Living Quarters

Otomos the Crazy

That Which Resides in the Stars Beneath the Land
Mouse just stood where she was, staring blankly at her own personal corner of the living quarters. A spot filled with templates and unfinished models of varying explosives. In her hand was a bread roll, a part having been bitten off. Mouse chewed on the piece as she continued to stare. Truth was that she was wondering what kind of explosive she would need to make.

Maybe a flashbang for her allies to blind and deafen others? Maybe a gas mine to suffocate them? Perhaps a heavy explosive to blast through a wall? Who knew? Mouse wasn't the one who made the plan. She simply made the bomb. Still, she had all these empty vessels just waiting to be finished and used. The suspense of which one would be chosen was so intense, it made her hungry.

Mouse took another bite out of her bread roll.