they worked technical gigs at some Arasaka research facility. Main interesting part was it was all hush-hush, top secret stuff. I got to live in an apartment with a fridge that talked to me, so that was pretty cool. We weren't so far into comfy corpo territory that I didn't end up running with a gang for a bit when I was a teen, but it was pretty tame. Dad worked security and that's where I ended up too, learning to shoot and fight for bitches in suits. Even got a job at the same place as my parents. Domestic as hell, just with added martial arts classes and compulsory cyberware.

Things went to shit a few years back. Some terrorist group - hell, maybe edgerunners - hit the place. It went boom, my 'rents died. You know, standard stuff. I survived and got the hell out of there, decided I didn't want to be on Arasaka home turf anymore, so I ended up in Night City. Land of new starts, right? Right.

That shit's behind me now. It's not important. But you asked, so here it is. Don't make a whole thing out of it.

Got any references?: Been staying in the loft over Kaneko Noodles for a few months now. The owner, Ms. Hina, can vouch for me, I haven't stabbed her in her sleep yet! That's the minimum requirement, right? As far as work goes, I've been hiring out for whoever's paying. Some security work, some hit jobs. If you want to chat to one of my fixers, you can ask for Snakebite at Club Toxicity. Just try not to piss him off? Fair warning, it's real easy.

As far as Arasaka work goes, you'll have to take my word for it. That facility wasn't on file, so I've not got any documents. But if you buy my story, you know I'm good - they don't hire just anyone off the street for their security teams. I went through some pretty hardcore screening and training with them. Was practically groomed for it, and yeah, it's as creepy as it sounds.

What's your dream?: Live fast, die young? Seems the most realistic dream to aim for. If we're talking pipe dreams, I wanna be one of those guys that's so rich that they just pay other people to do everything for them, snap their fingers and the city jumps to attention. More realistically? Rich enough to be able to pick and choose my contracts without worrying about feeding myself. Milestones, right? Rich enough to be able to chill, and not worry about it, that's the vibe.

Recent picture: My cybereye's not "prettied up", so I tend to leave the patch on when I'm not on the job. Plus, eyepatches are cool, right?

Other Basic Info:
  • Age: 24
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 124lbs
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Machina Somnium

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Life on the Edge GM
This will be open until either next Friday the I think 21st, or until we get players. If you want to send a character sheet but don't have the time, talk to me and we'll see what can be done :).

It's not first come first served! All in the air until the Friday. Take into account the characters that are already posted, feel free to talk to your fellow players. Communicate! Fun gets tripled :p


Bearly In Charge
Nexus GM
Handle: Bones

Full name: Raul Fernando Escobar Ruiz

Role: I’m the preemest Ripperdoc you’ll ever be able to afford outside of a Corporate consultant, and I’m a good enough Medtech I could work for Trauma Team…if I wasn’t corpo blacklisted…

Abilities: Medicine, surgical training, tech mechanic, cyberware technician. I can stick it back on you if it falls off, metal or meat.

Gear: My Kang Tao V.H. “3516” Smart Arms - Smart 8-Shot is the one iron for me; My oath isn’t “Do no harm,” choom. I also got this basic ass Agent, but who doesn’t? They practically give the fuckers away and get you with the connectivity fees.

Cyberware: Kiroshi MKIVs TT Variants with the thermo and zoom, Dynalar Technologies sandevistan, Rocklin Augmentics rippers with that sizzling thermacut (it’s medicinal choom, chill. How else am I gonna cauterize the nub when your dick’s blown off?) and a 3 feet Kendachi Arms Monowire…For uh, amputations, yeah.

Where did you come from?: Heywood boy, born and raised ese. Used to be a ‘Tino, until I fucked the wrong cat’s wife…Nothing a good Fixer couldn’t fix. After that, Biotechnica internship back when they were muscling in on TT…dropped me like a hot potato after program end, sold me a lemon clinic and I’m still paying on that shit. So Merc’ing it is, fuck it. I’m here chippin’ in, let’s take it to the Edge, I’ll bring us back from the dead.

Got any references?: Call up Padre Ibarra in Heywood, been hiding from NCPD in his “church” since I could klep candy bars as a snot nosed gonk.

What's your dream?: Would be real fucking nice to not owe Biotechnica and get my clinic up and running…

Age: 31
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 175 Lbs
Gender: Male

Misc. Cyberware:
Smartlink, Interface plug (right wrist), Tier 1 Internal organ enhancements (Eg. Bioplastic shock shielded organs, nanoalloy threaded muscle fibers, synth lungs. Slightly above peak fitness and allows for effective extended use of the sandevistan)
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Life on the Edge GM
> Sent at |02:51| from A.I. Bunny<

Bunny, Bun for friends, bun-bun for In/outputs.

Role/s: A hot mess, but I try to specialize in stealth related jobs. Quickhacking solo with fun techy knowledge.

Abilities: I'm good at scouting, blinding gonks to take them out, quickhacking, stealing and killing.


When it comes to Iron, lately I've been packing a fun HJKE-11 YUKIMURA smart pistol, Overwatch sniper rifle that I take with it's an outdoor job and is silenced, and a M251S AJAX AR with thermal damage. I have wolvers for close combat, and a smart link ofc.

Then there's the cyber part. Interface plugs, STEPHENSON TECH MK.2 Cyberdeck (5 slots, Ping, Memory Wipe, Reboot Optics, Weapon Glitch, Synapse Burnout is my usual build but I shuffle according to the job), the cheaper kerenzikov, 2 MK2 Kiroshi optics with chyron, color shift, and microOptics. Amplification in the ears, and reinforced tendons in both legs. I got some light subdermal armor after this last one, because extra jumps come with extra bruises, won't stop most bullets though.


A lot of fashionware, including a biomonitor, light tattoos and EMP threading. You don't need all the deets on that part.

Neural link, Cybereyes, cyberaudio suite, a standard cyberhand and cyberlegs with realskin covering.

Where did you come from?:

Got thrown into the streets of Watson, and stayed between its southern districts, the center, and japan town mostly. Really I've moved around a lot. Then it's been odd jobs and gangs, some more humilliating than others, until now. I was living on my own, fucking the (past) landlord, but It's gotten old and I'm making better money as a merc. Hence why I'm looking for chooms. It's sucked a lot, but I've also met a lot of people.

Got any references?: Past landlord will speak wonders of me ;), and some motel workers around Kabuki know I'm solid.

What's your dream?: Private booth at the Afterlife, become a filthy rich living legend, and I NEED TO GET LYNX PAWS INSTALLED they're awesome and 85k ;_;

Recent picture: You'll see me in the interview or you won't, lol.


Age: 29
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 127 lbs

I have a BD recorder installed, but it's been deactivated by my past employers, nasal filters that work whenever they fucking like, and very, very rarely decide I don't deserve to live. I've managed. I have room for a chip, but I don't use it, ever. A.I. Bunny is my Agent, by the way.

Congrats. If you're seeing this response It's because you've caught my interest. That and we might be living together. So you deserve to know a bit about me as well.
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Reproduces by Budding
Handle: Kirchhoff
Full name: Sofie Ohnstad. If you call me Sophia, I'll gut you. Fucking yanks.

Role/s: I'm a proper Techie. My shit is all over NC and you may not even realize it. Hell, some of your gear may have been under my hands at one point. The way it seems to me, though, looks like you may be in need of a Netrunner more than anything, and that just happens to be my next best trade.

Abilities: I've been fucking around in networks and circuits for longer than I haven't been, you get me? I've been breaching datamines for years, practically just for fun (well, the Eddies are a bonus). On the hardware side, I can upgrade, augment, and repair whatever wares you need me to tinker with. Don't care if it's your cyberware, your iron, or even your fashionware. I'd rather not be the one doing the killing, but if need be, I can put someone down nice and quiet.

Gear: Got myself this cute little Stinger that I've done a bit of rigging on. It's not the real deal or anything, just a basic ass knife that I've been fucking with for a while. Shoots some poison into the poor gonk it goes into. I'm not a gun kinda gal, and I'd rather make things nice and personal if I'm gonna go around killing. Plus, most other iron is too damn noisy.

I do have a Mk. III Raven Microcyber Cyberdeck for your typical high-buffer, high-RAM hacking needs. Like I said, I ain't one for guns blazing and murder abound, so I set that up with Sonic Shock, Ping, System Reset, and Remote Deactivation. The way I see it, if you have to get into a gunfight, that means you've already lost. Call me a pussy, I don't give a shit. Also got some virtuality goggles I use a Farinata tech tool kit for most of my tech work. If it ain't broke... you get it.

Cyberware: Visual cortex support and Kiroshi Optics Mk. III. You sure as hell want your techie to have sharp eyes. Also got a biomonitor, neural link, interface plugs, yadda yadda yadda.

Where did you come from?: Well, shit, I had been a proper Downtown NC kinda merchant way back when. Used to sell and repair wares for a whole crowd of people, some less reputable than others. I may have gotten a little cocky, stiffed the wrong gearhead, and they got the fucking law on me. I was young and I was a fucking gonk. Sue me. Couldn't stick around my old spot. Been in Watson ever since, scrounging most of my Eddies from odd jobs that Reggie gets for me, and in exchange, I ain't dead or incarcerated.

Got any references?: Reggie out in Watson has definitely had my back for longer than I deserve ever since I went on the run. Some edgerunners may remember my name if they've been around a while, I guess.

What's your dream?: I just wanna be able to sell wares again without lawmen breathing down my neck, y'know. Dunno if that means paying them off or just zeroing whatever borg ratted me out, but hey, whatever gets me there.

Recent picture: damillia_seraph_by_annahelme_dbu0no4-pre.jpg
Image Credit: https://www.deviantart.com/annahelme/art/Damillia-Seraph-715547092

Age: 32
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 113 lb.
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Character submissions are now closed! Thank you to everyone who showed interest :3 and if you were interested but ran out of time, you'll be first in line to know if we get any free slots in the future. Or for other editions of Life on the Edge!.

Machina Somnium

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I'll focus on getting the OOC, IC and character threads up during the weekend.

I'd like to know your opinion on a space to talk about the RP. Would you guys prefer a DM conversation here or a group on discord? I personally prefer discord.