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List of Sign-Ups and IC Threads currently open

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The Convergence Series GM
Anyone is free to write their own side stories or host their own roleplays. This thread in particular is set up to keep a current, up-to-date database of open roleplays so you can easily find a sign-up thread. Tip: For those of you looking to run a roleplay of your own, there are three places on STC where you can post signups. I'll go into detail below:

Bulletin Board: A hybrid area for both interest checks and signups. Anyone can post in these with any ideas, Convergence roleplays included. This area sends an alert to the official STC Discord when a new thread goes up, and it's your best bet to try and bring in new faces.

Out-of-Character Roleplay Discussion: An area for more dedicated ooc talk for roleplays. While signups can go here, usually they won't get as much traffic unless you posted an interest check prior and linked it.

Convergence Out-of-Character Forums: Our own area for ooc discussion and signups. This also is not connected to the STC Discord. If you want to keep your roleplay small and to people connected with Convergence already, this is the perfect spot for your signups.

(Written by @Yun Lee)
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